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Kate Gregson ([personal profile] vanillajello) wrote2014-04-12 08:39 pm

Kansas City, MO, Saturday

Kate had a day off. A blessed, blessed day off, because SkyKans had been getting a little weirder and shoddier than usual, lately, and as these things always went, the flight staff got all the damn fallout from it, like shit was their fault.

So Kate was embracing her day off. And a sudden fit of nostalgia as well as a rare urge to do something productive. And also fun. Actually, dragging clothes out from the far reaches of the bedroom closet and dumping it all over the bed probably looked like it was more about fun and making a mess than it was about productivity, but it was for a productive cause, honest! Because she had a ton of clothes back there that she hadn't worn since probably before she'd moved away from home the first time and that she'd just brought over when they'd moved without giving it a second thought. It was really time to pare that shit down a bit.

But first, it was time to try half the things on and pose in front of the mirror and argue with herself about what she might still wear and what was just waaaay too fifteen-year-old goth punk scene kid to fly with her anymore. Like the ensemble of a too-tight skull t-shirt and plaid skirt and relevant accessories she was trying on right now.

She'd worn a lot of fishnet stuff five years ago, hadn't she?

[ooc: NFB, but open for calls/texts/visits/that guy! Idek I needed to write something that isn't RL school related. On that note, SP warning in effect!]

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