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It had been a surprisingly normal weekend in the Gregson household. Normal by other people's standards, even. No drama, no alters, no weirdness. Just... normal. They could've almost passed for a normal family.

And that was kind of what Kate had needed. Not that she'd necessarily admit that when she hadn't exactly been at the end of her rope yet. But she'd been dealing with a lot, lately. It was good to get some distance between herself and some of that for just a few days. Get her head on straight.

It didn't mean she didn't kind of miss Fandom. And that one pale weirdo. Who she missed a lot.

She'd be back in Fandom in the evening, though. But now, she had an important session of meta for Grand Theft Auto to attend to.

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Kate suspected that she was probably never going to stop hearing about how she’d brought her boyfriend to ballet class with her.

Her instructor was like that. The lady was fond of teasing.

But other than that, it had been a pretty normal class, and by now, Kate really didn’t care about any of that. She had an insane ice cream thing in front of her, a bowl with cherry and chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with sprinkles and some chocolate sauce on top.

And she had a spoon, and good company, and grin on her face. (And hardly any of that lurking fear remained.) Really, it had turned out to be a far better day than she'd expected.

"I think I'm gonna be feeling pretty sick after I finish this."

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So, apparently, as requested, Leto had asked Mat to find someplace else to stay for tonight.

Which was why Kate was now knocking on the door to room 645, already smirking.

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Barely half an hour later, they were sitting in a hospital waiting room. )

And by the time they got to George's apartment... )

[ooc: NFI & NFB, OOC-okay, follows this. Bits taken (and tweaked) from Being Human S01E01. Again, preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] bitten_notshy, and coded by [ profile] chose_humanity.

And we're done! And now I have the line "once again, we all will be so broken" from this one song stuck in my head because it fits so very well. Bring on the fallout.]
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Kate had been at this motel since Thursday night. She'd spent the days cooped up in her room, or taking walks around the surrounding area. There wasn't much to see, but she'd told herself that at least there weren’t any gremlins popping out or anything unusual falling out of the sky. In essence, at least it wasn't Fandom.

And the evenings were spent in the motel bar, dressed in her least sixteen-looking clothes, wearing the kind of make-up Alice had tried to get her to use. She hadn't been carded once. It was that kind of a place; indifferent, sleazy, kind of depressing...

She was never telling Mitchell about it.

There'd been some random thirtysomething guy, staying at the motel on a business trip, who'd bought her drinks and told her she had an interesting name and an even more interesting life story. And she'd smiled and said she’d grown to like the name, and oh hey, had she told him about that messed up thing that happened when she’d kinda been involved with Colin Farrell?

... Yeah. This time she was January Harcourt, born in South Africa to a boxing promoter and his trophy wife, grown up all over the States, and currently residing in Monaco. He'd bought it all. (He'd been most interested in her cleavage, anyway.) And she'd been amused. It was simple and easy, and so totally removed from her real life.

But now he was gone, and tomorrow Kate would be gone too. Back to Fandom.


For now, though, she was still here, with a glass of orange juice in front of her, and the only thing reminding her that it was Valentine's Day was the drunk middle-aged couple at the corner table loudly declaring their love for each other.

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It had felt so weird, getting home on Sunday afternoon. Kate hadn't been back in six months, and it hit her hard, how everything was the same as it had always been.

Yeah, actually, she had been back home once after starting at Fandom High, but that didn't count, not really; she realized that now. That time, she'd taken Leto home with her, which meant she'd effectively taken Fandom home with her, too. With him there, Overland Park wasn't the same Overland Park she'd known all her life. With him there, she was looking at everything from a stranger's point of view, trying to imagine how it all seemed to him. And she couldn't even pretend her life was the same as it had always been; one look at him and she remembered all the weirdness.

And she knew it was all real.

There was nothing to do that to her now, nothing concrete to remind her Fandom wasn't just a trick of her mind. She spent all of Sunday feeling unsteady, like she was standing between two worlds, kind of unsure about everything. It was similar to what she felt during Parents' Weekend, thrown off her balance by trying to keep Fandom and her home from crashing together and screwing everything up for her.

But the feeling was fading now. Nearly 16 years spent in her hometown ensured that it was ridiculously easy to slip into that old way of being. Being who she had always been, doing the same things she always did. It was exactly why Monday afternoon found her at the mall, visiting all her favorite stores and just generally hanging out.

She was just heading for the record store and had gone past an elaborate Christmas tree and some benches when she heard a voice call out her name.

She recognized the voice instantly, and spun around before she'd even had time to think about it.

Cut for meeting the Ghost of Boyfriend Past. ...Or y'know, just running into an ex. )

She got her phone out and sent a mass text to her friends in Fandom.

How's things in Fandom or wherever you are? Kansas is boring.

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As planned, Kate and Leto had handwavily left Fandom on Friday, acquired a crappy but cheap car by questionable means – Leto used Voice on the salesperson so they could buy it – and set out on their road trip.

So far it was seeming like an extremely good idea. Kate needed this, being in her world, being in a place where she knew the rules. The further they'd got from Fandom, the more relaxed she’d been.

Really, even this sleazy motel was making her happy with just how normal it was.

Of course, it didn't mean she didn’t want to leave and continue the trip. There was still a lot they could see before they had to head back. And they had to be out of the room by noon, anyway.

"I think I'd like to get some birthday cake today," Kate smirked, drying her hair with a towel after a quick, cool shower.

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Saturday had seen a very weird trip to the mall, and as a consequence, Sunday had been pretty quiet. Tara had woken up as herself again, and everything was a little awkward. It wasn’t as if Tara’s condition was a big family secret, but it was out now, and it affected the mood in the house. Everyone tried to do their own thing, and conversations revolved around trivial stuff. Kate’s family, in an effort to make light conversation, asked questions about life in Fandom and where Leto was from. They didn’t know how much editing went into answering them.

And today the house was empty apart from Kate and Leto. Max had gone to work, Tara had gone somewhere with Charmaine, and Marshall had gone to visit his best friend. It seemed like they were all maybe slightly running away, glad to put the weekend behind them.

Kate was holed up in her room for the moment. She had taken a shower, and after getting dressed and blowdrying her hair, she rummaged around her desk drawer until she found a lighter and a near-empty packet of cigarettes. She took one, and after opening her door a little to signal it was okay to come in, she went to smoke the cigarette by the open window.

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So, this was actually happening. Kate had brought Leto home with her.

Sure, her family could have picked them up at the airport, but Kate had insisted on a cab instead. It was kind of expensive, but at least it gave her some more time to prep Leto on What Not To Talk About. As if she hadn't kind of been lecturing him through the whole flight over.

The only downside to this arrangement was that thanks to some stuff that had come up during the cab ride, the cab driver now probably thought Kate and Leto were pretty nice and coherent for obvious drug users.

And now they were out of the cab and standing on the sidewalk in front of Kate's home. "So, this is my neighborhood," Kate told Leto, gesturing around at the identical houses and cute frontyards. "Pretty unspectacular."

Leto Atreides from Arrakis meets the Gregsons from Kansas. )

And then late Saturday morning... )

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“Are you sure you want to do this?” her mother asked as they hugged. Kate smiled and rolled her eyes. This wasn’t the first time Tara had asked her this. “Yes, I’m still sure. Really, I’m fine, Mom.” “She’s gonna be okay, Tara”, her dad chimed in, “she’s got the Gregson spirit, she can do anything. C’mere Katie.” Kate felt like a little kid as she passed straight from her mom’s arms into her dad’s. “Stay out of trouble”, he muttered into her ear, “otherwise I’m gonna look like a fool”. She answered with a little laugh, then pushed herself free. Her brother, who had been standing a bit further away as the parents staged their elaborate hugs, took a step forward and pulled something out of his bag. “It’s mostly Thelonious and Ella and Dizzy”, he said as he handed her the cd. “M.O.T.s and a mix cd? ...You’re so gonna miss me Moosh!” she grinned and pulled her brother in for a tight hug. Their mother took this as an opportunity to turn it into a family-sized group hug. Kate felt like they might never let go of her – and, just for a moment, she thought that it wouldn’t be so bad.

Kate did finally manage to disentangle herself, which was good, because that was the whole point of going to boarding school some states away. A little bit of distance between her and the Gregson family circus. She got on the plane and was on her way to Fandom Island and independence and exciting new things and people. And hopefully some sanity. Yes, after recent events, sanity and a sense of normalcy would be just what she needed. And how insane could a boarding school be?

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