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Ugh. Long workdays due to delayed flights were horrible. Made all the more horrible by a seemingly endless stream of increasingly annoyed and annoying customers. Seriously, it was ridiculous how far the general mood could plummet. Kate's cheeks were practically aching from the all the smiling she'd forced herself to do.

So when she made it home, she shed her uniform, pulled on a flannel shirt like it was a decent thing to wear, and flopped down on the couch in the living room.

"Nooot moving."

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This week was turning out much less eventful than the previous one, and Kate was glad about that. The highpoint of her week so far had been asking a random passenger called Evan get her a Burger Knight candy dispenser from Tulsa because she was collecting them. She'd exchanged the plane's last tiny bottle of alcohol for it. Seriously, that was the most mention-worthy thing from the last few days.

Well, except for the realization that while she hadn't been paying attention, her brother had actually changed boyfriends. Apparently he was with that Noah kid from their film class team now.

Oh yeah, and Charmaine had properly given up on calling her baby Cassandra by now, since the weetiny person only responded to Wheels. And occasionaly Chinese cursewords. Thanks, Neil.

But those were small things. Insignificant. So Kate was just having a lazy day off, playing games on her phone and idly considering the possibility of a trip back to Fandom again. Or maybe she'd just stay here and do absolutely nothing. That was a fine choice too. Mm, time off.

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Yeah, so, last night had been fun. If you were a masochist and thought messed up weather coupled with a stupid fire drill was fun, which Kate didn't. Bod had had to half carry her up to her room and help her out of her wet clothes before she'd fallen in bed and dozed off into deep sleep pretty damn fast.

And deep sleep was where she'd stayed until just now. She wasn't even sure why she was already waking up now, but she was. And maybe it wasn't so bad: she needed a shower, and breakfast, and she'd planned to actually get her ass down to the salle today, and there was other crap that she was supposed to do as well. Waking up would have actually been a good idea.

... Kate just shifted a bit and clung to Bod some more. Five more minutes. Just five more minutes.

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Kate had been a little melancholy to lose the run of the dorms, yes. Somehow that had turned into confining herself in her room, where she was currently sprawled on her back on her bed in her favored combo of tank top and short skirt, just idly looking at the ceiling as some music played on in the background.

She'd considered going out yesterday when people were coming back, to maybe talk to some of the returnees, but then she'd decided against it. She'd say it was out of laziness, but at least some part of it was that she just didn't want to get confirmation of something she was already pretty sure was true.

Namely, that no one had noticed her little disappearance.

She hadn't told anyone when she left (apart from administration), and it wasn't like she was expecting anyone to notice when the resort was so big and she'd been spending so much time on her own, but it still wasn't a thought that made her particularly happy. So, it was better to just let people come to her, and maybe not even mention it unless they did first. And if no one did, well, whatever. Looking at the ceiling and listening to music while thinking about her next trip out of town was as fine a way to spend some time as any.

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After her class, Kate had retreated back to her room. Clearly the atrocity that had been the class activity had to be balanced out with better stuff, so she was currently leaning back against some pillows on her bed, her computer in her lap and a bag of candy by her side, watching a random movie she actually liked.

Obviously, it wasn't what she intended to be doing all day, but... She hadn't come up with any plans yet. She felt restless but lazy all at the same time, but at least she felt somewhat okay. She'd cling to that feeling and wonder if she should actually get herself to Baltimore later, though to do what, she didn't know.

But, whatever. It was still early, and she had all day to figure out something to do.

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Kate had meant to look around for some colleges online when she had sprawled on her bed with her laptop in front of her.

That, however, was not what she was doing. Because Must Have Cute was way, way more interesting. And went better with her candy too.

It had been a lazy week, and she was determined to keep it that way. The future could wait; it would happen, whether she planned it or not. Wasn't it better to live in the now?

And right now, it was clearly the time to be laughing at a plush bunny with a mustache like it was the funniest thing she had ever seen.

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Kate had had the whole room to herself for a few days now.

This meant that she'd been doing a lot of stuff she didn't usually get to do. Which in turn meant mostly that she'd been doing whatever she usually did, just wearing only some boyshorts and a top. No need to be properly dressed when there was no one else around, and especially not when there was nowhere she had to go.

Right now? She was sprawled scantily-clad on her bed with her computer, mostly watching random music videos on YouTube. And eating Twizzlers.

It was totally a productive day for Kate Gregson. She'd just left a voicemail and everything!

... Her standards for productivity were pretty low.

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"-- So then what? ...Oh, oh, like in that movie? You know. ...What do you mean, you don't? We watched it like three times in a row last spring when I had the-- Yes. That one. With the guy with the hair and the--"

Back in Overland Park, T was out, for some reason or other.

It meant that here in Fandom, Kate was sprawled on her bed with her phone clamped to her ear, getting updated on the stupid things morning television had to offer, and the things T would've liked to do later in the day if she wouldn't have been likely to be too lazy and too high to leave the house.

Kate was snickering a lot. "... Eww, T, that's disgusting."

There were worse ways to spend a morning.

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Kate was having a quiet day. And that suited her awesomely. Last week had been pretty... eventful, what with the trip to New York and fighting and nervous breakdowns and all, and then there'd been the newbie picnic and talking to way too many people and a coffee-date and flying.

And then of course new classes, yesterday.

Kate felt she deserved a quiet day, so she'd slept in, and had done absolutely nothing useful the whole day. Unless you counted a quick trip to town – avoiding the park – to acquire a big bag of candy a useful thing. And Kate sure as hell did.

She knew Geoffrey was casting for the next play today, but she also knew there were two more times to audition, so no, she wasn't going to be making it to the theater today.

Instead, she was lying flat on her stomach on her bed, with her laptop and the aforementioned bag of candy in front of her. Mmm, candy. Mmm, useless internet things.

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