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Kansas City, MO, Monday Evening

Tara and Max had been spending their holiday weekend in a productive way, by finally cleaning the garage and sorting out the crap that had been accumulating in there for almost two decades now.

And long story short, after a quick trip to OP, Kate was now sitting on the bed safely back at the apartment going through a big box of stuff she hadn't seen in years and years. "Ohhh my God."

A diary from when she was five? Priceless.

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"What are you looking at?" asked Bod, coming over to peer inside the box. "Is that from your parents house?"
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"And what are you going to do with it all?" Bod asked, picking through a few things idly. "Give them to Seamus?"
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"And what will you do with the ones you keep?" he asked, lowering himself onto his knees to help her go through the box. "Should I clear a shelf on one of the bureaus?"
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"I sometimes wish I had things like these," he said, picking up one of the My Little Pony figures and giving it a smile.
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"Not really," he said, shaking his head and waving the My Little Pony at Seamus who had come toddling up to stick his nose in the box too. "I had a few things that I tended to find around the area but nothing like this. Silas didn't keep a box of memories."
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"Understandable," Bod said with a nod. "Maybe they kept it just in case you needed it for some strange reason in the future."
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"Mosh, huh?" Bod leaned over to peer at the diary and...Seamus nudged in to join them because he was a puppy. "Is that a brother I haven't met yet?"

He knew who it was.
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"Poor Mosh," Bod quipped with a little laugh. "So unloved when he was a child."
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"Oh, did you write about your tiny boyfriends?" Bod asked, snickering. "I'd love to hear about them."
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"The kind who probably had a tiny boyfriend or two," Bod replied with a shrug. "Call it a hunch."
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"Doesn't a hunch mean its not based on anything but intuition?" Bod asked. "So, intuition."
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"It's based on the thought that you were most likely an adorable little girl and tiny boys would be stupid not to notice you," Bod replied.
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"And I'm sure your ego hasn't dimmed one iota since childhood either," Bod quipped, snickering.
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"Still, I can't ever see you not being confident," he said and reached over to brush his thumb along her cheek. "You're too confident for that."
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"There's nothing wrong with being confident," he told her, smiling. "I like it."
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"I know but I just felt like telling you as much," he said, brushing this thumb against her cheek a moment longer before dropping his hand and shifting things in the box.
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"It won't," Bod assured her, brushing some glitter off his fingers and laughing. "There are a lot of interesting things in this box."
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"Wow, he started young," Bod said, snickering. "Was he your first kiss?"
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"I remember my first kiss," he said, leaning over and kissing the top of her head before getting to his feet again. Seamus wound his way around his ankles, barking a bit.
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"It was," Bod said, reaching down and picking Seamus up to kiss his fuzzy head. "And I'm not saying that because you told me either. Besides the kisses that my family gave me, it was you."
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"I thought I might," Bod said, nodding. "Mostly, so he doesn't chew up your things and because he hasn't been out in awhile and I'd rather not clean up any puppy messes."

Seamus barked, taking exception to the the idea that he made messes!
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"You keep looking through your box," Bod said, walking over towards the door to grab the leash. "We'll be back shortly to help, I'm sure."
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Bod chuckled and blew her a kiss before he opened the door and had to run out the door since Seamus took off like a shot.

Ah, puppies.