vanillajello: (Oh I'm actually listening.)
Kate Gregson ([personal profile] vanillajello) wrote2013-03-04 09:20 pm

Hallmark Visitors Center, KCMO, Monday Afternoon

Days off for both Kate and Bod at the same time didn't come around every day. (Which made sense, because if they had, it would've probably meant they were both out of a job.) But once they did, sometimes you had to take advantage, by going out and doing something silly. Like going to see a local attraction! You know, like the Hallmark Visitors Center. Kate's choice, naturally.

She hadn't even realized the place was a thing before looking up possible attractions to visit, earlier today.

She was already heading for the gift shop about as soon as they were through the doors, though. Impatience would have been her middle name if her parents hadn't decided to go with Michelle instead. "I need to check out the cheesy card selection like right now."

[ooc: NFB, for the boooy.]

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