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Or, Occasionally My Canon Brings the Good Crack.

So, as those who've been keeping up with my posts last week know, Kate's taken up embodying KC artist Lynda P. Frazier's comic book heroine creation Princess Valhalla Hawkwind (as portrayed here in a drawing, for example), so far mostly by posing for a new painting.

The two have also made a music video for the character, and as of yesterday the video (in all its lulzy glory) is up on Youtube.

Now, what does this mean for you? Not much, if you don't want it to. However, canonically, the vid gets 252,642 hits within the first day. So, it's kind of going viral, and it wouldn't probably be that hard to stumble upon it without meaning to.

Which means your characters are free to see it and talk about it and show it to their friends or whatever. Kate's pretty proud of it, so it's no secret. And I'm gonna say the vid links back to the Lynda's PVH site, so that's fair game too.

Questions, comments, boggling? I can't even tell you how gleeful I am about getting to this point in canon.
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I procrastinated and then vetoed my own choice of appee at the last minute, so no new kid for me this time around either. But I like infoposts, so you'll get one anyway.

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Look at me getting my brain eaten by school right during apping season and hence not getting anyone new this time around, either. But whatever. The one I have is awesome.

As she likes telling everyone.

So, Kate Gregson, from United States of Tara:

- Midcanon, with S2 canon catch-up already started up.
- Senior (woe!) and 16 years old.
- Lives in room 324 with Bobby Drake.
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The mun

- Corazon/Johanna/[ profile] queencorazon/QueenCorazon on Twitter
- E-mail: vanillajello [at] wippies [dot] fi /AIM: justonepersona (e-mail is your best bet)
- EET (GMT +2, US EST +7)
- Likely to start being around at insane random times throughout the day in a few weeks, as Ii've (again!) failed to attain a job for the summer, woe.
- Finnish, 3rd year English major, horrible procrastinator, language nerd, music junkie, random heroine etc etc ad infinitum.
- Just rewatched episode one of a potential character's canon. Didn't remember just how special said canon is. Thinks potential character would fit in omg awesomely in Fandom. Unfortunately said canon has like five billion episodes.
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So I didn’t app anyone new this time around, either. We'll see about a townie once the new term starts and I actually get a sense of how much time and effort RL school work will require. In the meantime, I present to you a collection of random bullet points about everyone's favorite daughter of a woman with multiple personalities.

Kate Gregson, from United States of Tara

- Postcanon until new canon arrives. (S2 is set to start in March, wheee!)
- Junior and 16 years old.
- Lives in room 324 with Bobby Drake.
- Will snark at you.

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The mun

- Corazon/Johanna/[ profile] queencorazon/QueenCorazon on Twitter
- E-mail: vanillajello [at] wippies [dot] fi /AIM: justonepersona (e-mail is your best bet)
- EET (GMT +2, US EST +7)
- Around most weekdays from 5 PM to about midnight EET, and pretty much all the time on weekends.
- Finnish (which, as Tracy will probably now remember, is not the same as Swedish), 3rd year English major, language nerd, music junkie, random heroine etc etc ad infinitum.
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No new kids for me. I have plans for the spring term, though. Be afraid.

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Apparently it's time to share some information. Here goes...

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The puppetmistress! ...Or y'know, the mun behind Kate. )
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Previous schedules:

Summer 2009 Term 2
Tuesday, 3rd period: Film Through the Ages (Mitchell)
Tuesday, 5th period: Creative Writing (Castle)

Fall 2009
Monday, 2nd period: Hubris from Revelation (Atreides)
Tuesday, 4th period: Anyone Can Cook (Tatou)
Tuesday, 5th period: World Wars in the Media (Mitchell)

Spring 2010
Monday, 3rd period: Horror 101 (Mitchell)
Monday, 4th period: Japanese Etiquette & Tradition (Algren)
Tuesday evenings: Private ballet classes in Baltimore
Wednesday, 4th period: Love & Romance (Démon)
Thursday evenings: Play rehearsal at the Boards

Summer 2010 Term 1
Monday, 1st period: Birth of TV Comedy (Mitchell)
Thursday, 2nd period: Being Marooned: Not That Bad (Sparrow)
Thursday, 5th period: Self Defense and Kickassery for Dummies (Lehane)
Friday, 5th period: First Aid (Pierce)

Summer 2010 Term 2
Monday, 5th period: Home Ec Is Outrageous! (Aquaman)
Wednesday, 1st period: Heroes v. Villains (Loki)
Wednesday, 2nd period: TV for Beginners (Mitchell)
Thursday, 2nd period: Sing Like A Pirate! (Sparrow)

Fall 2010
Monday, 2nd period: An Overview of Personal Weapons (Maximus)
Monday, 4th period: Food Appreciation (Sheppard)
Tuesday, 2nd period: Unconventional Tactics: How to Deal with Fandom Invasions (Reno)
Tuesday, 4th period: The Mathematics of Quantum Neutrino Fields (Farnsworth)

Spring 2011
Tuesday, 4th period: Paranormal Activity 101 (Salzman)
Tuesday, after classes: Kappa Delta Gremlin
Wednesday: Work at Mystery Sign Theatre 3000
Friday, 1st period: How to Be a Really Famous Actor (And Other Acting Tips) (Lee)

Previous living arrangements:

Summer 2009 Term 2: Abaranger Cabin with Elena of the Turks, Mirax Terrik, Jo Harvelle, Gwynn Hood, Angela Montenegro, Naomi Wildman and Toshiko Sato.

Summer 2010 Term 1: Weeping Angel Cabin with Proto, Calvin, Leda, Claire Bennet, Makita, Zack Fair and Gabrielle of Poteidaia.

Summer 2010 Term 2: Jelly Bean Cabin with Shane Gooseman, Dahlia Mancini, Rinoa Heartilly, Didi, Harper Finkle, Ariel and Kitty Pryde.


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