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Kate's mood was a seriously fickle thing. Generally speaking, she was probably doing better than she had last week; she was largely doing fine when she was with people (provided none of those people were Bod), mind comfortably occupied, but relapses into severe gloom were still far too easy when she was alone. Like right now.

It had started when she'd been cleaning up her half of the room since even Bobby had bothered to do it yesterday, and she had come across a certain notebook that had just brought all the stupid hurt back. Having shoved the notebook away again, she'd seen all her Princess Valhalla crap and one thing had led to another, and now she was sitting on her bed in full costume (with a matching pink scarf around her neck), with the laptop in her lap. She hadn't bothered with squirrelproofing the room, not this time. Doing this right now had been a snap decision, and she didn't have any rum at hand. And she couldn't quite bring herself to care anymore, about whether word got out or not. She didn't see any consequences worse than the ones she'd already suffered through.

Still, having made her presence known online, she declined all requests from the guys she knew for sure would skeeve her out, meaning anyone she'd already done things for. She didn't think she could even stomach seeing their faces, to be honest. But then, then there was someone whose nick was just a normal name, not a scifi reference she didn't get or a desperately suggestive piece of utter failure. So, she clicked on 'Accept', and watched her newest acquaintance show up on her screen. He looked to be in his late twenties, with shortish brown hair and a nice face. And she actually remembered meeting this guy: it was easy to remember him, seeing as he was the only conventionally attractive guy she'd seen her entire time at the comic book store. Not that she'd paid his looks all that much mind back then. She'd been in love, but that was over now, so she was letting herself pay more attention to the fact that this guy was actually kind of cute.

Once more with feeling: I'm your Princess Valhalla Hawkwind, and your wish is my ultimate command; Or, Meet Zach. )

[ooc: Door is closed, but the post is open, and the girl is a lot less moody than text outside the cut may suggest! If you want to try and catch her in costume, this is most likely your last chance. This is also completely broadcastable since she doesn't give a damn anymore. Taken and twisted into a funky mashup from both USoT S02E08 'Explosive Diorama' and S02E09 'The Family Portrait'.]
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Kate was in her Princess Valhalla costume, again, for an appointment she'd set up already a week ago. With Dark Nihilist, this time, although it didn't matter much. Even though there weren't all that many guys she'd talked to, they all kind of blurred together, one geek to the next.

This appointment had taken some preparing, though. She'd spent a good portion of the day blowing up balloons in all the colors of the rainbow, and now they were strewn about the room, all ready for what she was about to do to them.

She did one last check-up on the room, making sure the door was locked and the curtains drawn and the squirrels bribed. And then she went over to her computer to accept the incoming chat request.

Oh, canon. )

Some time later, the screen on her laptop had been pushed down, her helmet was on the desk, and she was picking up balloon remains from the floor. Feeling a little dazed, she wondered what to do about all the unpopped balloons still in the room.

Somehow the sight of them was making her feel a little queasy.

[ooc: Everything under the cut is NFB, thank you! Also, warning again for a teenager engaging in pornography, and this is a little NWS as well. Still taken with tweakage from USoT S02E08.

ICly open just for that one unfortunate guy and drama, but there is an OOC thread for anyone wishing to join me in facepalming over everything. Up early for timezones and all that stuff.]
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There had still been no way to contact Fandom today, so Kate was trying to keep busy and distracted. Somehow, that meant keeping her brother busy too: after coming home from school he'd been enlisted to dig out her old box of little porcelain figurines and assorted other trinkets from the garage, while she'd gone on a little search of her own through the house.

And now they had it all ready and assembled on her bed, where they were casually sitting on either side of the pile of knick-knacks, him in his vest, her in her costume with a feather duster in hand. She'd spent an hour digging through several closets just to find it.

How do we even have that? I mean, isn't that Alice's? And what on Earth could you possibly need it for? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Most of the dialogue lifted once again from USoT S02E08, because I'm seriously just hacking this ep up into itty bitty pieces that aren't even in the same order they were in originally.]
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Right. Kate had made sure Bobby was staying out of the room for a good while, she'd bribed the squirrels with a bottle of rum and promises of adding some in her wishlist as well, and she'd brought the cake she'd baked in the morning into her room.

So now it was just her in her Princess Valhalla costume, the cake, a tub of Cool Whip -- and someone else. )

[ooc: Establishy, OOC-okay, and everything under the cut NFB, thank you! And I feel there ought to be a warning here for a teenager engaging in pornographic activities even if it's not sexual for her. This canon, IDEK guys. Taken from USoT S02E08. Bobby modded with kind permission.]
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Kate was twitchy. She supposed it was a natural side effect of knowing one of her best friends was pretty much going to walk into his death in a few days, and she was supposed to go... see him off, or something. That was not something she wanted to be dealing with.

So after classes, she'd pulled on her PVH garb, and sat down in front of her computer. This was easy, this was so far removed from everything else going on in her life. She got to talk about the whole Princess Valhalla mythology, and random other stuff too. In fact, she was just in the middle of a good rant about the latest season of one of her favorite trashy shows when the guy on the screen (fourth_mister, again) interrupted her.

Turns out he doesn't actually watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey. But he does have a request. )

Uhh. Kate didn't even know what to say to that. After a moment of hesitation, she told him she didn't really have the means to fulfill his request at the moment, but that she'd think about it, and then she announced she had to go, and ended the chat.

With a sigh, Kate started changing out of the costume into some regular clothes, her mind buzzing with several different kinds of things all at once.

[ooc: Door is closed, post is open! The contents of the conversation under the cut are NFB, please and thank you. Taken again from UsoT S02E08.]
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After returning to Fandom the previous afternoon, Kate had mostly been recuperating by sleeping a lot. It had been more than necessary after the week she'd been having, and it had been all kinds of awesome to just be completely unconscious most of the time.

But there came a point where there was no more sleeping or napping needed. And Kate had gone past that point a while ago, and then she'd started to feel like she should do something, just to get her mind off things. And at first that something had been to clean up her desk, but that was only until her eyes happened fall on the notepad with the original PVH email list on it.

It didn't take all that long for her to be at the point where she'd made sure she'd be undisturbed for a while, and she was just about to start a webcam chat with a guy who called himself fourth_mister.

She'd only put on her wig and her helmet, and foregone the rest of the outfit for a generic pink shirt and her golden leggins, and she adjusted her helmet right before watching a slightly nervous twenty-something show up on her screen. She felt a twinge of some nervousness of her own, but she quirked a quick smile at him. "Hey."

"Hi," the guy replied, starting to smile. "Is this Princess Valhalla Hawkwind?"

"Yes it is," Kate smirked. "Now let's do this."

And so Princess Valhalla Hawkwind had officially entered the webcam business.

[ooc: NFI, OOC-okay, partially taken from USoT S02E08 'Explosive Diorama', and up super early because I'm leaving to spend the weekend being overfed by my darling grandmother who seems to think that an average-sized 22-year-old girl is actually half a battallion of malnourished soldiers in clever disguise.]
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Since getting back from her impromptu trip to New York, Kate had mostly been keeping to herself. It had been kind of a heavy trip in parts, and it didn't help that that damn edginess was still going on. So she'd just spent time by herself as much as possible.

It hadn't all been wasted time, though. She'd finally started thinking about contacting her new email list today, which meant that she'd spent the last half an hour or so taking pictures of herself in full Princess Valhalla getup, before flopping down into the chair by her desk and picking the cutest photo to accompany her announcement that the princess would be available for webcam chatting in the near future.

Right now, she'd just gotten the email sent out, and was still in her costume. She'd change out of it into something a little more sensible in a moment, but right now looking at cute things online was almost holding her attention, so she was doing that.

And maybe she just felt like looking like someone else for a moment longer.

[ooc: Half open door, completely open post. I could not skip on her wearing the costume this week.]
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Just like things weren't going too well back in Overland Park, they weren't going too well in kansas City, either.

Sure, Lynda and Kate had their fabulous table with the banner and the comics and the handmade PVH action figure and some of Lynda's sketchbooks and a Polaroid camera for the pictures they were selling. But none of that helped if no one was buying anything.

As Lynda had already explained to Kate, she figured it was probably because they'd had to reschedule this. If they'd have been here the previous day like they had planned, then they wouldn't have had to share the store with another, already established fake superhero. Knatasha Knightblade – a beautiful, tall, blonde woman, probably in her late forties, wearing a fantasy-inspired black leather outfit – had people lining up to take pictures with her all the time, whereas Kate and Lynda had not sold a single one. Kate thought it made no sense, and it wasn't fair.

And so, Kate was getting a little whiny.

I don't understand! Why doesn't anybody want a picture with me? I'm cute, I'm lovable. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay. Part two of three, still taken from USoT S01e07.]
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It had been a long day, and Kate and Lynda hadn't really felt like going into town for the evening. Instead, they'd retreated back to Lynda's hotel room to relax and talk about business. And maybe to smooke a little bit of something or other.

But that had been earlier. Right now? The Princess Valhalla Hawkwind song was playing in the background, and Kate was striking poses in full costume so Lynda could do some quick sketches, just for fun.

They'd left the door cracked open, in case someone wanted to join their little art party. Or come complain about what little noise they were making with the music (soft and fairly quiet as it was) and laughing. Either or.

[ooc: Open post, in case anyone wants to be subjected to the sight of Kate's PVH costume, or something.]
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Yesterday? Had been a fucking catastrophe of epic proportions, and Kate really didn't want to even think about it, but of course thinking about it was unavoidable. Everything was completely fucked up, again.

And now there were ants in their fucking kitchen, again.

So, Kate wasn't exactly pleased when she was having to have breakfast with a deep-seated hatred of everything in her heart, and a flyswatter in her hand. Stupid ants. Stupid life.

Tara could've maybe picked a better time to walk into the kitchen.

Hey Kate. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E04 'You Becoming You'.

In other news, I'm taking off to go to Helsinki for the weekend to marathon Firefly. I'll probably ping in to the HMD horror thingie tomorrow, but other than that, have a great weekend and I'll see you Sunday evening!]
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It was still kind of weird for Kate to see her parents all normal and happy. Not that they'd ever been disastrously unhappy, but... Her mom was way more energetic than what Kate was used to, and when the news had come through this morning that the Hubbard house was officially theirs, even her dad had turned into six feet, five inches of pure glee. It was almost disturbing.

And then he'd tried to grope Tara in Kate's presence. That definitely was disturbing, so Kate had fled the scene, but not before relaying the big news she'd heard the past evening that Marshall and Courtney were now officially an item. Might as well give the parents something to gossip about that weren't her shenanigans.

Things were weird on Oak Avenue. But not in a bad way, for once.

Not that Kate was on Oak Avenue right now. )

[ooc: NFB & NFI, OOC-okay!. Taken from USoT S02E03 'The Truth Hurts'. I love my canon.]


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