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Yesterday, Charmaine and Neil had gotten married in a tiny municipal wedding ceremony that had somehow been better for everyone than Charmaine's previous attempt at a marriage. And early today, the newly wedded couple, along with their infant daughter, had taken off for Houston to go househunting. And Kate was already feeling weird that it was really just her and Marshall and Bod around, now.

So it was a good thing this was the day she'd invited people to come visit. Some booze had been acquired, and Marshall had busied himself in the kitchen making snacks, and they were all set. It was going to be weird since Kate had invited a bunch of people who'd never been to Kansas before, but she was hoping it would be a fun kind of weird.

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Inspecting the damage in the mirror, Kate poked at her nose and winced a little when that proved that yes, it still hurt. The slight swelling had gone down, though, and there was only slight bruising on either side of her nose, so it could've been a lot worse and Kate knew that. It'd fade before the interview with the Teach Abroad people next week.

But it was still enough for her to scrap any and all plans of hopping a portal to Fandom right now. Didn't feel like explaining her face to any randoms, and it was still too sore to the touch to cover up with makeup. So, she was going to be staying home, yes.

That didn't mean she wasn't going to communicate with the outside world. She'd ignored her phone for most of the previous night, too shellshocked and tired to deal with words and all that stuff. She was getting around to it now, though. Turning her phone back on, she noticed there were two texts that made her crack the faintest of smiles as she sent back a reply and shook her head a little at Bobby drinking appletinis.

And then, a message to Bod, who she hoped had just assumed she'd gotten distracted in the middle of their texting last night. She knew how he could worry.

sorry for vanishing last night, we had a situation happen. everything's fine now though.

More or less. With a sigh, she flopped down onto their bed, phone still in hand.

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There had been some interesting voicemails on Kate's phone when she'd woken up today. It had made for a pretty amusing start to the day, she could tell you. Kinda adorable, too. Maybe a little bit melancholy-inducing as well, but she seemed to be impervious to that this week, for the most part. It was just a good week.

So, she danced around the room a bit as she folded some laundry, music drifting out into the hallway. It was one of her last times of doing that here, if not the last, but she wasn't thinking about that.

Sorting fresh shirts was much more important for the moment.

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After the arrest and everything, yesterday had continued to be just as moodswingy a day as many of the others before it. On one hand, her video had gained more than 250,000 hits in a single day, and Lynda had invited her to the Crossroads art shindig this Friday. On the other, she and her brother had had to listen to their parents fighting for like two hours in the evening. That always made her feel like an orphan. It sucked.

As did having to leave Marshall alone with the mess she could escape, especially when it was going to be his sixteenth birthday tomorrow. But Kate was still insanely glad when she finally managed to convince her parents to unground her so she could come back to Fandom.

She flew back, her parents paid for the tickets. She was too late for her classes, and probably would've skipped them anyway, so once she made it into her room, she just dropped her bags on the floor and fell over onto her bed, burying her face in her pillows.

Home sweet home, or something.

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You knew you were in Fandom when a class where the room was full of bunnies was not the most insane class of the day. But that was all forgotten now, because Kate had to prepare for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, she had a job interview! And that trumped everything else.

She'd considered calling up Mitchell or Hannibal to gush, but what she really needed right now was someone to go over her outfit with her. Which meant that after a lot of persuading and general harassment, she'd managed to get her brother on webcam.

Her laptop was on her desk chair now, so Marshall got a full-body view when she finally emerged from the bathroom in her carefully picked job interview clothes: a black turtleneck shirt, black skirt, black leggins, and black boots. She thought black was a good color for the job. "So, is this serious enough?" she asked, stopping to pose with her hands on her hips.

What makes you think I know anything about fashion? )

Kate just made another face at him and muttered "no" as she started prying the boots off her feet. Stupid logical little brother, trying to bring her down.

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Nothing had happened since Tara had downed the first of her new meds on Sunday morning. And they'd all been waiting for something to happen ever since. It had been a weird two days.

Today, finally, Kate had escaped the house to go to the mall, where she promptly ran into her old gang of girlfriends, who were oh my God so excited to see her and who wanted to know everything that had been going on with her since she'd moved.

An hour later, Kate slipped away from their old usual table at the coffee shop, making idle promises of keeping in touch.

They were promises she had no intention of keeping. It had been an awkward hour of stilted conversation. She couldn't bring herself to care about any of their shit, and there wasn't a whole lot she could tell them about her life now.

They had probably never really been friends in the first place, Kate figured as she wandered around the mall. Alone again, and kind of really wanting to go back ho-- to where her potted plants were.

Somehow, this led to a slight voicemail spree, after she realized she hadn't actually replied to the two very amusing ones she'd received on Sunday. So, she replied to those, then left a couple others, too.

Then, just for the hell of it, she texted... most of Fandom, really:

Rejoice! Miss Overland Park is returning tomorrow. What should I expect from our (un)fair Fandom Island?

This was Kate Gregson showing her love. Fandom better appreciate it.

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It hadn't been the best morning Kate had ever had. It hadn't been the worst either, though, and she knew that. Not that she'd admit it, but it had felt good to talk, if even just a little bit.

But it had still left her feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

There were two people she usually went to when she felt like this. The first one she'd tried to get a hold of straight after leaving Jack's room. It had taken her a while, but she'd found him.

... Which had then meant bitching to a desert mouse about stupid fucking transformations taking place at stupid fucking times before letting him go off on his merry way again.

And the other person she usually went to? Mitchell. Yeah.

So Kate had just taken a long, long walk through town. And now she was back in her room, sprawled on her bed with an issue of Cosmopolitan, with music on for company, a little louder than usual. So not thinking about next week, and especially not about any Monday classes.

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Kate had been back from her weekly trip to Baltimore pretty late last night. After her ballet class had ended, she'd spent a long time just walking around, trying to convince herself she didn't have to go back.

But the reality was that she didn't have the money to stay off the island. Her monthly allowance from her parents wasn't coming in until next week. So she'd just have to deal. There were girly plans for Sunday. That helped, a little.

But the idea of a few days anywhere but here wouldn't leave her alone.

So, now, after a morning session down at the dance studio, Kate was once again lying on her stomach on her bed, with her laptop in front of her, and she was looking for the cheapest and least romantic place all of Maryland, and a way to get there next weekend.

She thought she might head to the club fair in the afternoon, but it was entirely possible she wouldn't.

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Kate was having a quiet day. And that suited her awesomely. Last week had been pretty... eventful, what with the trip to New York and fighting and nervous breakdowns and all, and then there'd been the newbie picnic and talking to way too many people and a coffee-date and flying.

And then of course new classes, yesterday.

Kate felt she deserved a quiet day, so she'd slept in, and had done absolutely nothing useful the whole day. Unless you counted a quick trip to town – avoiding the park – to acquire a big bag of candy a useful thing. And Kate sure as hell did.

She knew Geoffrey was casting for the next play today, but she also knew there were two more times to audition, so no, she wasn't going to be making it to the theater today.

Instead, she was lying flat on her stomach on her bed, with her laptop and the aforementioned bag of candy in front of her. Mmm, candy. Mmm, useless internet things.

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Having over-slept and missed Ghanima's class, again, was not the biggest of Kate's problems today. No, the real problem was that when she woke up – boggling over the weird dream she'd had – she didn't even realize she'd overslept: she thought she still had about 48 hours until she had to be in class. She was convinced she'd only taken a nap, and that it was still Saturday morning, and so she left to go Christmas shopping.

She only realized what day it was when she saw the newspapers at a mainland coffee shop, and even then she had to ask three people before she believed that yes, it was Monday.

Yes, she'd lost two days.

For some reason, the first thing that hit her about the situation was that she needed to apologize to Ghanima, and so she left her a message. After that, though, the reality of it all set in. Unsurprisingly, she didn't get much shopping done. She wandered around for a while – quietly freaking out over the fact that losing time wasn't exactly an unusual thing in her family – and eventually decided to get back to Fandom. It had to be just a Fandom thing.

Back in her room in the evening, she looked around for something, a clue, anything. She found the letter. It did nothing to rid her of her fears; it just earned a screech of "What the fucking fuck?" and sent her straight and without any hesitation to listen to the weekend's radio podcasts.

And after listening to them, Kate laughed, happy, although with a slight hysterical edge. She'd just been in a random coma. She wasn't insane.

The island, on the other hand, was.

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After drawing in film class and playing lasertag in writing class, Kate was back in her room, happy to spend the rest of the day reading and listening to music.

Bobby was there too, of course, waddling around as usual. Kate nudged the little red ball towards him before sitting down on her bed and grabbing a book – an old play – off the pile on the table.

[For one.]
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Kate was a little sad to leave the cabins, because she had just started to enjoy them. She was also less than pleased about having to make four separate trips between the cabins and the dorms to get all of her and Bobby’s stuff back to their room. The boy had really taken way too much junk to the cabins, especially considering the whole penguin situation. Which he couldn’t have known about in advance, but still. A lot of stuff.

”Couldn’t even turn back in time to help me, huh?” she asked the penguin after bringing the last bags back. Bobby replied with a penguin shrug.

Well, at least now she didn’t have to explain why there was glitter on his underwear. Yet.

With a sigh Kate fell on her bed. She was just going to go to sleep right now.

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It was Kate’s 6th day as a cat, and by now she was used to it. She wasn’t loving it, but she was okay with it. At least she didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping or other stuff like that. And she could get used to the whole being carried around thing. That stuff was a lazy teenager’s dream.

Still. There was a lot to be said for opposable thumbs, so it wasn’t as though she wasn’t anxious to be human-shaped again.

Right now, though, things were going okay for Kate the cat. She was comfortably asleep on Bobby’s bed, all curled into a fluffy ball, quite possibly dreaming of cat-friendly marshmallows that didn’t get stuck in her fur.

[For he whose alcove this is.]
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”I love you guys too. ...Okay, bye.”

Kate sighed as she ended the call. She had lied to her mom a lot more than she would have wanted to, even though she had tried to stay as vague as possible. Yes, she had been talking to people. Yes, everyone seemed friendly enough. Yes, the island was nice – or at least the little she had seen of it.

All of the above statements were, of course, true. The big lie had been this: ”Yes Mom, everything’s okay.” Because no, no it wasn’t. But it was easier to pretend that it was. Kate definitely didn’t want her mom stressing out over anything. Especially since everyone kept assuring her that despite its total weirdness, Fandom High was a good place to be, and she had decided not to talk to her family about any of the odd stuff, not at least while she was still coming to terms with it herself.

Kate shook her head in an effort to get the whole thing out of her head and started rummaging through her clothes. If she hadn’t been so damn tired on Saturday morning, she would not have unpacked all her stuff the day before the move to the cabins.

[For the roomie.]
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After breakfast, Kate was unpacking what little she had brough with her. Most of it was clothes, some of it was stuff for making her feel at home. Included was a backpack in the shape of a stuffed monkey, which she lay down on her bed.

She hadn’t touched her stuff at all the day before. In fact, she had slept in her normal clothes, the same ones she was wearing when she fell on her bed after the picnic. She had passed out almost instantly. Friday had been a taxing day, but in a good way. So far she liked the people she had talked to. Fandom seemed like it would be fun. ...Except maybe for the stuff about zombies and talking frogs. All of which she was trying to block from her memory now. She would have to deal with that eventually, but not right now, not yet. She felt like she was still half asleep.

She had plans for later, but for now she was hanging out in her room, pinning a poster to the wall beside her bed.

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