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It was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Okay, so maybe that a little overly dramatic, but Kate was pretty much feeling like that. It was still morning, but Tara and Max had more or less packed all their stuff in the truck already. Max was just fetching the last few of the bags now.

They were all gathered in the front yard: Charmaine with Wheels in her arms, Neil, Bod, Kate, and Marshall. And Tara, of course, fussing with some of her bags before the goodbyes.

Kate looked like she was going to cry, but then she'd been looking like that all morning.

And so Tara is sent on her way. )

All things, including emotional turmoil, calmed down eventually. By the afternoon, tears had dried, Charmaine and Neil had taken Wheels to the park, and Marshall had gone for a walk. Only Kate and Bod remained.

Standing in her parents' kitchen – her kitchen now? – Kate glanced around, sighed, and wondered when she should start moving her crap over from next door.

[ooc: NFB. Once more, preplayed with the utterly fabulous [ profile] nimeni, and taken and tweaked from the very end of USoT S03E12, also known as the series finale, woe. NO MORE CANON. Open for that guy, and calls and texts!]
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It was amazing how much work could go into a single dinner when everyone knew it was a big freaking deal of a dinner. Kate spent most of her day in the kitchen with her mother and aunt, while the various menfolk (apart from Marshall who was still insisting on being uncooperative and making cracks about just ordering takeout – though he did do a grocery store run) cleaned the good plates and utensils and wine glasses, and tried to watch a game on TV. Sure, it might have been a little... enforcing traditional gender roles or whatever, but Kate didn't mind. She wanted to hang out with her mother before she went away. Even if it meant dealing with Charmaine's whining about getting cold feet about moving to Houston.

And all the preparations of the day had paid off. It was almost dinner time, and they were all gathered at the dining room table. Kate, Bod, and Marshall were seated on one side, Tara, Charmaine and Neil on the other, with Max and Ted at either end. All the food was still in the kitchen, though: they only had wine.

Well, wine and lively conversation. And a total freakout. And a memorial. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! This, too, preplayed with [ profile] nimeni and taken/tweaked from USoT S03E12. THIS IS KATE'S SECOND TO LAST CANON POST YOU GUYS.]
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This week had been far too intense. Kate could tell by how long it took her to put the pieces of all of it together after waking up. Bryce had attacked her brother. Her aunt and uncle and cousin were moving away. Her mom was going away for three months.

It was a lot of new information.

But at least she and Bod were back in their own bed, and had already been the previous night. No Bryce meant no more barricades. Even Marshall had been sleeping in his room again, even if it still had Bryce's handiwork all over it. You couldn't really say things were back to normal.

With a sigh, Kate picked up her head off Bod's chest, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Lots to do today, but she didn't feel particularly awake.

Wake up. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI; OOC-okay! Preplayed with the transplendent [ profile] nimeni, lifted with tweakage from USoT S03E12.]
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Time in Kansas was dragging on and things weren't getting any easier. Sure, Bryce had finally gone the fuck away (for the moment at least) but what he'd left behind was just more turmoil and disarray. It would probably have pleased him.

Tara reappears. Stuff happens. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay, [ profile] nimeni minorly modded with permission! Paraphrased with tweakage from USoT S03E11 and S03E12, 'The Good Parts'.]
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It had been a few days since Kate had been back home. It had been about a week where she'd been, mostly hanging out with Bod, waiting for the call that she knew would come. Her dad rallying the troops. Marshall was staying with their Grandma Sandy, and Kate was sure he was expecting the same.

The call had come today, so... Here Kate was, walking into the Gregson house again, bag over her shoulder and wearing a yellow sweater with the face of a polar bear on the front of it. She'd bought it while she'd been away. If you liked reading into things, there could have been symbolism there. Or maybe she just liked bright colors and bear motifs.

Art and other things. )

[ooc: NFB, preplayed with the incomparable [ profile] nimeni, to be continued in the comments! Lifted and tweaked from USoT S03E11 'Crunchy Ice'. Warning for Bryce being a creeper at everyone. Seriously, I lack proper labels for this.]
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It was a rough day.

What else is new? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Warning for, yes, you guessed it, assorted dark themes. Taken with less tweakage than the parts before from USoT S03E10.]
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Kate would've almost been glad to know her day was taking for-fucking-ever So, to recap: Last night, crab and Bryce. This morning: worrying methods of dealing, and being glad to go to work, even if that meant dropping Luke off at the Portalocity hub at the Airport. She really should've expected the day to continue on as not-good as possible. See, she was in Tulsa, yet again, when she got the call. It was Charmaine.

Oh come on, canon. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Still taken with maximum tweakage from USoT S03E10. Warning for off-screen NPC death and a brief mention of what is essentially misuse of prescription drugs. And to think this show was supposed to be a comedy, guys.]
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Over in Kate's universe, two days had passed since the trials of St. Louis. It pretty much felt like one seriously long day for Kate, though, since it had been a blur of flights and errands and then some more flights since she'd had to cover for someone else. She was getting free time now, though, and there was even supposed to be some kind of a dinner tonight at her parents' house, so she'd finally called Luke and told him to catch a portal to the KC international airport and meet her there after her shift so they could be on their way back to Overland Park. And lo, it had happened.

She'd been pretty surprised, to say the least, to find Eddie Izzard her mother's Psych professor hanging out at their house when she and Luke had arrived. But, they were working on a paper on DID together, and the guy seemed okay – dry, sarcastic, and English were not a bad combo in Kate's book – so she supposed it could've been worse. And at least now no one could nag at her for bringing a dude to what had apparently been envisioned as a women-only thing.

While Professor Hattaras was in the kitchen heating up stew prepared the night before, they'd sat in the Gregsons' backyard for a while, surrounded by twinkly lights in the cooling fall evening, with appetizers and wine because Mitchell apparently wasn't the only who'd stopped enforcing the American drinking age. It had been idle conversation for the most part, with a few half-joking allusions from Charmaine that her sister was having an affair with the professor and Tara vehemently protesting that she shouldn't say stuff like that in front of her daughter and her friend. Just your average Mooshless and Maxless Sunday evening on Oak Avenue, really.

It was too cold in the backyard by now, though, and since the good professor had announced that the stew was ready, they'd relocated into the kitchen (following Tara's lead, since she'd excused herself to go inside a few minutes earlier) and crammed themselves around the table. Well, everyone except for Wheels, who was dozing peacefully in her carry cot on the counter to the side, and Tara who was still going around the table, putting stew into everyone's bowls and making sure no one needed more bread before she'd settle down.

It's a dinner at the Gregson house. Of course it turns into a disaster. )

[ooc: NFB, based on USoT S03E09 'Bryce Will Play', preplayed with the magnificent [ profile] trickydemigod, and to be continued in the comments. Warning for allusions to past child abuse, and Bryce generally being a creeper.]
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Man, was it ever fun to be one of the attendants on a flight where members of your family were among the passengers. Especially when it was your dad who was totally having super major flight anxiety and ranting to your brother a little too loudly and battling with his seatbelt.

Kate had to stride down to isle to where Marshall and Max were sitting. "Sir, calm down," she told her dad, in her best polite flight attendant voice, silently thankful she didn't need to watch over them on their connecting flight to New York for the film festival. Max looked a sweaty mess. "You're making the other passengers shit themselves."

Mon-- Monty! Monty! Monty. Monty. Monty. Monty. Monty. )

She pressed the call button and hoped Luke would save her from the boy monster for at least a moment.

[ooc: NFB, taken with major tweakage from USoT S03E08 'Chicken 'n' Corn'. Mainly for that guy she's calling, though other texts/calls are welcome too.]
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Yup, time was still playing tricks. Not that Kate had noticed yet, but it had been two days in Fandom while it had been just the one for her. Meaning, she was only getting home just now. Well, not home. Metcalf Bar & Grill, actually. The setting for her dad's birthday party. It was already evening by the time Kate and Evan got there. It had been a long ride. Fun, too, though. Evan was good company. Easy to talk to, not that they'd talked about anything of much worth. She was saving that for other people.

Once they pulled up to the bar, she picked up her various candy wrappers and empty cups from his car, her travel carnage. He called her a slob and they both laughed. "This was ridiculously fun," she said, which gained a nod from him. "Thank you for the ride, and thank you for stopping every 30 minutes for my microbladder." Evan smiled at her. "Yeah, of course, yeah, anytime. Thanks for the company. And I'll see you in two weeks. Eight AM to Springfield."

"Bright and early," Kate agreed, moving to get out of the car, wrangling her bag to follow along with her. Evan checked if she needed help but she was fine without any. "Okay, bye." With a little wave, she made her way to the bar. Inside, she ditched her bag by the door. The party was in full swing, with lots and lots of people and colored lights and her dad on the stage up front, with his guitar (Chastity Stargazer, it was called) and his band. And was he –– he was totally rocking some guyliner! Kate waved at him, excitedly.

"Katie-Kate, you made it!" he called back to her. Her mother was equally welcoming, giving her a big hug as soon as they came across one another. Charmaine did the same. Marshall and his boyfriend thing were all smiles too, when Kate ended up next to them.

"Hey, thanks for coming down, everybody," her dad called from the stage. "It's good to be back on stage with the Beaverlamp boys! I want to dedicate this first song to my beautiful and amazing wife, Tara."

It looked like it was actually going to be a good night.

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay. Still taken from USoT S03E07. This was totes supposed to happen yesterday, but a major headache prevented my brain from functioning adequately.]
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In her own view, Kate had bounced back... okay-ish, from texting with Mitchell, earlier. Of course, her own view of things was often not the most objective view possible. But at least she hadn't had to spend any time throwing up like she'd been worried would happen for a while there?

Yeah, she was pretty glad to get back in the plane, and she basically even forgot to be awkward at Evan even though there had been a slight incident between them (pre-Mitchell) earlier in the day. Apparently she'd been too smiley at him or something on the flight into Tulsa, since he'd seen fit to inform her that while he was flattered, he wasn't looking to go out with her because he'd recently gotten divorced and had a kid and yadda yadda, and she'd had to point to her ring and remark that she was the sensible teenager's equivalent of married and dude, so not hitting on him.

So, awkward. But they seemed pretty fine now that she was stuffing his carry-on bag into the overhead locker. Which was good because she'd come to like bumping into him on his frequent flights over the past few weeks after the Burger Knight candy dispenser thing.

(Time was running weirdly – even weirdlier? – for her in relation to Fandom again. She didn't even know what day it was back there.)

TL;DR in which a flight is canceled and minibar drinks are had in a skeezy hotel room. )

[ooc: NFB! Taken with tweakage from USoT S03E07'The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp' (S3 episode titles ILU), can be open for texts/calls if you're willing to put up with SP.]
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Far, far from any creepy dolls of any kind, Kate Gregson was somewhere in the air space between Tulsa and Kansas City, prepping the snack trolley for a trip down the aisle. She was glad to be there, too, since her Granma Bev was visiting Char and... Well, she didn't think it was going to be pretty because Craine women weren't the greatest with their mothers.

So, snacks were her friend right now, and she was just about to start pulling the trolley into motion when she caught movement behind her, and turned around. It was that guy Evan, the frequent commuter, and her SkyKans smile turned a little more genuine. "Oh, hi!"

"Hey," he said, reaching into his pocket. "I, uh, have the thing that you wanted."

There had been a lot of things happening, lately. Kate thought she could be excused for her confused, "What?"

It's Tully the Tulsa oil man! )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay. Taken with le tweakage (= removal of major flirting) from USoT S03E06. Ugh, Evan ILU.]
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This week was turning out much less eventful than the previous one, and Kate was glad about that. The highpoint of her week so far had been asking a random passenger called Evan get her a Burger Knight candy dispenser from Tulsa because she was collecting them. She'd exchanged the plane's last tiny bottle of alcohol for it. Seriously, that was the most mention-worthy thing from the last few days.

Well, except for the realization that while she hadn't been paying attention, her brother had actually changed boyfriends. Apparently he was with that Noah kid from their film class team now.

Oh yeah, and Charmaine had properly given up on calling her baby Cassandra by now, since the weetiny person only responded to Wheels. And occasionaly Chinese cursewords. Thanks, Neil.

But those were small things. Insignificant. So Kate was just having a lazy day off, playing games on her phone and idly considering the possibility of a trip back to Fandom again. Or maybe she'd just stay here and do absolutely nothing. That was a fine choice too. Mm, time off.

[ooc: NFB, but open for calls, texts, visits, whatever! Parts sort-of lifted from USoT S03E06 'The Road to Hell Is Paved with Breast Intentions']
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Kate was smug. Not that that was anything new, though she thought she had good reason to. (Although, that wasn't really anything new, either.) She'd survived a grueling day: a day of what was basically a huge aptitude test/training session for work as a flight attendant. This meant she'd survived Bunny the badass attendant instructor with the blunt, tough attitude ––

"Welcome, new faces and old. Name tag says Bunny. I represent SkyKans in work and in life. Hi. What's your name?"
"Don't care. There are twenty of you here. In a few days, there will be four. Too wide. Too stupid. Too many things to mention. Take your things. Go home. The rest of you, let's get crackin'."

–– and Daisy the fellow hopeful stewardess-to-be with the completely psycho act in the roleplay exercise ––

"I'm gonna be awful to you."
"That's the whole point of the roleplay, so... Can I get you anything? Cold beverage, tea, coffee?"
"Wash your hands, stewardess! I can still smell the co-pilot all over your fingers, sky waitress."
What?! W-why are my fingers all over the co-pilot in this scenario?"
"For attention. Your looks will be gone in ten years. And then what? Back to internet porn?"
"I told you that in confidence, you little bitch–– Coke, water?"
"You're going nowhere,
"I'm going to rip out your extensions!"

–– and even the final task of 'big bag, small opening' ––

"The bag is a little large for our plane, ma'am. We'll tag it, put it in the belly, and have it waiting for you on the tarmac when we arrive."

–– which all put together meant that she was the only one in her group of about twenty to make it to the end, and had her first training flight scheduled in a couple of days. So, she was treating herself to an iced coffee and a chocolate cupcake at a place near the airport, and feeling cheerfully smug.

[ooc: NFB, but open for texts/calls/whathaveyou. Paraphrased from USoT S03E05 'Dr. Hatteras' Miracle Elixir'.]
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Time was relative. For instance, from a Fandom perspective, it had been five days since Kate had come home from her second failed attempt to leave for Japan. For her, it had only been two. Time was slowing down in one universe in relation to the other, and she was not aware of this.

She was, however, aware that Ray the SkyKans guy had called her this morning to inform her that her other bag had finally returned to Kansas, and she could come pick it up, so back at the airport she was. She made an excited little noise once she saw Ray approaching, pulling her wheeled bag behind himself.

Chicago, Boston, Frankfurt, Madrid, and back. Also, Bridgette. And applications. )

Then time, that relative bastard, slowed way down. Or continued on as it always had.

All a matter of perspective.

[ooc: NFB, NFI (unless the boy wants to respons to the text, not that Kate will get said response in a while), once more taken with tweakage from USoT S03E04. Kate's being saved from dealing with the Nothing by timey-wimey wackiness, yes. It might look like she's been Nothing'd to Fandom because no communication will go through until further notice, but she's really just stuck in the world's slowest 15 minutes for the duration of the BDE.]
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Kate had slept at the airport.

Correction: Kate had tried to sleep at the airport. It hadn't worked out all that well, so while staying there had allowed her a little more time alone with herself, the lack of proper sleep was still putting a dent to any mental clarity she could've been feeling. She'd come all the way down from her manic high of panic and pseudo-revelations, though. Now she just wanted to go home. Maybe sleep in an actual bed. Figure all this shit out.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Katie," her dad said, as he picked up her call. "How's Japan?"


Goddamn, that was a fast trip! )

First, there was someone else she needed to talk to. She grabbed her phone off the nightstand, and picked Bod's number.

[ooc: NFB, taken again from USoT S03E04. Primarily for the boy getting the call, but open for other texts/calls of the 'how's Japan?' variety as well.]
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Kate was having a hard time shutting up today, it seemed. Maybe she was having a kind of a breakdown. Meltdown. Something like that. As you do, when you're just changing your plans in a major way. Whatever it was, it was big and Kate wasn't sure she was handling it all that well. It was weirdly liberating and yet totally terrifying all at the same time. And, having skipped out on her flight, she was now trying to reclaim her luggage, which meant that her current victim to babble at was a teenaged SkyKans employee called Ray. While they waited for her bags to hopefully appear on the luggage carousel thing, she paced back and forth and she talked. And talked. And talked.

She couldn't help it, the world was still sort of spinning and she was trying to make sense of this whole thing, whatever revelation she'd had that had made her drop her plans. "It was pretty intense," she said. "I mean, it's a lot going on... Very hard to explain, sort of really intense."

Yeah, you said intense. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken from USoT S03E04, 'Wheels'.]
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It was a new day, and a new attempt at leaving Kansas behind. This attempt would not fail. Kate had decided to wear her adorable bear dress today, like maybe it'd bring her good luck. This attempt also came complete with actual goodbyes with the family. And a bet on whether Tara was going to make it, since she – or someone else in her body, actually – had taken off last night and still wasn't back when Kate was getting ready to leave at noon. She did show up right as the rest of the family was in the middle of a group hug. And Kate scored Buck's casino winnings too, in addition to getting to hug her mom goodbye, so all was well.

Until she got to the airport, at least. See, it turned out her flight was being delayed again over some technical malfunction with the plane or something. It was kind of a mood killer, if you asked her. She just wanted to be gone already, but the universe seemed to be conspiring against her. "You are going to die in Kansas," she told her reflection in the bathroom mirror, having dabbed her face with cool water over the sink.

Oh dear. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay, still taken with mild tweakage from USoT S03E03.]
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After shuffling Bod off to the Portalocity terminal, Kate was left alone, waiting for her flight. The loudspeakers above droned on about smoking and solicitations in the terminal building being prohibited, but she wasn't listening. She could barely sit still in her seat. Staying quiet was impossible.

So she turned to the random guy next to her. "Where are you headed?"

"Business in Chicago," he said, barely glancing up from his laptop. "By way of St. Louis."

"St. Louis?" Kate repeated, her already wide smile getting wider. "Me too. Same flight. St. Louis to San Fransisco, San Fransisco to Osaka... Osaka, Japan."

The man nodded a few times, said a polite 'oh', then went back to whatever it was he'd been doing. Too bad Kate was really too hyper to take a hint right now. "You know, Osaka is a lot like Chicago," she said. "It's a real economic juggernaut. Two and a half million people live there, and in the morning, another million commute there for work. Melts the mind, don't it?" She grinned and took another sip of her iced coffee. "I'm going there to teach English."

"That's something."

Blah blah blah; disaster strikes. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, ooc-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S03E03.]
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Last night, Kate had promised her family would get to say a proper goodbye to her this morning.

... Yeah, that wasn't happening. It probably made her a bit of a hypocrite, considering last weekend, but she didn't care because she was pretty sure she'd never make it off Oak Avenue is she let her family cry all over her. It'd be hard enough to say goodbye to Bod, and they'd at least be able to see each other a little more frequently, Portalocity willing. So, last night, she'd told him of her plan to leave the house while Char and Neil were still asleep, and this morning they'd shuffled around the house as quietly as they could while she packed the last of her things and wrote a letter that she left on the kitchen table for her aunt and her babydaddy to find.

Kate had been pretty good about keeping her voice down in the house, so it was only in the cab to the airport that she'd started letting her utter excitement show. She'd been bubbly and bordering on hyper the whole way, and even as they got to the airport, it showed no signs of abating. "Oh my God," she said, bouncing a little bit on the balls of her feet, once they were in the terminal. "It's happening. It's really happening!"

[ooc: NFB, for the (heartbroken, I'm sure) boyfriend and some epic SP. Certain elements borrowed from United States of Tara S03E03, 'The Full Fuck You Finger'.]


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