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Kate Gregson ([personal profile] vanillajello) wrote2017-01-22 08:03 pm

The Crossroads, Kansas City, Missouri, Sunday Evening

It wasn't a First Fridays in the Crossroads district, but there was some kind of a winter artwalk thing happening, so there were still a lot of people around. A couple of food vendors here and there along the streets as well as pop-up art spaces. A good mix of people, from middle-aged cultured people hoping to seem hip with the times, to young people with mustaches and/or unnaturally colored hair... well, honestly, hoping for pretty much the same.

And of course, Kate in her koala hat, and her guest who she'd just picked up from a portal.

(There hadn't been any sexy farmer sightings yet, but Kate had faith.)

"You know, back when I first came here? This was all just art. Or, like, artsy hipsters. Now there's a ton of just like... hipster-hipsters."

Wasn't this exactly the kind of quality commentary you'd come by for, Eric?

[ooc: NFB, for that there Viking dude that's visiting!]
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Eric, wearing black because he liked black and tight jeans because his ass looked fantastic, thank you very much, glanced around with barely concealed disdain. (To be fair, generally his default facial expression.) "There certainly are a lot of them," he said. "But no sexy farmers."
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"Back in my day we called that 'loitering'," Eric said dryly.
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"Even then," Eric said. "They're really just standing around on a Sunday night eating yogurt? On purpose?"
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Eric burst out laughing. "Really."
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"Those sound like extremely tasteful nudes," Eric deadpanned.
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"You've missed me, admit it," Eric said.
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Eric beamed at her. "I knew it."
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"I hope I'm the only one who's been invited on this," Eric said. "I'm terribly jealous."

Not really on this, no.
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Eric snorted. "The dozens of others dying for yogurt. Oh, of course."