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Kate felt awful. Her head hurt, although she was glad she was only feeling a little pukey. Mostly when standing up, which she obviously had to do just about first thing after waking up, because she needed to take something for her head. So, she made her unsteady way into the kitchen and found her bag and the painkillers that she'd been wise to equip herself with before coming here last night.

She also found her phone, and on her said phone, she found a text from Bod (hoping she wasn't going to be feeling badly this morning) and a voicemail. Running water from the tap, she brought the phone to her ear to listen to the latter.

And then she was left standing with her mouth open because it was Luke. Who she'd pretty much assumed was dead, yes. Except now he wasn't and seriously, should she just not trust the finality of death anymore? ... And seriously, was no one who came back from certain death going to actually tell her in person? Because this voicemail and text message stuff was getting old.

Why yes, Kate Gregson's most prominent emotion at getting her friend back was pure annoyance. She'd probably blame that on the hangover later, but right now she was frowning a lot, and calling Luke back.

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There had been some interesting voicemails on Kate's phone when she'd woken up today. It had made for a pretty amusing start to the day, she could tell you. Kinda adorable, too. Maybe a little bit melancholy-inducing as well, but she seemed to be impervious to that this week, for the most part. It was just a good week.

So, she danced around the room a bit as she folded some laundry, music drifting out into the hallway. It was one of her last times of doing that here, if not the last, but she wasn't thinking about that.

Sorting fresh shirts was much more important for the moment.

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It was (supposed to be) Kate and Bod's last morning in Hawaii. They both had jobs to get back to, books and movies to take care of. But not quite yet, and what better way was there to cling to the vacation than the head out to a gorgeous beach one last time? None. No better way. So that was what they were doing.

But hard as Kate tried, her mind wasn't entirely off the impending, inevitable return to the dreary island where she'd punched someone and videos of her former mistakes were all over the internet. It was already in her head. She'd been ignoring her phone and her laptop most of the week, but today, already anticipating her return to the real world, she finally checked her messages.

There was a single voicemail, and she listened to it. And while she listened to it, her eyebrows knitted into a frown.

And when she listened to it again, that frown did nothing but deepen.

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Having put up her posters, Kate had returned to her room to continue her good day with further party planning. But that was sadly not to be: her phone had been charging while she'd been away and she'd finally gotten around to seeing she had a voicemail. So she listened to it.

Bad idea.

Her first thought was that it was a sick joke, that Nathan really was pushing things too far in an effort to be excused for his radio silence since leaving, but she couldn't hold onto that bit of disbelief for long. The woman – Nathan's mom – was far too shaken, the quivering of her voice far too real. It was all real. On the second listen Kate had to sit down on the edge of her bed because the room had started to spin, but it took about four times before it all started really sinking in.

Forcing herself to skip listening a fifth time, her brain instead switched on to practical matters, the first of which was leaving a voicemail of her own. And the second... Was staring dully into the middle distance.

She'd maybe get to something a little more useful later.

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