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Kate had stayed the night in Fandom. Then she'd grabbed the earliest possible portal back home. Then she'd gone by a flower shop to get purple roses before actually going home. And she hadn't explained a whole lot to Bod, just dragged him along to the car because there was somewhere they needed to go today. A certain place back in Overland Park.

And they were on their way now. Almost there, in fact, because it wasn't that long a drive, even if Kate still kind of drove like a little old lady, sometimes.

"Wait, fuck, I always get confused around here. Is the next turn to the left? I think it is."

It would probably have been helpful if she'd actually told Bod where they were going.

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Dorian Owens was a pretty resourceful and brave little boy. So, when he couldn't locate his parents at the big building he'd found them last time, and he heard someone mention an awful lot of people would be at the hotel this morning, he set on his way across town

Lots of bright persuasive smiles, a rickshaw ride, and a helpful hotel employee later he found himself at a door behind which he was supposed to find his parents. So, he knocked. Enthusiastically.

Inside the room, in bed, it made Kate frown lightly. "Did you order room service breakfast or something?" she mumbled, still half asleep.

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Katherine, upon waking up, was instantly confused. She remembered this room, yes, but... This room was in Fandom, and she hadn't been in Fandom for a while, and she certainly did not remember coming here. In fact, she couldn't remember anything at all about yesterday. And why were the only clothes she could see a flight attendant's uniform? No, wait, she'd seen that uniform before – after an earlier blackout!

It was all very disconcerting, and she raised a hand dramatically to her forehead.

And then something changed (rather obviously, so even the dumbest of viewers realized what was happening) and then Vicki was in charge. It didn't help much, though: she was confused too, but at least she remembered the plane crash the night before. -- Oh, the tragedy, that only she and Deb had survived! And where was Deb, anyway? Not here, that was for sure, and Vicki figured they'd somehow gotten separated after the crash, disoriented and lost. But she had, apparently, found someone who'd taken her in, even if she couldn't remember a damn thing.

She put on her uniform and wandered through the house into the kitchen, then started looking into cupboards. She was sure that whoever had let her into their house last night wouldn't mind if she helped herself to some breakfast before going off to try and find Deb.

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After some time spent in the crazy pony-filled common room, Kate retreated back into her own quarters to hang out. Apart from putting her ring on, she hadn't gotten any further dressed than she had been for breakfast. The shorts and flannel shirt combo was comfortable, and considering there were ponies running around, people could just deal with her legs if they happened to wander on by.

Wasn't like the ponies were wearing any clothes. She was trying not to think about that.

And she was pretty successful in that endeavor. After all, most of her focus was going into looking at stuff on her laptop. Namely, trying to find out what people were paying for barely used Vespas, and looking at holiday destinations where you might find a place to hang a hammock.

No reason, really.

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Kate had played nice for most of the day. Nice by evil vampire standards, anyway. Okay, so she'd broken a nose, terrorized some people, and just generally done what her instincts told her to, but she hadn't actually bled anyone dry!

That was about to change, though. He'd picked up a cute random drunk NPC on his way home from the bar, and lured him with her back towards the dorms. It seemed important, somehow, to do as much of this as she could near the dorms, as it was an area she wouldn't have dared to go near under normal circumstances.

Normal for her, anyway.

She had his lovely escort pinned against a tree, and was pleasantly surprised that his intoxication didn't keep him from starting to scream as soon as she's let her face morph.

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It was official: Kate absolutely hated dealing with interdimensional time differences. Hated, hated, hated. No, seriously. Yesterday, she'd set her brother to work on figuring out a schedule for his graduation visit, and he'd called her back today (a few hours later, his time), and they'd still had to spend the better part of an hour trying to finalize something of a plan. It was a frigging nightmare. She'd almost given up entirely, especially after she'd started getting a headache from trying to understand how their worlds could have been going at different speeds and they could still be having a normal phone conversation.

But somehow, they'd finally done it, and Kate had hung up and sighed and was now sorting through a pile of fresh laundry. She'd washed a bunch of clothes last week and never gotten around to actually putting them away. Might as well do it now.

It was helping her get a little less pissed off at stupid things like the multiverse.

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Kate was a Prom Queen. That... had just come out of nowhere, and made her very giddy and happy for the rest of the evening. The cherry on top of an already fantastic senior prom night.

And Kate was still happy when she woke up on Saturday morning, oblivious to any obvious changes that had happened overnight. Sure, there were probably other interesting things in the room as well, but the first thing she saw upon opening her eyes was the tiara on the nightstand, and it wasn't more than half a minute until she'd grabbed it and perched it on top of her head before standing up on the bed and declaring, loudly, to no one in particular, "Imma queen!"

Really, she probably would've done that even if she had been about ten years older like she was supposed to be.

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Kate had... kind of intended to spend the night alone. That had been the original plan, at least, before a miniature freakout and being a fabulous fake and having to stand the sight of Caroline and ugh. Yet another plan of Kate's that had not gone quite as she'd originally thought it would.

She'd figure out how she felt about that later, maybe. Because right now she was still asleep, clinging to Nathan with an arm and a leg over him, pressed close against him despite the blankets spread over them. That was just her thing, minor neediness slipping out when she wasn't conscious enough to control it. It was a lot like another morning a month or so ago, probably, except they were presently decidedly more lacking in clothes and knew each other better in whole new ways.

And Fandom was being Fandom again, but that was not for them to know yet. They'd find out soon enough.

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Kate had sadly handwavily due to player brainfailiness, technical malfunctions and Gmail's fuckery had a pretty good weekend getaway in Chicago. Being a well-dressed girly brat had probably been just what she'd needed after the little surprise of Friday. She still hadn't really dealt with that, though somehow she wasn't even sure if there was anything to deal with. She wasn't thinking about it. Even if Fandom seemed to want her to think about something like it, judging by all the rose petals she'd woken up with. They seemed to be everywhere, like an insane romantic gesture gone horribly wrong at the worst possible time.

Still, Kate was pretty adamant not to let her mood get dragged too far down. Bobby seemed to have gone MIA again, so she was taking the opportunity to hang out in their room in nothing but a loose top and some just barely appropriate shorts. Her room, her rules, and it wasn't like she had the door hanging wide open in case her lack of proper clothing happened to offend anyone's delicate sensibilities.

As she moved about, sorting through some laundry and doing some other little bits of cleaning up (like trying to get at least some of the rose petals to go the fuck away), she was also wearing her cute new purple wedges because was there really a way to be truly girly without ending up with new shoes, especially ones that made her taller and her legs look fabulous? She thought not.

And since she'd been dumped two times in two months, now, she didn't really care what anyone else thought anyway.

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Yeah, so, Kate had had a weird, unsettling feeling since getting back on the island on Sunday. And now? Bobby and a bunch of other people had gotten themselves fucking kidnapped. And something was... growing, on the island, which she supposed might have been a little better than when things had just been disappearing into nothingness, but honestly, she didn't care. Weirdness was weirdness, and she didn't want it.

It was a direct consequence of this that Kate now had a portal to Kansas scheduled to leave in an hour, and was packing rather frantically, just shoving things into her backpack seemingly at random.

She just couldn't stay. She couldn't.

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Since getting back from her impromptu trip to New York, Kate had mostly been keeping to herself. It had been kind of a heavy trip in parts, and it didn't help that that damn edginess was still going on. So she'd just spent time by herself as much as possible.

It hadn't all been wasted time, though. She'd finally started thinking about contacting her new email list today, which meant that she'd spent the last half an hour or so taking pictures of herself in full Princess Valhalla getup, before flopping down into the chair by her desk and picking the cutest photo to accompany her announcement that the princess would be available for webcam chatting in the near future.

Right now, she'd just gotten the email sent out, and was still in her costume. She'd change out of it into something a little more sensible in a moment, but right now looking at cute things online was almost holding her attention, so she was doing that.

And maybe she just felt like looking like someone else for a moment longer.

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There was something up with today.

Kate had been feeling antsy pretty much straight since waking up this morning, and hadn't been able to shake the feeling since. And that was weird, when Sunday had been such a good day after such a long stretch of bad days. She only tended to feel this restless when things were entirely messed up.

After her classes, she'd tried to do some of her independent course work, but had given up pretty soon after realizing her thoughts just kept straying to far more interesting things.

She was considering going downstairs to the gym and dancing, even if she hadn't been doing that for months now, because that usually helped with... whatever this was.

But before doing that, she'd happened to catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the wall, and so she was now staring intently into it, trying to determine what exactly it was about her appearance that seemed to make her look even better than usual.

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It was the last day of the fall break. And that sucked, and Kate was fighting against that little fact by clinging to her sleep for as long as she could. If she didn't wake up, they weren't going to have to go back to Fandom so soon, and she could just keep sharing her room and her bed with Bod, and the vacation would just go on and on, right? Right.

Of course, if she'd woken up, she would've probably noticed that apparently Fandom was pretty eager to get them back. At least judging by the way her tank top was a bit too tight for her right now, and her shorts even moreso.

But for now, Kate was still curled up and clingy and having pleasant dreams, oblivious to how little time this calm was bound to last.

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Kate had woken up early to a knock on the door. She would've just ignored it, since it was Saturday and Saturdays were meant for sleeping in, but since she'd been expecting a boyfriend and breakfast combo to show up fairly early, she'd stumbled out of her bed and gone to open the door.

But no. At first glance, there had been no one there. But then she'd looked down and there had been a disembodied hand, looking expectant. If a hand could look expectant. This one seemed to.

"No," she'd said simply, before closing the door door and going about her morning routine. She would not be dealing with any stupid Fandom weirdness today, thank you. Bod was supposed to pick her up, and then they'd head to Baltimore for their little getaway that had coincidentally landed on their three month anniversary.

No extra hands were needed in room 324 today.

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The radio last night had confirmed what Kate's futile attempts at reaching her friends over the phone had already made her think. They were gone. Vanished. Not here.

That hadn't stopped her from checking out Gobstopper cabin a little earlier this morning, though. Just in the vain hope that things might have returned to normal. That Bod might have come back.

But no. Of course not. The island wasn't done screwing with them yet. As evident from the giant roaches she'd had to evade on her way.

She had seen Kyle's note, though. That gave her some hope.

Kate hadn't made up her mind about where to go, yet – it was either the manor or the school, really – but that wasn't stopping her from stuffing her backpack with useful things right about now.

She sure as hell wasn't staying here.

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Someone was spooning Kate and nuzzling her neck as she woke up. It was a really nice thing to wake up to. Cozy and comfortable. And obviously there was only one person it could be. So, sleepily, and fully expecting to see a pale face and some floppy hair and grey eyes and probably a cute smile, Kate turned her head and opened her eyes, and--

Well. The guy was pale, yes. Really pale, actually. His skin was almost white, not the kind of peachy pink that passed for white skin in general terms. And his hair was floppy, but it was also a little too long. And black. His eyes were kind of black, too. And his clothes.

He was most definitely not Bod. Kate pushed herself up on her elbows, eyes wide. "What the fuck?"

"Good morning, Kate," the guy replied calmly, with a gently amused smile.

"Who are you? And why the fuck are you in my bed?"

The guy kept smiling. Actually, there was something calming about him. Comforting. Familiar. "I usually go where you go," he said. "Except when you think you don't need me - which is totally fine, by the way - and you end up giving me to Bod to prove a point. Take my hand. You look like you need it."

Without even thinking about it, Kate took the guy's hand. It felt right.

And at the same time she understood what he was telling her. Her free hand came up to the top of her chest, reaching for something that wasn't there. And the guy just gave him something that was almost a smirk.

Still holding the necklace's hand, Kate fell back with a frustrated grunt and burrowed her face into the pillow. "Fucking Fandom."

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Kate was fighting a losing battle.

Namely, one of trying to stuff all her surprise luggage under her bed. There were just too many. They would never fit. But she just had to try. Not like she wanted them just laying around, when they had labels like Too much responsibility, Pushed around by skeevy guys and Heart bruised by Southern idiot.

And of course, that one fucking luggage set with the label Crazy mother issues.

Eventually though, she just gave up, letting a few of the bags that wouldn't fit just stay in sight. She was just going to flop down on the bed and be thankful that at least she'd been able to push that one black leather bag (which for some reason looked like an old-fashioned doctor's bag, and which had the words That one awful Saturday labelled on it) as far back under the bed as it would go.

Fucking Fandom.

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Kate was still comatose, and everything in room 324 was the same as it had been on Saturday.

Well. Not everything. The letter was still on the bedside table, but less prominently displayed, now that it had served its purpose. Also? Kate seemed to be wearing a slightly different top than she had the day before, but who remembers those kinds of little details, huh? Not the costume department, that’s for sure.

Anyway, her clothes weren't the important thing here. The important thing was that she was still oblivious to the world around her.

And that she still looked pretty. Prettier than you'd expect coma victims to be, even.

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Kate had woken up with the knowledge that this was the day she'd reveal who the father of her unborn child was, and that she’d confront him about it.

Sure, she had no recollection of ever doing a pregnancy test, or even having sex with the guy, but she didn’t question any of this; she just knew. She was pregnant, he was the father, end of story.

She was going off-island later, to meet her dealer to get drugs for the multiple personality disorder she was desperately trying to hide, and maybe to do some Christmas shopping. But right now she sat down at her desk to write an important letter.

Dear Jason, she began,
I'm pregnant. It's yours.

She thought about it for a moment, then added, Yes, I'm sure.

Then she hesitated to confess something, and eventually went into a coma. )

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So. Kate’s morning shower had been a bust. It had left her covered in egg nog, which she’d mostly been able to scrub off her hair and her skin, although the smell still remained. She’d had to rush to class before she could do anything more about it, like attempt to find water.

When she got back from her classes, she remembered she actually had a bottle of water in her room. After considerably more searching than she had expected – seriously, had there been a tiny tornado in the room, switching up the places of everything? – she found the bottle. The contents still looked like water. She might have to make do with that. It wasn't going to turn into egg nog, too, was it?

Examining the bottle, Kate shook her head and sighed. "Oh, Fandom."

She wasn't thrilled, but at least she sounded a little more amused than she had the last time the island acted up.

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