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To: (Srsly, if you think there's a chance you got this, you got this. Friends, acquaintances, former collegues, everyone.


Me. The answer is me.

To celebrate, there's going to be a party tomorrow night at Mr. Northman's fine establishment (that's the Devil's Nest if you're unfamiliar with Uncle Eric) (Devil's Nest is on Black Swan Drive in Fandom, in case you're unfamiliar with the club) in my honor! Come one, come all! No gifts necessary, but I won't decline if you get me something. I fucking love presents. Or just being told happy birthday.

Also if you're under 21, sorreee but there probably won't be any booze for you due to venue policy. But! The selection of fancy foreign sodas is amazing. So, don't let that stop you.

So to recap: Kate's birthday bash, Devil's Nest, Wednesday 1st of October, 2014. Be there!

- Kate

[ooc: NFB, but open for emails/texts/calls and the like! Party post happening tomorrow with the much appreciated co-operation of [ profile] justlurkinghere.]
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Yesterday, Charmaine and Neil had gotten married in a tiny municipal wedding ceremony that had somehow been better for everyone than Charmaine's previous attempt at a marriage. And early today, the newly wedded couple, along with their infant daughter, had taken off for Houston to go househunting. And Kate was already feeling weird that it was really just her and Marshall and Bod around, now.

So it was a good thing this was the day she'd invited people to come visit. Some booze had been acquired, and Marshall had busied himself in the kitchen making snacks, and they were all set. It was going to be weird since Kate had invited a bunch of people who'd never been to Kansas before, but she was hoping it would be a fun kind of weird.

[Minor OCD coming up! And like I said in the invite, come one and all!]
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This was starting to be a weekend routine, going to Kansas and meeting up with Zach. It was something that got Kate through the week in Fandom, at least. Whatever happened. This week hadn't even been that bad, but she was still glad to see him when he came to pick her up from the airport.

By now, they were at the Gregson house. They were the only two people there, but in her bedroom all the same. It was the first time she'd let him into her home, after making sure everyone else was gone and would be for a while. She wasn't hiding him from them – since by now they all knew she was dating someone called Zach though they hadn't met him – but... all in good time.

Stuffed animals, earrings, and the Joffrey Ballet. Plus a phonecall, and a sibling discussion about happiness. All this just with the price of a click on this cut! )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Mostly taken with tweakage from USoT S02E10, with a chunk preplayed with the stellar [ profile] icecoldfrost.]
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Nothing had happened since Tara had downed the first of her new meds on Sunday morning. And they'd all been waiting for something to happen ever since. It had been a weird two days.

Today, finally, Kate had escaped the house to go to the mall, where she promptly ran into her old gang of girlfriends, who were oh my God so excited to see her and who wanted to know everything that had been going on with her since she'd moved.

An hour later, Kate slipped away from their old usual table at the coffee shop, making idle promises of keeping in touch.

They were promises she had no intention of keeping. It had been an awkward hour of stilted conversation. She couldn't bring herself to care about any of their shit, and there wasn't a whole lot she could tell them about her life now.

They had probably never really been friends in the first place, Kate figured as she wandered around the mall. Alone again, and kind of really wanting to go back ho-- to where her potted plants were.

Somehow, this led to a slight voicemail spree, after she realized she hadn't actually replied to the two very amusing ones she'd received on Sunday. So, she replied to those, then left a couple others, too.

Then, just for the hell of it, she texted... most of Fandom, really:

Rejoice! Miss Overland Park is returning tomorrow. What should I expect from our (un)fair Fandom Island?

This was Kate Gregson showing her love. Fandom better appreciate it.

[ooc: NFB, open for calls and text messages and stuff. You know her, you got the message.]


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