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It was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Okay, so maybe that a little overly dramatic, but Kate was pretty much feeling like that. It was still morning, but Tara and Max had more or less packed all their stuff in the truck already. Max was just fetching the last few of the bags now.

They were all gathered in the front yard: Charmaine with Wheels in her arms, Neil, Bod, Kate, and Marshall. And Tara, of course, fussing with some of her bags before the goodbyes.

Kate looked like she was going to cry, but then she'd been looking like that all morning.

And so Tara is sent on her way. )

All things, including emotional turmoil, calmed down eventually. By the afternoon, tears had dried, Charmaine and Neil had taken Wheels to the park, and Marshall had gone for a walk. Only Kate and Bod remained.

Standing in her parents' kitchen – her kitchen now? – Kate glanced around, sighed, and wondered when she should start moving her crap over from next door.

[ooc: NFB. Once more, preplayed with the utterly fabulous [ profile] nimeni, and taken and tweaked from the very end of USoT S03E12, also known as the series finale, woe. NO MORE CANON. Open for that guy, and calls and texts!]
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It was amazing how much work could go into a single dinner when everyone knew it was a big freaking deal of a dinner. Kate spent most of her day in the kitchen with her mother and aunt, while the various menfolk (apart from Marshall who was still insisting on being uncooperative and making cracks about just ordering takeout – though he did do a grocery store run) cleaned the good plates and utensils and wine glasses, and tried to watch a game on TV. Sure, it might have been a little... enforcing traditional gender roles or whatever, but Kate didn't mind. She wanted to hang out with her mother before she went away. Even if it meant dealing with Charmaine's whining about getting cold feet about moving to Houston.

And all the preparations of the day had paid off. It was almost dinner time, and they were all gathered at the dining room table. Kate, Bod, and Marshall were seated on one side, Tara, Charmaine and Neil on the other, with Max and Ted at either end. All the food was still in the kitchen, though: they only had wine.

Well, wine and lively conversation. And a total freakout. And a memorial. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! This, too, preplayed with [ profile] nimeni and taken/tweaked from USoT S03E12. THIS IS KATE'S SECOND TO LAST CANON POST YOU GUYS.]
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This week had been far too intense. Kate could tell by how long it took her to put the pieces of all of it together after waking up. Bryce had attacked her brother. Her aunt and uncle and cousin were moving away. Her mom was going away for three months.

It was a lot of new information.

But at least she and Bod were back in their own bed, and had already been the previous night. No Bryce meant no more barricades. Even Marshall had been sleeping in his room again, even if it still had Bryce's handiwork all over it. You couldn't really say things were back to normal.

With a sigh, Kate picked up her head off Bod's chest, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Lots to do today, but she didn't feel particularly awake.

Wake up. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI; OOC-okay! Preplayed with the transplendent [ profile] nimeni, lifted with tweakage from USoT S03E12.]
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It had been a few days since Kate had been back home. It had been about a week where she'd been, mostly hanging out with Bod, waiting for the call that she knew would come. Her dad rallying the troops. Marshall was staying with their Grandma Sandy, and Kate was sure he was expecting the same.

The call had come today, so... Here Kate was, walking into the Gregson house again, bag over her shoulder and wearing a yellow sweater with the face of a polar bear on the front of it. She'd bought it while she'd been away. If you liked reading into things, there could have been symbolism there. Or maybe she just liked bright colors and bear motifs.

Art and other things. )

[ooc: NFB, preplayed with the incomparable [ profile] nimeni, to be continued in the comments! Lifted and tweaked from USoT S03E11 'Crunchy Ice'. Warning for Bryce being a creeper at everyone. Seriously, I lack proper labels for this.]
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Over in Kate's universe, two days had passed since the trials of St. Louis. It pretty much felt like one seriously long day for Kate, though, since it had been a blur of flights and errands and then some more flights since she'd had to cover for someone else. She was getting free time now, though, and there was even supposed to be some kind of a dinner tonight at her parents' house, so she'd finally called Luke and told him to catch a portal to the KC international airport and meet her there after her shift so they could be on their way back to Overland Park. And lo, it had happened.

She'd been pretty surprised, to say the least, to find Eddie Izzard her mother's Psych professor hanging out at their house when she and Luke had arrived. But, they were working on a paper on DID together, and the guy seemed okay – dry, sarcastic, and English were not a bad combo in Kate's book – so she supposed it could've been worse. And at least now no one could nag at her for bringing a dude to what had apparently been envisioned as a women-only thing.

While Professor Hattaras was in the kitchen heating up stew prepared the night before, they'd sat in the Gregsons' backyard for a while, surrounded by twinkly lights in the cooling fall evening, with appetizers and wine because Mitchell apparently wasn't the only who'd stopped enforcing the American drinking age. It had been idle conversation for the most part, with a few half-joking allusions from Charmaine that her sister was having an affair with the professor and Tara vehemently protesting that she shouldn't say stuff like that in front of her daughter and her friend. Just your average Mooshless and Maxless Sunday evening on Oak Avenue, really.

It was too cold in the backyard by now, though, and since the good professor had announced that the stew was ready, they'd relocated into the kitchen (following Tara's lead, since she'd excused herself to go inside a few minutes earlier) and crammed themselves around the table. Well, everyone except for Wheels, who was dozing peacefully in her carry cot on the counter to the side, and Tara who was still going around the table, putting stew into everyone's bowls and making sure no one needed more bread before she'd settle down.

It's a dinner at the Gregson house. Of course it turns into a disaster. )

[ooc: NFB, based on USoT S03E09 'Bryce Will Play', preplayed with the magnificent [ profile] trickydemigod, and to be continued in the comments. Warning for allusions to past child abuse, and Bryce generally being a creeper.]
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Kate had had high hopes that they'd be out of the basement in thirty minutes, maybe a little over. But no such luck. Of course not. Nearly two hours later and they were still there, the storm raging outside and showing absolutely no signs of going away.

They were sitting in a circle, some on chairs, some on crates and whatever else seat-like they'd found. Kate had a crate with a blanket over it. How luxurious. She surveyed the room and the people in it, her gaze flicking from person to person. Her mother on her right-hand side, looking mildly uncomfortable; then her brother, awkward and with a permanent frown of worry on his face; Charmaine, looking ready to puke; her dad, munching on a bagel all stoic and calm, so obviously trying to be a leader; then Ted, spreading Nutella on a bagel of his own, with Hany beside him; and then finally Bod, on her left-hand side.

They'd all run out of things to say a while ago, and the mood was not the greatest, nor the most relaxed.

Kate looked down at her phone again.

Bod was in the middle of a group of people he didn't really know. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Part two of two, still preplayed with the awesome [ profile] there_was_life, and taken and tweaked from USoT S02E06 'Torando!'.]
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Last night, Kate had brought Bod to Kansas with her again. Considering the way things had gone the last time (both the last time he'd been here, and the last time she'd been here), it may have been considered a bold move, but Kate was convinced that if she came back this time alone, things would have been much worse.

And it wasn't like they'd be spending much time with her family, anyway. Kate was going to be leaving for her comic book store thing soon, and Bod was getting to do whatever the hell he wanted while that was going on.

There had been some mentions of a tornado watch, but those didn't bother Kate as she sat by the kitchen island, eating cereal, wearing a sheet over her princess costume. No point in dressing in regular clothes when she'd be leaving soon. And she and Bod were alone in the kitchen: Kate didn't even know where the rest of her family was, and she didn't particularly care. Although, she was pretty sure she'd seen her brother's faghag/girlfriend hanging around. Still. And that was weird.

But whatever. She adjusted her helmet and turned a little more towards Bod. "So, what do you think you're gonna do while I'm out earning money?"

And so the very, very, very long day begins. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Part one of two, preplayed with the fantabulous [ profile] there_was_life, taken and modified from United States of Tara S02E06 'Torando!'. I love this episode.]
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It was all good on Oak Avenue.

Kate's family kind of really liked Bod. Even Max had warmed up to him, even after Saturday's little incident (and the lecture Kate had subsequently received). It helped that he was consistently polite. Way better than that kid with the weird hair. And somehow more trustworthy than that Leto guy.

So, there hadn't been many problems, though that could have also been down to the fact that Kate and Bod hadn't been spending a huge amount of time actually in the house. Sunday had been mostly about walking around, getting Bod accustomed to the area and how it looked, but today Kate had managed to convince her mother to give them the Green Hornet so they could drive around and she could show Bod all the places she used to hang out at. Her old school, the mall, even the Barnabeez she used to work at, though she only pointed that one out while they were driving past it.

It had been an enjoyable day, but also pretty tiring. The sneaking around after bedtime so Bod could sleep with Kate when he was supposedly sleeping on a mattress on Marshall's floor was still working for them, so they were all cuddled up and quiet, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Yes, all good on Oak Avenue.

That is, until something happened. )

[ooc: NFB due to distance. Warning for off-screen character death and discussion of suicide. Parts taken and tweaked from United States of Tara S02E01 'Yes'. Preplayed with the splendid [ profile] there_was_life. To be continued in the comments.]
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Barely half an hour later, they were sitting in a hospital waiting room. )

And by the time they got to George's apartment... )

[ooc: NFI & NFB, OOC-okay, follows this. Bits taken (and tweaked) from Being Human S01E01. Again, preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] bitten_notshy, and coded by [ profile] chose_humanity.

And we're done! And now I have the line "once again, we all will be so broken" from this one song stuck in my head because it fits so very well. Bring on the fallout.]
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Kate was packing for spring break. The Bahamas, seriously? How awesome was that?

She so needed the vacation.

She had been waiting for a call from her brother, so her phone was already close at hand when it started ringing. )

Kate stood frozen for a good while after the call ended. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe George was just prone to spazzing. Mitchell was a grown-up, as he was so fond of reminding her. He could take care of himself. Maybe she should just forget about it.

But she couldn't stop thinking about it. And the more she thought about it...

Okay, Kate was now officially Worried. )

She was already gathering her stuff as she ended the call. Boots, bag, jacket.

It was entirely possible she'd be at the causeway in less than ten minutes.

[ooc: NFI (as she's running out), and let's say the topic of the calls is NFB. Preplayed with the smashing [ profile] chose_humanity and the amazing [ profile] bitten_notshy. Fabulous coding by [ profile] chose_humanity. Follows this.]
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So, this was actually happening. Kate had brought Leto home with her.

Sure, her family could have picked them up at the airport, but Kate had insisted on a cab instead. It was kind of expensive, but at least it gave her some more time to prep Leto on What Not To Talk About. As if she hadn't kind of been lecturing him through the whole flight over.

The only downside to this arrangement was that thanks to some stuff that had come up during the cab ride, the cab driver now probably thought Kate and Leto were pretty nice and coherent for obvious drug users.

And now they were out of the cab and standing on the sidewalk in front of Kate's home. "So, this is my neighborhood," Kate told Leto, gesturing around at the identical houses and cute frontyards. "Pretty unspectacular."

Leto Atreides from Arrakis meets the Gregsons from Kansas. )

And then late Saturday morning... )

[OOC: NFI & NFB due to distance, OOC welcome. Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] future_sandworm and the equally wonderful [ profile] thegregsons aka [ profile] joan_notjane. Both bits posted now because of my (un)availability, about which there’ll be a separate post in just a moment.]


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