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Kate was doing highly important work in her office again. Yes, highly important. Playing Fruit Ninja on her phone. It was important! For her... brain and fingers and reflexes, and stuff. Yes.

Seamus the Corgi was also asleep on the floor by her desk, cuddling a stuffed bunny. That probably wouldn't last long. He was just resting from his earlier hard work of chasing a ball around the office.

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Kate's desk was entirely covered in papers. Many were crumpled up, although there were also various print-outs scattered about, and a notepad with a lot of things crossed out in front of her. Apparently her method for deciding what to teach in the next term was a little messy. Seamus the corgi, who was with her in Fandom today, was loving it, though. He thought any and all crumpled paper balls that fell on the floor were the best thing ever. Which was nice, because Kate didn't seem to be getting her anywhere. So it was good that someone was getting something out of it.

And that was how she ended up sitting on the floor of her office, throwing a paper ball for Seamus to fetch. Maybe that would somehow jog her braincells and give her an idea.

Even if she probably couldn't teach 'Barking Happily 101'.

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After the grad brunch on Sunday, Kate had hopped a portal to a certain New York because Cinco de Mayo was just the perfect excuse to drag Hannibal out to have fun. So she'd done that. And then hung out with him yesterday, first nursing their hangovers, then out on the town where they'd made some great purchases and some even greater decisions involving permanent body art. Because you couldn't leave them together unsupervised. Not now that they were finally getting back into almost their pre-vampire days swing.

So Kate was pretty happy, coming home right now. Sure, she'd have to go to work in a couple of hours, but whatever. She was wearing some pretty spiffy new pants, and she had a bandage on the inside of one ankle. Things were pretty good.

Kicking off her shoes at the door because ugh, she just wanted them off, she called out into the apartment proper, "Honey, I'm hoooome."

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The winter storm that had snowed Kate and Bod in a couple of days ago was well and truly over. This meant Bod was at work again, while Kate was having a day off. Which was great for Seamus who didn't yet need to learn to stay home alone. Possibly less great for all of Kate's acquaintances who were getting moddable texts with puppy pictures. She was just excited, okay? And Seamus was amazing. Best dog ever.

And besides, at least she'd only invited just the one person to come see him in person. And while she waited for Mitchell to show up, she passed the time throwing a ball carefully across the living room area so the puppy with his stubby legs could run after it and bring it back.

"Aww, good boy!"

He was clearly also the greatest at playing fetch.

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