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So, basically, Kate's general stance on weddings wasn't getting any better than it had been previously. The whole Zach deal had left her feeling a little confused, she couldn't have cared less about the guests (only two of whom were actually Nicks' relations; his parents, sitting near the front, looking stiff and uncomfortable), Tara had been seeming stressed about having to deal with her parents, the notorious Frank and Bev Craine, the former of which kept thinking Kate's name was Patricia and only remembered half the time that this was Charmaine's wedding, not her graduation.

Everything still looked beautiful, though. Their surroundings still looked like something far more grand than a lame backyard in a Kansas suburb, and Nick was still Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, standing at the makeshift altar beside the priest as the ceremony was starting. Maybe Charmaine would actually get her fairytale.

And then it turns into your usual Gregson/Craine affair. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken from USoT S02E12, post two of two, warning for discussion of past child abuse. AND SO I AM DOOONE WITH SEASON TWO, WHOOO! Just in time for S3 premiering tomorrow night.]
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Kate was packing. Not everything, of course. Not even the stuff she wanted to take with her. For now, she was packing the things she didn't intend to take with her. Everything that looked childish was going in the cardboard box on her bed and she was happy to do it. They'd been around too long already. Just like she had.

Tomorrow, she and Zach were intending to go see an apartment Kate was already enamored with, and there was a good chance they'd get it on the spot. It seemed amazing, from the pictures and description online, and it had wiped out any and all doubts she may or may not have had about this whole thing. In her head it was already the next weekend, and she had a place of her very own, away from the Gregson house on Oak Avenue, away from Fandom.

And that called for some sacrifices.

"Bye bye, froggy alarm clock," Kate told the green object in her hands, pushing out her lower lip at it to show how utterly unfortunate it was that they had to part. "There is no lilypad for you at my new topfloor penthouse suite." And she couldn't help but grin at those three words as she shoved the clock in the box. "I love the way that sounds." She struck an effortless little pose, something she thought looked classy and suite-like, before picking up a pile of books and putting those in the box as well. "Topfloor penthouse suite, please."

Under this cut: everyone who's hated Zach go \o/ and Kate has a Crowning Moment of Awesome. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken from USoT S02E12, post one of two.]
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Being in Overland Park right now, it was hard to believe it was still March. The weather had been unusually warm from January onwards, and it was only getting warmer as the weeks went on. Charmaine was triumphant and taking it as a sign that the higher powers were smiling down at her plans to have an open air wedding. Kate just took it as another reason why dear ole OP was a better place for her to be these days than Fandom.

The bride-to-be hadn't been home when Kate had gotten there. She and Tara had taken off on a little roadtrip to Lawrence, since that was where the mysterious Mimi Parmiter lived, according to Kate's online research. They weren't really needed around, anyway. Things were pretty much in order. Max and Nick had been outside building an arch thing when Kate had gotten home, that was probably the biggest thing apart from actually doing some decorating that wasn't finished yet.

And what had Kate ended up doing? Blowing balloons with her dear little brother. They'd been at it for a while now; the gains of their efforts were littered across her bedroom floor like a light purple sea. "Feeling a little faint," Marshall announced, sounding a little out of breath. "I just grayed out."

Keep blowing. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken from USoT S02E12 'From This Day Forward'. It's much warmer in Kate's version of the Midwest than it is in RL, yes, just so I don't have to change the setting of the wedding.]


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