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Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS, Thursday

It had taken several hours of driving to get to the State Fair from KCMO. But that just meant this date time had included a road trip! And since it was Kate's 22nd birthday, she was cool with a road trip.

And, apparently, visiting a cheesy state fair with a motel night to follow.

Sometimes she liked simple pleasures.

Like pointin at signs advertising attractions around the fairgrounds. "Oh my God! Toto, we really are in Kansas right now."

[ooc: This fair ended two weeks ago IRL but see if we care. NFB, for the boy, though can be open for texts or calls I s'pose.]
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"Goat milking contest?" Bod asked, raising an eyebrow and looking over at her. "Is that really a thing that happens here? Really? How is that a contest?"

He had many questions.
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"Well, they didn't call you or I," Bod pointed out with a snicker. "Maybe it's something we should watch when the time comes? We could cheer them on."
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"I don't know, should I?" Bod asked, smiling down at her. "Cotton candy is terrible for you. It'll rot your teeth."

His grin widened.
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"I care!" Bod said, laughing. "I care about you more than anything so of course I care!"
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"So, you don't mind if they fall out?" he teased, lacing his fingers with hers and swinging their hands. "People will stare."
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"You do realize that's quite expensive, right?" he asked her. "Are you willing to put forward a paycheck towards it?"
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"I think you need to say please," he returned with a laugh. "Then, perhaps I'll consider it."
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"You're terrible," Bod told her, giving her hand a squeeze. "Blue or pink?"
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"All right," he told her, bringing her hand up and giving it a kiss. "I'll be right back with something that will most assuredly make your teeth fall out."
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"Only boyfriend," he pointed out, snickering before ambling away to get her some cotton candy. He almost got her a blue one just to be contrary but went with pink eventually.
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Once the pink cotton candy was in his hand, he came back over to Kate and handed it to her with a smile.

"Cotton candy delivery," he told her, eyes finding the posters she'd been looking at. "High voltage safety demonstration?"
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"Yes, that's wrong," he said, shaking his head. "We don't need ambulances and police cars ruining our time out and your birthday. It would ruin the mood."