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Having put up her posters, Kate had returned to her room to continue her good day with further party planning. But that was sadly not to be: her phone had been charging while she'd been away and she'd finally gotten around to seeing she had a voicemail. So she listened to it.

Bad idea.

Her first thought was that it was a sick joke, that Nathan really was pushing things too far in an effort to be excused for his radio silence since leaving, but she couldn't hold onto that bit of disbelief for long. The woman – Nathan's mom – was far too shaken, the quivering of her voice far too real. It was all real. On the second listen Kate had to sit down on the edge of her bed because the room had started to spin, but it took about four times before it all started really sinking in.

Forcing herself to skip listening a fifth time, her brain instead switched on to practical matters, the first of which was leaving a voicemail of her own. And the second... Was staring dully into the middle distance.

She'd maybe get to something a little more useful later.

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For once, Kate appeared studeous. She was sitting at her desk with her laptop open, some independent, half finished coursework on the screen. On one side of the computer, she had a big mug of coffee; on the other, her thermos, which was a cheap piece of junk she'd ended up having to buy to replace the nice one with the flowers on account of not having it anymore.

She wasn't really doing anything, though. Mostly, she was waiting, passing her time drinking coffee, staring at the screen, and occasionally glancing at her open door.

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Kate had... kind of intended to spend the night alone. That had been the original plan, at least, before a miniature freakout and being a fabulous fake and having to stand the sight of Caroline and ugh. Yet another plan of Kate's that had not gone quite as she'd originally thought it would.

She'd figure out how she felt about that later, maybe. Because right now she was still asleep, clinging to Nathan with an arm and a leg over him, pressed close against him despite the blankets spread over them. That was just her thing, minor neediness slipping out when she wasn't conscious enough to control it. It was a lot like another morning a month or so ago, probably, except they were presently decidedly more lacking in clothes and knew each other better in whole new ways.

And Fandom was being Fandom again, but that was not for them to know yet. They'd find out soon enough.

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Despite plans to the contrary, Kate had never made it to the slumber party. It was probably for the best, since after that one big bit of news and stupid hurt, all she really remembered of the evening was a whole lot of booze, and making big declarations on something about giraffes and how they would recognize Nathan as their king. She couldn't remember coming down to her room, though apparently she had.

So when she woke up to the cold with her head a little fuzzy and a lot in pain, at first she thought it was just Bobby's powers acting up. But no, soon enough she figured it was too cold for that, and it was too dark (though her aching head was actually grateful for that) and she could hear the blizzard outside, and all she could think was that this felt really familiar. Except for the hangover. That was new.

She got out of bed for for just long enough to slowly pull on some more clothes and then find a painkiller and down it with a glass of water, before crawling right back into bed and making herself a nest from all her blankets.

So not going to class, no way.

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Kate had hoped getting home would make her feel better.

It didn't. Not when one of the very first questions she'd heard from her mother (after she'd come back from Lynda's, of course, because apparently she was there all the fucking time now) had been about Bod and how he was doing. Kate had sort of ducked that one, then excused herself and just avoided everyone.

It was easy, because they didn't bother coming to her in her room.

Until now, that was. Marshall appeared in the bathroom doorway while she was sitting on her bed with the latest issue of Cosmo she wasn't really reading. Too many relationship things, and she didn't have the focus necessary for the makeup tips. He got her attention by knocking on the doorframe, then stepped in, moving sort of carefully, like someone walking on thin ice.

And then his eyebrows bounced, and then dipped again. Surprise, confusion. "Is this... Are you listening to the Velvet Underground?"

"Yes," Kate replied flatly, eyes flicking back to the magazine in her lap. Her brother looked on, and she didn't need to even glance at him to know he looked worried. She would've liked to think it was just because the unlikely choice of music, because that would've been stupid and laughable and mockable, but this was Marshall, and she knew that.

He cleared his throat. "Did, um... Did something happen?"

She let a moment pass in silence, flicking past a few pages even though she had no idea what was on them, and she kept her voice calm and steady and bordering on impassive as she finally answered the question. "Bod found out about the webcam Princess Valhalla thing and dumped me. Don't tell Mom and Dad."

Marshall made a sound like he wanted to say something, and she could see him fidget from the corner of her eye, but then he seemed to think better of it. A little awkwardly, he reached to give her shoulder a little squeeze, before turning around on his heels and walking out again.

Only after he'd gone, she glanced towards the bathroom and his room beyond, then went back to not reading. Merry fucking Christmas, indeed.

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Thanks to her dreams, Kate had woken up today to the completely crushing thought that there'd be no more lazy mornings of waking up happy and clinging and sprawling, and having the familiar smell of pale graveyard boy be the first thing to register with her about a new day.

Taking that into account, it was really no surprise she'd been feeling a little on the quiet and brooding side of things after getting up. Apparently things were really starting to sink in, and maybe she was starting to sink with them.

She'd be harassing Mitchell for a night at the pub today, she was sure. Or a tiny house party. Or something. Anything to get her out of this mood.

But right now she was looking through the music collection on the shelves in the living room. That was a distraction, at least, if only a tiny one.

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Kate was twitchy. She supposed it was a natural side effect of knowing one of her best friends was pretty much going to walk into his death in a few days, and she was supposed to go... see him off, or something. That was not something she wanted to be dealing with.

So after classes, she'd pulled on her PVH garb, and sat down in front of her computer. This was easy, this was so far removed from everything else going on in her life. She got to talk about the whole Princess Valhalla mythology, and random other stuff too. In fact, she was just in the middle of a good rant about the latest season of one of her favorite trashy shows when the guy on the screen (fourth_mister, again) interrupted her.

Turns out he doesn't actually watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But he does have a request. )

Uhh. Kate didn't even know what to say to that. After a moment of hesitation, she told him she didn't really have the means to fulfill his request at the moment, but that she'd think about it, and then she announced she had to go, and ended the chat.

With a sigh, Kate started changing out of the costume into some regular clothes, her mind buzzing with several different kinds of things all at once.

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"So who told you to flee from Valentine's with your tail between your legs?"

Kate was packing.

First the ballet gear. Then her sketch book. Laptop. Make up. Camera. iPod. A couple of volumes of manga.

Enough vaguely grown-up-looking clothes for spending four nights away.

"I think what you're doing is putting a bandaid on something but, as you said, I don't understand."

The fake ID – which proclaimed she was 19 years of age – went into her wallet.

The directions for the motel she’d looked up – not quite in Baltimore, but pretty close – got stuffed into Monkey.

"You just decide that you are alone, that no one can help or understand you. Separating yourself from people might protect you from getting hurt by them, but it will never end the loneliness."

There were still hours and hours to go until her ballet class, but when everything was packed, she just picked her stuff up and got going. No point in sitting around when she had absolutely nothing to do here.

She could wander around the city until class. She had no money to spend, but she could still go into stores to look at stuff. She could find a place with the cheapest coffee possible.

She could do anything, anything at all, as long as it was somewhere away from this island and everyone on it.


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Kate had been planning to go out today, to go into town. But then there was that fucking blizzard and she stayed in her room instead, fully dressed and curled up in a nest of blankets on her bed. Still not up to socializing.

The confusion was starting to fade. She'd admitted how close Jason had got, and how much she'd started to care. But getting this clear in her head didn't make the pain start to fade, too; no, in fact, it had just gotten that little bit sharper, and she knew it would remain for a long time.

Even so, there was a voice in some part of her mind, the voice of reason, and it was getting louder. And its message? Pretty much 'for crissake Kate, jest get on with your life'.

Some people would've seen it as ironic that the voice of reason sounded a lot like Jason. Kate wasn't one of those people. She knew he would’ve been the first to tell her to snap out of it, to stop closing herself off.

And any time now, she was going to take the voice's advice. But not quite yet.

She had her iPod on for company and distraction. Some sappy song was playing. She didn't even know how it had ended up in her player. It had probably been part of some fanmix she'd downloaded at some point and forgotten about.

She didn't want to listen to it. Didn't want to do what it was telling her to do. She fought against the feelings it was bringing up.

But she didn't change the song.

And then the iPod's battery died, and something inside her just cracked, and she was left in the cold silence with tears streaming down her face.

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