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Kate hadn't slept at the cabins last night. She'd hidden herself away at the dorms for the night, like a total coward, then killed some time doing some laundry, then caught a portal to the mainland to spend most of her day window shopping and eating ice cream and generally repressing the hell out of everything.

She'd only just now finally come to her alcove, and had already managed to make herself a blanket nest to half hide in and be miserable. She was telling herself she'd do something about... something, tomorrow. Right now she still didn't feel like she had the energy to try and be an adult or sensible or to take the high road or anything like that.

No, she was just going to keep wallowing in her self-pity for tonight.

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Fandom really liked raising the bar in what Kate considered to be an awful Monday morning, didn't it? Right now, the absolute top of the list was waking up at the trooper station and feeling thankful for having been there for about a day and a half, because everything before the detainment was gut-wrenchingly horrible.

After she'd been handwavily released from the station, Kate had made her way back across town to the dorms, where the first thing she ended up doing was spending a good while in the bathroom, puking her guts out at the vivid memory of blood flowing down her throat, because the hallways were reminding her of that pretty painfully. Yeah, she -- she needed to get out, right now. She hurriedly threw some stuff in her bag and then she was off. Not even really noticing the island's new location, she left a few uncertain handwavy voicemails (for Bod, and for Jack, and after some hesitation, also for Nathan – just quick messages to say she was normal, sorry, going home, sorry sorry sorry, and would be in touch) on the walk over to the causeway, and then turned her phone off.

She needed to not be here and not deal with this, just for a while.

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Maybe making a hasty exit from the mixer at the community center hadn't been the greatest idea, but Kate had felt it had been the only choice. Yes, she could have gone and found Bod and gotten the truth about the situation, but under the circumstances, it had seemed like either way she would have lost.

If it would've turned out Silas had been lying, like she was so adamant to convince herself he had, her going over to embarrass herself in front of Bod would've only given the man the satisfaction of seeing he'd gotten to her with his cruel little stunt.

And if it would've turned out Silas had been telling the truth... Well.

It had taken Zach a good couple of hours just to get Kate to calm down. )

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Kate had... kind of intended to spend the night alone. That had been the original plan, at least, before a miniature freakout and being a fabulous fake and having to stand the sight of Caroline and ugh. Yet another plan of Kate's that had not gone quite as she'd originally thought it would.

She'd figure out how she felt about that later, maybe. Because right now she was still asleep, clinging to Nathan with an arm and a leg over him, pressed close against him despite the blankets spread over them. That was just her thing, minor neediness slipping out when she wasn't conscious enough to control it. It was a lot like another morning a month or so ago, probably, except they were presently decidedly more lacking in clothes and knew each other better in whole new ways.

And Fandom was being Fandom again, but that was not for them to know yet. They'd find out soon enough.

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Despite plans to the contrary, Kate had never made it to the slumber party. It was probably for the best, since after that one big bit of news and stupid hurt, all she really remembered of the evening was a whole lot of booze, and making big declarations on something about giraffes and how they would recognize Nathan as their king. She couldn't remember coming down to her room, though apparently she had.

So when she woke up to the cold with her head a little fuzzy and a lot in pain, at first she thought it was just Bobby's powers acting up. But no, soon enough she figured it was too cold for that, and it was too dark (though her aching head was actually grateful for that) and she could hear the blizzard outside, and all she could think was that this felt really familiar. Except for the hangover. That was new.

She got out of bed for for just long enough to slowly pull on some more clothes and then find a painkiller and down it with a glass of water, before crawling right back into bed and making herself a nest from all her blankets.

So not going to class, no way.

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Thanks to her dreams, Kate had woken up today to the completely crushing thought that there'd be no more lazy mornings of waking up happy and clinging and sprawling, and having the familiar smell of pale graveyard boy be the first thing to register with her about a new day.

Taking that into account, it was really no surprise she'd been feeling a little on the quiet and brooding side of things after getting up. Apparently things were really starting to sink in, and maybe she was starting to sink with them.

She'd be harassing Mitchell for a night at the pub today, she was sure. Or a tiny house party. Or something. Anything to get her out of this mood.

But right now she was looking through the music collection on the shelves in the living room. That was a distraction, at least, if only a tiny one.

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Yeah, so, Kate had had a weird, unsettling feeling since getting back on the island on Sunday. And now? Bobby and a bunch of other people had gotten themselves fucking kidnapped. And something was... growing, on the island, which she supposed might have been a little better than when things had just been disappearing into nothingness, but honestly, she didn't care. Weirdness was weirdness, and she didn't want it.

It was a direct consequence of this that Kate now had a portal to Kansas scheduled to leave in an hour, and was packing rather frantically, just shoving things into her backpack seemingly at random.

She just couldn't stay. She couldn't.

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Kate had had high hopes that they'd be out of the basement in thirty minutes, maybe a little over. But no such luck. Of course not. Nearly two hours later and they were still there, the storm raging outside and showing absolutely no signs of going away.

They were sitting in a circle, some on chairs, some on crates and whatever else seat-like they'd found. Kate had a crate with a blanket over it. How luxurious. She surveyed the room and the people in it, her gaze flicking from person to person. Her mother on her right-hand side, looking mildly uncomfortable; then her brother, awkward and with a permanent frown of worry on his face; Charmaine, looking ready to puke; her dad, munching on a bagel all stoic and calm, so obviously trying to be a leader; then Ted, spreading Nutella on a bagel of his own, with Hany beside him; and then finally Bod, on her left-hand side.

They'd all run out of things to say a while ago, and the mood was not the greatest, nor the most relaxed.

Kate looked down at her phone again.

Bod was in the middle of a group of people he didn't really know. )

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