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It had taken several hours of driving to get to the State Fair from KCMO. But that just meant this date time had included a road trip! And since it was Kate's 22nd birthday, she was cool with a road trip.

And, apparently, visiting a cheesy state fair with a motel night to follow.

Sometimes she liked simple pleasures.

Like pointin at signs advertising attractions around the fairgrounds. "Oh my God! Toto, we really are in Kansas right now."

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October 1st, 2011. Kate's 18th birthday.


Also, November 1st, 2011. Bod's 18th birthday.

Interdimensional time differences were a pain in the ass, but occasionally they produced fun coincidences like a once-in-a-lifetime joint birthday, and that was why Bod had been invited over to Kansas today.

There'd been much cheer earlier from the Gregsons and their assorted posse, and there'd more family partying later, probably (in her honor, not his). But for now, the outsiders had cleared off to do other stuff, mostly to give Kate and Bod some time alone, and so alone they were, in the kitchen of Charmaine's house, with a birthday cake that was missing whatever pieces her family had already eaten. And Kate was currently adding '+ Bod' at the end of the original 'Happy Birthday Kate' in icing. "Look, I'm making you a birthday cake!"

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It was Kate's birthday.

Not that that was much evident from anything, except maybe the slightly stilted happy birthday phonecall she'd gotten from her dad earlier, and the far more animated one from Lynda a little later. But it was still her birthday. Seventeen. Hmmh.

She was grabbing a portal to KC in the evening to join Lynda in the Crossroads district's First Friday art thing. And afterwards she was going to take another portal back, and tomorrow morning Lynda was going to fly over to be her weekend guest.

But for now? She was lazing about in a skimpy top and shorts (it was her birthday, she thought she was allowed) with some candy and a random bad movie on her laptop. And wearing her Princess Valhalla boots for no real reason, other than having just checked the insane number of hits on her video.

So far it was an okay birthday.

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So. It was Kate’s 16th birthday today.

She’d gotten a birthday phonecall from her family first thing in the morning. It was a lot more extravagant than the one she’d made to her brother on Monday, when it had been his birthday.

It had been as sweet and vaguely embarrassing as always, but it was weird that her family wasn’t here with her, making her feel embarrassed in person.

...And it was even weirder that she couldn’t say she was completely happy that in just a day, her mother and brother were going to be here.

There was no way she could completely ignore the weekend, looming there in the very near future. Talking to Mitchell had calmed her a little, but there was still a lot of stress left, making her slightly twitchy. So many things could go wrong and wreck everything.

But that was a problem for tomorrow, and this was today, and today was her birthday, and she had been promised a present, and she focused on that thought while she watched an appropriate movie on her laptop, and stuffed her face with candy.

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