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Hey, it's Kate, I'm somewhere doing something interesting. You know what to do.


Phone Insanity

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[From here]

"One. You're not charming. You never have been and you never will be. A stupid ape has more charm than you. Two, I haven't lost my mind, you've just gotten stupider. Have a pleasant day!"

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"I feel like we haven't spoken in far too long. Which is strange, considering that it's not a very large school. Perhaps I'm not myself lately. Do you suppose I'm someone else?"
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"Kate, it's Jack. I had a message from George yesterday and the gist of it was that Mitchell is coming back to Fandom. Something about Americans and disco parties, it didn't make much sense. I just .... it seemed like something you might like to know before class Monday."

He paused before deciding to pass along what Mitchell had said earlier that week as well. "And I don't know how much this will mean secondhand, but Mitchell wanted you to know he was sorry you got dragged into the whole thing."

"That's all. You know how to find me if you want to talk; if not, and I wouldn't blame you, have a good weekend."

[OOC: And if you don't want Kate to know at all, the system ate the voicemail.]
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"KATE KATE KATE HI! It's me! Bobby. Are you bored in Kansas? We're standing on the table but I can't see you even though I'm on my tippytoes! OKAY Hannibal's gonna talk to you now okay?"

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"KATE! HI KATE! This is Hannibal! I'm a King! Kiiiiiiing!" In case she couldn't hear him, he yelled that. "Me and Bobby can see Kansas from the table we're on! Can you see us? We're waving! COME BACK SOON! BYE BYE BYE!"
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"Hey," came Bobby's voice. "So... something came up and I might be gone for a couple days. Sookie needs my help with- a problem, back in her world. I just wanted you to know so you don't worry or whatever."
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Text message, sent stupid-ass early Friday morning

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Back. In one piece. Didja miss me?

No, Kate did not need to know how close he came to not coming back in one piece.
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So, not too long after Kate left a voicemail for Bobby, he was leaving one for her:

"This might not matter since you might still be gone by the time I get back, but if you do get back and I'm not around... stuff came up for me too. Guess it's just one of those weeks, huh? Anyway, stay safe, with whatever's going on with you, and I'll see you... later. Whenever. Bye."
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Despite recent events, Bod couldn't just throw away things that he'd bought before he and Kate had fallen apart. So, at some point, her family would find Christmas cards in their mailbox. He'd addressed one to her mother and father and wrote a short note inside it.

Another went to her brother and he wrote another note in there. He sent one to Kate as well but just signed his name. The card would have to be enough.

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He's not going to be trouble for a while.

Which was all Mitchell's text said. Helpful.

Crazy Phone Day Woo!

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"Look, could you just please-- just this once-- pick up some milk from Turtle & Canary on the way? The rate you run through it is alarming, honestly."


Phone Day

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From here (

While I'm sure such an unsolicited call would be flattering to lesser man, I can safely assure you that I'm not interested in showing you my 'love monkey'. Though, judging by the cadence of your voice, it would be yours to show.

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"I'm not sure I know what a trebuchet is, but sure, why not. But how do you clone your monkey-ponies?"

[from here]
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Crazy Phone Day

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[from here!]

"Look, I just thought I should let you know, I don't go to sex shops with just anybody, okay? Maybe we should try dinner, first. Or, you know, telling me your name could be a start."

Phone Insanity

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[From here]

"I don't know what a fucking tiger has to do with anything but sure yeah, I'll be breaking up with you know."

There was a brief silence broken by some occasional snickers.

"Does that mean we can have makeup sex now? I've heard it's fucking awesome. Let's repair our relationship with some shagging, yeah?"
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phone day!

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[from here!]

"Look, women who can fight are hot and all, but I'm not really planning on going in anyone's room uninvited, okay? So if you just put the gun away, I'll make sure you wanna invite me in."
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[From here. GOD, SHANIE.]

"Why do you think I would think that you were spreading rumors? But for the record, I've never even hinted that I wanted you to 'help with the bi-curious thing,' and if you think I did, you are deeply mistaken as to my intentions."

"And why the hell didn't you tell me about these rumors before now?!?!"

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(from here!)

"I don't even know your girlfriend. And my sex life is none of your business. Go have sex with her instead of asking me if I'm getting any. Or jerk off or something. I don't care."
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Text message sent from Emma's phone Friday afternoon:

New nightclub opening tonight. Come dancing with me to celebrate?

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"Kate. The island's going bad again. This... might not be a good time to come back."

A short pause.

"Forget about your shift today. I'll... phone when it's safe."

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"No, you don't- Tony, stop it, that tickles, my chest is not an appropriate place for blueprints, I don't care if you ran out of napkins. Shh. Shh. I'm on the phone. With my roommate. I'm trying to explain- oh god, Warren, where did you even find scissors?"
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"Don't tell Bobby, but I totally just made him some new shoes. Out of napkins. S'a surprise."

Yes. Yes, there was a fair bit of drinking tonight.

"They'll help him feel better when he finds out what happened to the pair I gave Tony."
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Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored. Emma should, generally, not be allowed to text with a lump on her head or nebulous feelings of doomish-stuff. Give me some decent gossip, darling.
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I'll lend you money to go to japan, Emma replied. if you tell me how on earth you ended up with the dead neighbor's car in the first place.
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tequila makes me forget i have legs
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And now, time for a mass text!

Hey. Hey you. Just wanted to let you know that I'm adorable. FUCKING ADORABLE. That is all. This update brought to you by our proud sponsor appletinis.

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A letter arrived at Kate's on Saturday morning. Luke didn't have the neatest handwriting in the world and his dyslexia was working against him when it came to writing down the address but he managed to get it right. Inside the envelope was a carefully written letter.


Remember how I said I'd warn you before going off and leaving for good? Yeah this is it. Sorry this isn't in person but doing it in writing is stressful enough as it is and I think my actions over the last year or so have proven I'm not the bravest person in the world.

This whole thing I started last year has gotten way out of hand and it's time I go back and deal with it. It's not gonna end up well for me and you're smart enough to realize it so I'm not gonna sugarcoat that for you. It's my own fault. Surprisingly Percy was right when he kept telling me what an idiot I was.

I know this isn't the ideal direction for a friendship to be going, but I wouldn't give up getting to know you over the last year for the world. You're a wonderful person, Kate, and a good friend. You seem to take everything in stride effortlessly. I'm sure that it's not all that effortless for you but from the outside, at least, you seem so collected. That's why I'm not gonna worry about you. I know you can handle anything that's thrown at you and you're gonna handle it with style.

Thank you for being there for me and keeping my secrets. I've told you things that I still haven't told anyone else and not once have I regretted it. I'm gonna miss you a lot and I know I'm gonna wish I could get your advice on things even after I'm gone. I guess I'll have to do my best to think "What would Kate do?" when those situations come up.

Take care of yourself, Kate. And if you're ever on island and see Percy again, cut him some slack. He's been through a lot.

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It's Jack. Why don't you ever pick up your phone? If it turns out you never came back from the Nothing, I will be quite irritated. Anyhow, I'm going back to 1901 for a while, and my phone won't work, but letters should get through. I'm sending out a maildrop address. And please call back before I decide to take a detour to Kansas to find you before I go.

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Okay, so, it had been a little over a week and Luke had done nothing to let Kate know he was still alive. Yes, he was afraid of how it would go over considering how it left. No, he wasn't planning to take the noble route and show up and tell her face to face. He was totally prepared to talk to her if she picked up the phone but he breathed a little "Thank the gods" when he got Kate's voicemail.


Great start, Luke.

"Hi, Kate. It's Luke. ...Castellan. I'm, um, not as dead as I thought I would be when I sent you that letter. I mean, it was close, and I really didn't think I was coming back, but I am. Back in Fandom. I thought you should probably know that. Sorry about everything, I really did think I wasn't coming back."


"That's not to say I'm not happy about being back now."

"Anyway, I'm around if you want to talk about that whole thing. And if you're pissed I get that too. So, um, sorry again and bye."

The hero of the Great Prophecy, ladies and gentleman.
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Mass Text

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Emma had decided to swing past her PO box after going to Western Union, in case there was another postcard from Jack. Instead, she found a letter waiting. The joys of time-travel post.

Which meant right before leaving for Paris, she sent the following mass text:

Jack badly hurt in 1902. Headed to hospital at request of Sebastien, but no other visitors allowed at this time. He's expected to live, will keep you updated. ~E
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Celebrating Tony's graduation meant Bobby was taking this opportunity to text... just about everyone he knew, really.

There's a guy here who is improvising his own shadow dance on a table against the wall, in case you're wondering how my night is going
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Let's just say Bobby was so, so glad he'd discovered that he could use his powers to essentially perform an instant detox the morning after.
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Because Kate would totally know what that meant.