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OOC: Infopost Rawk!

I'm not late, you're late!

Actually, it's pretty late where I live, right now. Anyway, info! In a post!

([ profile] vanillajello | PB: Brie Larson)

  • 20, flight attendant (but currently on a break from that due to SkyKans being a crap company to work for), from the Showtime dramedy United States of Tara.
  • Lives in Kansas City with her boyfriend Nobody Owens and their adorable Corgi, Mr. Seamus von Slade.
  • However, over this summer, she's going to be dividing her time between KCMO and Fandom, teaching How to Be Awesome.
  • Snarky and witty and the most cheerfully sarcastic person you could ever hope to meet, probably.
  • Used to have a tendency to get tangled up with vampires and vampire-adjacent people a lot back in the day. Like a lot. Ask her, she'll give you the list.
  • As a direct result, knows how to deal with Fandom crazy/dangerous, and will be bringing her celestial bronze knife with her.
  • But aside from that, and having grown up with some pretty interesting situations due to her mother having DID, she's really just a pretty ordinary chick from the midwest.
  • Except she's the awesomest awesome to ever awesome. Fact.

    ([ profile] seveninchmotto | PB: Jaimie Alexander)

  • 17, senior to-be, from Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments (final book out at the end of this month, freaking finally).
  • Little sister to Alec Lightwood (and adoptive sister to former FH student Jace Wayland).
  • Lives in room 301 all alone.
  • Is a Shadowhunter, meaning she has superhuman speed/agility/endurance, and also gets skill boosts from drawing special runes on herself. And is a little arrogant towards... basically everyone who isn't a Shadowhunter.
  • Also if you're not part of the Shadow World (meaning, not a supernatural person), you are a mundane. Or mundie, if we're being a bit more rude.
  • Has a lot of faint scars as well as some rune tattoos all over her body, in particular over her arms, but those tend to be glamoured out of sight. If you are supernatural or otherwise Sighted, though, her skin looks a whole lot like this:
  • Her weapon of choice is an electrum whip. This is what using it looks like:
  • Tall and willowy and generally more fabulous than you.
  • Fliiiiiirt. Doesn't trust boys even as far as she can throw them, though. (She can throw average mundane boys pretty far.)
  • But she'll still sleep with them a lot. And also ship them with each other despite not knowing what shipping means.

    ([ profile] solarhippie | PB: Amber Heard)

  • 18, new grad, from the Runaways branch of the Marvel 616 universe but different continuity from Victor Mancha and the late (*SOBS*) Gertrude Yorkes.
  • An alien from the planet Majesdane. Her true form has her glowing in all the shifting pastel hues of the rainbow and also she can fly and shoot energy projectiles and whatnot.
  • Super sweet, super loyal, bubbly, and caring. You could not hope for a better friend.
  • Dating Liara T'Soni. They are the cutest.
  • Sticking around for the summer before flying back into handwavy canon.

    ([ profile] electrocynic | PB: Claire Keelan)

  • 33, FH guidance counselor, from the short-lived Britcom No Heroics.
  • Lives in MCA #5 where she occasionally short-circuits the building with her powers.
  • Has the power to command machines with her voice, except she can lose control of it if she gets agitated or something.
  • Really working class (superhero) English, with an obvious accent.
  • Cynical, abrasive, has a temper and a tendency to make fun of all people equally. These are some great qualities for a counselor to have, right?
  • Actually sometimes gives really good advice because her tendency to cut through the bullshit can also be helpful.
  • Counseling sessions available by IC and OOC request, as well as through modding a random check-up email from the school administration.

    ([ profile] breakfastlover | PB: Channing Tatum)

  • 32, Caritas' Friday night bartender, from the movie Magic Mike (sequel premieres on July 3rd in 2015 in the US, write it down in your calendar right now).
  • Lives in the previously abandoned, mildly creepy-looking mansion on Phoenix Way with Derek. Also houses some werewolves in his basement once a month. And Stiles for good chunks of the rest of the month, albeit outside the basement.
  • Friendly and nice and all that good stuff because it's just easier to get on with your life if people like you. If you're being stupid he won't hesitate to tell you, though. But only because he's looking out for you.
  • Does a lot of construction work off the island. Also builds furniture from recycled materials. If you need a one-of-a-kind table, he's your man.
  • Used to be a stripper. Most of his friends know this by now, and he's not ashamed of it. He was excellent at it, and boy's got some serious moves.
  • In fact you should all hit up the bar on his night and make him dance.

    ([ profile] whenshewasnice | PB: Brie Larson)

  • 19, graduate of FH Class of 2013, from the Scott Pilgrim comics.
  • Mild-mannered to an extreme and pretty distant until she deems you worth more. It's not you, it's her. Even once you get to know her, she's pretty dry and subdued but once she smiles, at least you'll know she means it.
  • Despite general nerdery and bookishness, has cartoon strength and endurance with good reflexes, along with some innate combat skills.
  • Also she can see past the fourth wall and comment on your PB's other work and read your narrative so on, but only for comedic effect! She never gets anything useful out of it. Just jokes that go right past everyone else's heads.
  • Girlfriend of Jim Kirk. Yeah, she's amazed too.
  • Currently in space with her BFF Hegemon Peter Wiggin. She's his Chief of Staff. Sometimes that involves running away from potential assassination.
  • One day she'll be indie art rock superstar Envy Adams. But not yet.

    ([ profile] everyonestype | PB: Colton Haynes)

  • 17, new grad, from MTV's Teen Wolf but different continuity from Derek Hale, Stiles Stilinski, Isaac Lahey, and Scott McCall.
  • Live...d in room 222 with Jim Kirk from fall 2012 until today. They did not murder each other.
  • Kind of a bag of dicks. It's not you, it's him. You're too insignificant for it to be you. Also, your problems are not his problems and you can't make him care.
  • Werewolf. So, supernatural senses and strength and all that.
  • Has far too many issues to list here. Just be advised that beneath the smugger than thou exterior lies the heart of a deeply insecure dude who could really use a hug or twelve but who'll push you away really hard if you try.
  • Going to Europe now, but he'll still hop portals back to Fandom for a full moon or two over the summer.

    ([ profile] queencorazon)

  • 26, Finnish, EET which is EST +7.
  • justonepersona at gmail dot com, queencorazon, @QueenCorazon.
  • One of your friendly neighbourhood admins.
  • Finally turned in my MA thesis for a preliminary check-up by my advisor.
  • Which is good because I applied to film school for the fall and on the off chance that they accept me, it'd be nice if I had my degree from this school by then.
  • One day I'll be a responsible adult but I'm not there yet.
  • I think I'll just make gifs until I get there.
  • Questions, comments, apples?
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    [personal profile] justbeingbay 2014-05-02 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
    This reminds me I need to throw Bay at Kate sometime for purposes of bitching about KC and insane family drama.
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    *adds make Mike dance to to-do list*
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    Live...d in room 222 with Jim Kirk from fall 2012 until today. They did not murder each other.