vanillajello: (Do keep talking.)
Kate Gregson ([personal profile] vanillajello) wrote2013-04-14 05:53 pm

Bucharest, Romania, Sunday

Far, far away from any and all dungeon drama, two people were about to celebrate having managed to stay together for two whole years. (Well, two years plus the one half they'd managed the first time around.) Naturally, it warranted portaling out of Kansas for a trip. Kate had planned this one, and since Kate loved to pick places with significance sometimes, she'd picked Romania, since it was where one of Bod's childhood pseudo-parents had come from. And because it was in Europe and the internet had made it seem like there was enough to see in Bucharest on a trip lasting a few days.

Assuming they'd actually come out of their superior double room at the Marshal Garden Hotel. Which they'd just walked into for the first time.

"... Oh my God, I love it."

There were bright colors and big flower motifs on the carpet. Of course she loved it.

[ooc: NFB, and for the boy. Two years omg.]

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