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Kate hadn't gone back to the cabins after work. She hadn't even gone to Caritas to see whether Nathan was working his shift. No, she'd portalled out to their original flavor mainland and come here, to the spot with the trees and the lake. The weather wasn't the greatest it could have been but at least she wasn't caught in a storm.

And maybe she would've liked one. The day had been long, and she was feeling off-balance in a way that not even idle chatter over the phone with her aunt (in response to a voicemail Charmaine had left for her) had been able snap her out of. Her head just wasn't on straight, and that was why she was here. This had always been a happy place, and this was a good place to take a moment and breathe.

She wasn't sure what she was intending to do later. She figured she'd go back to the island, at least, but perhaps to crash at the dorms just for the night, instead of the cabins. She would've gone to Kansas for the night if she'd thought she'd get away with it. Maybe next week.

Rummaging around her bag, she found she had no more cigarettes, and wondered if this wouldn't just be the perfect time to quit.

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Kate had been all set for going to Fandom. Not really looking forward to it, obviously, but... Ready. Bags packed, Portalocity ticket acquired, generally fed up with the family. That kind of ready. But then the cards had arrived. One for her brother, one for her parents – and one for her. The only one without a note.

And she'd silently freaked out, and she'd kept doing that until she got to the airport where she marched straight to the Portalocity counter and announced she wanted her destination changed. Anywhere, she'd said, but they'd made her choose so she'd picked New York. She'd been in Bristol way too much, lately, and she just needed to go somewhere else, and to be with someone sympathetic that was more or less like her.

But the main thing was not being in Fandom. And she wasn't. No, instead, she was standing outside a door to an apartment she'd only been in once before, hoping against hope the occupant was in right now. And even if he wasn't home then fine, she'd bunk at some skeezy hostel for a few nights with her Christmas money. She'd do the New York thing on her own.

For now, though, she knocked.

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Kate was twitchy. She supposed it was a natural side effect of knowing one of her best friends was pretty much going to walk into his death in a few days, and she was supposed to go... see him off, or something. That was not something she wanted to be dealing with.

So after classes, she'd pulled on her PVH garb, and sat down in front of her computer. This was easy, this was so far removed from everything else going on in her life. She got to talk about the whole Princess Valhalla mythology, and random other stuff too. In fact, she was just in the middle of a good rant about the latest season of one of her favorite trashy shows when the guy on the screen (fourth_mister, again) interrupted her.

Turns out he doesn't actually watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But he does have a request. )

Uhh. Kate didn't even know what to say to that. After a moment of hesitation, she told him she didn't really have the means to fulfill his request at the moment, but that she'd think about it, and then she announced she had to go, and ended the chat.

With a sigh, Kate started changing out of the costume into some regular clothes, her mind buzzing with several different kinds of things all at once.

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