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The winter storm that had snowed Kate and Bod in a couple of days ago was well and truly over. This meant Bod was at work again, while Kate was having a day off. Which was great for Seamus who didn't yet need to learn to stay home alone. Possibly less great for all of Kate's acquaintances who were getting moddable texts with puppy pictures. She was just excited, okay? And Seamus was amazing. Best dog ever.

And besides, at least she'd only invited just the one person to come see him in person. And while she waited for Mitchell to show up, she passed the time throwing a ball carefully across the living room area so the puppy with his stubby legs could run after it and bring it back.

"Aww, good boy!"

He was clearly also the greatest at playing fetch.

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Marshall was at school, Bod had been sent on errands, and Kate had the day off. She was using it productively – no, really! – by looking at ads for apartments for rent in the general Kansas City area. And kind of daydreaming about the swankier ones while she circled some of the cheaper places to show to Bod, later.

Also, she was eating candy. But mostly that apartment hunt thing!

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Yesterday, Charmaine and Neil had gotten married in a tiny municipal wedding ceremony that had somehow been better for everyone than Charmaine's previous attempt at a marriage. And early today, the newly wedded couple, along with their infant daughter, had taken off for Houston to go househunting. And Kate was already feeling weird that it was really just her and Marshall and Bod around, now.

So it was a good thing this was the day she'd invited people to come visit. Some booze had been acquired, and Marshall had busied himself in the kitchen making snacks, and they were all set. It was going to be weird since Kate had invited a bunch of people who'd never been to Kansas before, but she was hoping it would be a fun kind of weird.

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In her own view, Kate had bounced back... okay-ish, from texting with Mitchell, earlier. Of course, her own view of things was often not the most objective view possible. But at least she hadn't had to spend any time throwing up like she'd been worried would happen for a while there?

Yeah, she was pretty glad to get back in the plane, and she basically even forgot to be awkward at Evan even though there had been a slight incident between them (pre-Mitchell) earlier in the day. Apparently she'd been too smiley at him or something on the flight into Tulsa, since he'd seen fit to inform her that while he was flattered, he wasn't looking to go out with her because he'd recently gotten divorced and had a kid and yadda yadda, and she'd had to point to her ring and remark that she was the sensible teenager's equivalent of married and dude, so not hitting on him.

So, awkward. But they seemed pretty fine now that she was stuffing his carry-on bag into the overhead locker. Which was good because she'd come to like bumping into him on his frequent flights over the past few weeks after the Burger Knight candy dispenser thing.

(Time was running weirdly – even weirdlier? – for her in relation to Fandom again. She didn't even know what day it was back there.)

TL;DR in which a flight is canceled and minibar drinks are had in a skeezy hotel room. )

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Katherine, upon waking up, was instantly confused. She remembered this room, yes, but... This room was in Fandom, and she hadn't been in Fandom for a while, and she certainly did not remember coming here. In fact, she couldn't remember anything at all about yesterday. And why were the only clothes she could see a flight attendant's uniform? No, wait, she'd seen that uniform before – after an earlier blackout!

It was all very disconcerting, and she raised a hand dramatically to her forehead.

And then something changed (rather obviously, so even the dumbest of viewers realized what was happening) and then Vicki was in charge. It didn't help much, though: she was confused too, but at least she remembered the plane crash the night before. -- Oh, the tragedy, that only she and Deb had survived! And where was Deb, anyway? Not here, that was for sure, and Vicki figured they'd somehow gotten separated after the crash, disoriented and lost. But she had, apparently, found someone who'd taken her in, even if she couldn't remember a damn thing.

She put on her uniform and wandered through the house into the kitchen, then started looking into cupboards. She was sure that whoever had let her into their house last night wouldn't mind if she helped herself to some breakfast before going off to try and find Deb.

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It was (supposed to be) Kate and Bod's last morning in Hawaii. They both had jobs to get back to, books and movies to take care of. But not quite yet, and what better way was there to cling to the vacation than the head out to a gorgeous beach one last time? None. No better way. So that was what they were doing.

But hard as Kate tried, her mind wasn't entirely off the impending, inevitable return to the dreary island where she'd punched someone and videos of her former mistakes were all over the internet. It was already in her head. She'd been ignoring her phone and her laptop most of the week, but today, already anticipating her return to the real world, she finally checked her messages.

There was a single voicemail, and she listened to it. And while she listened to it, her eyebrows knitted into a frown.

And when she listened to it again, that frown did nothing but deepen.

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Like a good child of the information age, after asking Mitchell out for coffee Kate had run a Google search on coffee houses in Regency England. Satisfied with the knowledge that they'd been around and popular since the sixteen hundreds, she'd let it be after that.

Which meant she hadn't been aware that the coffee houses wouldn't open their doors to the general female public before another half a century had passed. She was aware of it now, though. It was hard not to be after having been turned away from a few of the more respectable establishments. But she was going to have a cup of coffee in olden times England, goddammit, so she'd decided on one more try at a slightly less respectable-looking locale, and she couldn't be talked out of it.

(Getting obsessed with getting coffee was just as fine a way of dealing with feeling a little on edge as any other thing, okay?)

Kate tugged on the cuffs of the same dress she'd worn for her London walk with Bod, yesterday, and looked annoyed. "Man, if we don't get coffee here, either, I'm going back to Fandom and dressing like a dude, I swear to God."

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Having left Nathan back in his room, Kate had meant for this to be yet another normal, boring evening, just like she'd meant tomorrow to be just another normal, boring day at work. But, of course, then the call from Jack had come through, and suddenly she had an invitation to go to London tomorrow.

At first, she hesitated with her phone for a moment, both wondering whether she should check in with Mitchell and see where in the multiverse he was, and fully knowing she needed to let Bod know she was going because the last thing he needed this week was her just disappearing. Both of those could wait, though. She put her phone down on her desk and got a bag out of her closet.

Sure, she wasn't leaving until tomorrow, but this was something that called for some thought: just what did you pack when you'd been called to come help solve a murder?

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Having put up her posters, Kate had returned to her room to continue her good day with further party planning. But that was sadly not to be: her phone had been charging while she'd been away and she'd finally gotten around to seeing she had a voicemail. So she listened to it.

Bad idea.

Her first thought was that it was a sick joke, that Nathan really was pushing things too far in an effort to be excused for his radio silence since leaving, but she couldn't hold onto that bit of disbelief for long. The woman – Nathan's mom – was far too shaken, the quivering of her voice far too real. It was all real. On the second listen Kate had to sit down on the edge of her bed because the room had started to spin, but it took about four times before it all started really sinking in.

Forcing herself to skip listening a fifth time, her brain instead switched on to practical matters, the first of which was leaving a voicemail of her own. And the second... Was staring dully into the middle distance.

She'd maybe get to something a little more useful later.

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Thanks to her dreams, Kate had woken up today to the completely crushing thought that there'd be no more lazy mornings of waking up happy and clinging and sprawling, and having the familiar smell of pale graveyard boy be the first thing to register with her about a new day.

Taking that into account, it was really no surprise she'd been feeling a little on the quiet and brooding side of things after getting up. Apparently things were really starting to sink in, and maybe she was starting to sink with them.

She'd be harassing Mitchell for a night at the pub today, she was sure. Or a tiny house party. Or something. Anything to get her out of this mood.

But right now she was looking through the music collection on the shelves in the living room. That was a distraction, at least, if only a tiny one.

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Kate was still in Bristol. Still dealing. She thought she was doing okay, actually. She hadn't forgotten about Wednesday because that was impossible and she had the nightmares to prove it, but... At least some things seemed to be kinda righting themselves now. At least Mitchell was talking to her again. She'd missed that more than she would have cared to admit.

And she'd gotten to go shopping for clothes since she hadn't exactly packed for staying this long. That had been fun, because even after all the trauma lately she was still a slightly shallow girl of seventeen.

She wasn't doing anything quite that productive right now, though. Nope, she had coffee, and was hogging the couch in front of the TV. There was some random show on, where a really tall, really gay Chinese guy was helping a middleaged former biker chick pick out an outfit for the Queen's garden party.

It was random and very British, in Kate's opinion, but she wasn't really watching too intently. It wasn't catching her attention quite like that one show had the other night, the one where the geeky guy suddenly turned out to be smoking hot. Kate thought she'd have to catch up on that once she got back to her computer and could download stuff.

But right now it was just this.

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Nothing had happened since Tara had downed the first of her new meds on Sunday morning. And they'd all been waiting for something to happen ever since. It had been a weird two days.

Today, finally, Kate had escaped the house to go to the mall, where she promptly ran into her old gang of girlfriends, who were oh my God so excited to see her and who wanted to know everything that had been going on with her since she'd moved.

An hour later, Kate slipped away from their old usual table at the coffee shop, making idle promises of keeping in touch.

They were promises she had no intention of keeping. It had been an awkward hour of stilted conversation. She couldn't bring herself to care about any of their shit, and there wasn't a whole lot she could tell them about her life now.

They had probably never really been friends in the first place, Kate figured as she wandered around the mall. Alone again, and kind of really wanting to go back ho-- to where her potted plants were.

Somehow, this led to a slight voicemail spree, after she realized she hadn't actually replied to the two very amusing ones she'd received on Sunday. So, she replied to those, then left a couple others, too.

Then, just for the hell of it, she texted... most of Fandom, really:

Rejoice! Miss Overland Park is returning tomorrow. What should I expect from our (un)fair Fandom Island?

This was Kate Gregson showing her love. Fandom better appreciate it.

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Barely half an hour later, they were sitting in a hospital waiting room. )

And by the time they got to George's apartment... )

[ooc: NFI & NFB, OOC-okay, follows this. Bits taken (and tweaked) from Being Human S01E01. Again, preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] bitten_notshy, and coded by [ profile] chose_humanity.

And we're done! And now I have the line "once again, we all will be so broken" from this one song stuck in my head because it fits so very well. Bring on the fallout.]
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Kate had been at this motel since Thursday night. She'd spent the days cooped up in her room, or taking walks around the surrounding area. There wasn't much to see, but she'd told herself that at least there weren’t any gremlins popping out or anything unusual falling out of the sky. In essence, at least it wasn't Fandom.

And the evenings were spent in the motel bar, dressed in her least sixteen-looking clothes, wearing the kind of make-up Alice had tried to get her to use. She hadn't been carded once. It was that kind of a place; indifferent, sleazy, kind of depressing...

She was never telling Mitchell about it.

There'd been some random thirtysomething guy, staying at the motel on a business trip, who'd bought her drinks and told her she had an interesting name and an even more interesting life story. And she'd smiled and said she’d grown to like the name, and oh hey, had she told him about that messed up thing that happened when she’d kinda been involved with Colin Farrell?

... Yeah. This time she was January Harcourt, born in South Africa to a boxing promoter and his trophy wife, grown up all over the States, and currently residing in Monaco. He'd bought it all. (He'd been most interested in her cleavage, anyway.) And she'd been amused. It was simple and easy, and so totally removed from her real life.

But now he was gone, and tomorrow Kate would be gone too. Back to Fandom.


For now, though, she was still here, with a glass of orange juice in front of her, and the only thing reminding her that it was Valentine's Day was the drunk middle-aged couple at the corner table loudly declaring their love for each other.

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