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Kate was doing highly important work in her office again. Yes, highly important. Playing Fruit Ninja on her phone. It was important! For her... brain and fingers and reflexes, and stuff. Yes.

Seamus the Corgi was also asleep on the floor by her desk, cuddling a stuffed bunny. That probably wouldn't last long. He was just resting from his earlier hard work of chasing a ball around the office.

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Kate was the most productive person on Earth.

She was spending her office hours on Tumblr.

Okay, sure, she'd done some sother stuff too, gotten some lesson plans ready and all that stuff, plus tried to get a hold of some people at SkyKans to check on what the situation was. And then called her fellow flight attendants when those people were completely unavailable. It didn't get her any new info.

Tumblr had no info on crappy midwestern airlines either, but it least it had a ton of nice pictures.

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Kate now had a picture of her boyfriend on her desk. And also another one of their dog (who, by the way, she really needed to bring along to Fandom one of these times). It was like she was starting to be an actual adult with an office or something.

Still didn't have a coffee machine, though. Oh, well. Instead of coffee, she was going to bombard Bod's phone with photos of the office. (It made sense to her.) No regrets.

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Kate had an office!

Specifically, Kate had Mitchell's old office. For reasons. Largely to do with sentimentality because she had spent many a day right in this room at sixteen, talking shit and watching important cinematic masterpieces such as that one movie about mutated otters. Look, if she was going to pretend to be a teacher – and she seemed to have pretended okay during her first class session yesterday – then she was going to want to do a part of the work where she actually felt comfortable. And this happened to be it.

And her first office hour was probably going to be spent peering into all drawers and the like. Or at least the first hour of it. After that, she was probably going to get her laptop out and go on Tumblr.

It was totally a place to get class session inspiration from!

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