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As soon as Kate had woken up all normal and seventeen again, she'd taken off.

No, she wasn't particularly proud of that, but it had felt necessary at that particular moment. She'd needed to feel like a borderline adult again, and that meant doing shit on her own because she could. Not that her weetiny seven-year-old self hadn't done quite a bit of that as well, since her parents hadn't been around and Bod wasn't quite enough of an authority figure. But this was different, this was her reasserting control over herself and her life. She loved going out on her own and answering to no one, just like she loved living out here, away from Kansas, away from a daily life full of alters and minor instability. Right? Right.

Except right now, she missed her family like crazy. She didn't know what to do with that feeling.

She'd found a café that looked nice enough and settled at a table by the window with her gigantic cup of coffee and an equally oversized muffin. She'd just... sit here and eat and drink and think, for a while.

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Since getting back from her impromptu trip to New York, Kate had mostly been keeping to herself. It had been kind of a heavy trip in parts, and it didn't help that that damn edginess was still going on. So she'd just spent time by herself as much as possible.

It hadn't all been wasted time, though. She'd finally started thinking about contacting her new email list today, which meant that she'd spent the last half an hour or so taking pictures of herself in full Princess Valhalla getup, before flopping down into the chair by her desk and picking the cutest photo to accompany her announcement that the princess would be available for webcam chatting in the near future.

Right now, she'd just gotten the email sent out, and was still in her costume. She'd change out of it into something a little more sensible in a moment, but right now looking at cute things online was almost holding her attention, so she was doing that.

And maybe she just felt like looking like someone else for a moment longer.

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For the first time since moving to the island a little over a year ago, Kate actually felt a little hesitant about coming back to Fandom. Just the faintest desire to stay home in Kansas. There was stuff there that made it seem like it'd be worth it. Her mother was better, her aunt's engagement glee was vaguely amusing, and her brother's thing with the random chick was intriguing to stay the least.

Whereas in Fandom... Well, there was a lot to be wary about. People to worry for. Not really her scene; didn't used to think so, at least. Still adjusting to how things were now.

She'd come back, though. And right now, unpacking made for a great distraction.

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There was no one holding Kate as she woke up on Monday morning. She'd expected it, of course, but it was still not a nice feeling to wake up and find herself alone.

Especially when it was fairly permanent kind of alone.

She reached behind her, fingers scraping against the mattress until they found the necklace and closed around it. She pushed herself up enough to get it around her neck more easily, then slumped back down to the same position she'd gone to sleep in. Still taking up only half of her narrow bed for no real reason at all.

As if he was going to come back if she left him some room. It was idiotic and sad and made no sense, but it was early in the morning and she thought it was allowed.

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It hadn't been the best morning Kate had ever had. It hadn't been the worst either, though, and she knew that. Not that she'd admit it, but it had felt good to talk, if even just a little bit.

But it had still left her feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

There were two people she usually went to when she felt like this. The first one she'd tried to get a hold of straight after leaving Jack's room. It had taken her a while, but she'd found him.

... Which had then meant bitching to a desert mouse about stupid fucking transformations taking place at stupid fucking times before letting him go off on his merry way again.

And the other person she usually went to? Mitchell. Yeah.

So Kate had just taken a long, long walk through town. And now she was back in her room, sprawled on her bed with an issue of Cosmopolitan, with music on for company, a little louder than usual. So not thinking about next week, and especially not about any Monday classes.

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Kate was a mess. A little bit. In a vague, numb way. Not that she would be showing that to people.

It had been a pretty long week; filled with thinking she was insane, and Christmas shopping, and talking about ballet, and theater, and people unexplainably falling madly in love, and sleeping with several blankets and wearing many many layers because her roommate was making their room cold.

Despite having made two separate trips to the mainland within a week, a part of her wanted to just follow Jack’s lead and get the hell off the island for the weekend. But it was only a week until she’d go back to Kansas for Christmas. Might as well stick it out on the island until then. There was a party on Sunday and everything.

And now she’d found a bunch of photos she’d forgotten about on her computer. They were from the spring, and featured a lot of people she hadn't seen or talked to in a while. Her girlfriends back in Kansas (and such awesome friends they were, having lost contact with her pretty much straight after she moved to Fandom), people from school, Gene, Benjamin. Seemed like half a lifetime away.

She looked at the pictures, comparing her life then to her life now. Deciding which was better wasn't an easy thing to do.

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