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It wasn't a First Fridays in the Crossroads district, but there was some kind of a winter artwalk thing happening, so there were still a lot of people around. A couple of food vendors here and there along the streets as well as pop-up art spaces. A good mix of people, from middle-aged cultured people hoping to seem hip with the times, to young people with mustaches and/or unnaturally colored hair... well, honestly, hoping for pretty much the same.

And of course, Kate in her koala hat, and her guest who she'd just picked up from a portal.

(There hadn't been any sexy farmer sightings yet, but Kate had faith.)

"You know, back when I first came here? This was all just art. Or, like, artsy hipsters. Now there's a ton of just like... hipster-hipsters."

Wasn't this exactly the kind of quality commentary you'd come by for, Eric?

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Kate had had long-ass day at work, and somehow she'd managed to be in the dark about the news throughout the day. Not so much now that she was at home, though. Nope. News illumination! That was totally a thing. And so was calling her little brother on the east coast.

Except he didn't pick up, of course he didn't, he was probably out having a party with his art school friends. Or possibly at some café talking about the pointlessness of the marriage institution. It was hard to know with the artsy types. She noted that in the rambly voicemail she left him. Among many other equally rambly things.

Then she danced around the living room for a bit. When Seamus barked excitedly up at her, she picked him up and danced with him in her arms for a bit. She'd had a long day. If there was something to gain happiness from, she'd take it.

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Kate had a day off. A blessed, blessed day off, because SkyKans had been getting a little weirder and shoddier than usual, lately, and as these things always went, the flight staff got all the damn fallout from it, like shit was their fault.

So Kate was embracing her day off. And a sudden fit of nostalgia as well as a rare urge to do something productive. And also fun. Actually, dragging clothes out from the far reaches of the bedroom closet and dumping it all over the bed probably looked like it was more about fun and making a mess than it was about productivity, but it was for a productive cause, honest! Because she had a ton of clothes back there that she hadn't worn since probably before she'd moved away from home the first time and that she'd just brought over when they'd moved without giving it a second thought. It was really time to pare that shit down a bit.

But first, it was time to try half the things on and pose in front of the mirror and argue with herself about what she might still wear and what was just waaaay too fifteen-year-old goth punk scene kid to fly with her anymore. Like the ensemble of a too-tight skull t-shirt and plaid skirt and relevant accessories she was trying on right now.

She'd worn a lot of fishnet stuff five years ago, hadn't she?

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Between work and birthday celebrations and whatever, Kate didn't feel like she'd had a lot of time to just veg out lately. So that was a pretty obvious plan for today since she had the day off. And she was a world class vegger so it was going to be good. She had her laptop, she had candy (the world's most nutritious late breakfast!), and she was in her pajamas. Everything was pretty much perfect. And her first order of the day? Scrolling back on her Tumblr dash for as far back as she could before her browser would inevitably freeze under the load. Hey, she'd missed a whole bunch of shit. Like all the way past Halloween. Maybe having been doing stuff other than Tumbling meant that she was an adult.

Of course she probably lost all her adult points by doing what she was doing right now. But whatevs. It was fun, and it passed the time, and she was seeing some pretty funny shit and snickering to herself. And then she came across a post collecting a bunch of highly obscure characters and internet phenomena Halloween costumes. And one of them looked familiar. Like, really familiar. Really, really, really, 'I ruined my life for a while over that costume' kind of familiar.

Kate clicked on the source link for the post in question. And yeah, there it was in the tags.

#princess valhalla hawkwind

So, Kate almost choked on her Twizzler. Once she was over her coughing fit and near-death experience, she typed the words into the search bar, because no way was there going to be anything else in there. Had to be just some random person digging up a low quality video from two years ago and making a costume 'for the lulz' or something. Had to be.

Except there was a bunch of recent fan art in the tag.

Some of it was actually pretty good.

"... Whaaaat."

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Date nights didn't happen too often these days. And Kate was pretty fine with that, since she got to live with her lovable boyfriend and their puppy baby, and staying in was pretty easy for her lazy ass.

But sometimes date inspiration struck, and her lazy ass put on a dress to head out. Like tonight. She'd gotten dressed up and dragged Bod out with her to just walk around and find a place to have a snack or a meal in.

A place like Blue Koi, which she was now excitedly pointing at, even as she swung Bod's hand with her other one. "Oooh! They're supposed to have really good bubble tea here!"

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Tara and Max had been spending their holiday weekend in a productive way, by finally cleaning the garage and sorting out the crap that had been accumulating in there for almost two decades now.

And long story short, after a quick trip to OP, Kate was now sitting on the bed safely back at the apartment going through a big box of stuff she hadn't seen in years and years. "Ohhh my God."

A diary from when she was five? Priceless.

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Ugh. Long workdays due to delayed flights were horrible. Made all the more horrible by a seemingly endless stream of increasingly annoyed and annoying customers. Seriously, it was ridiculous how far the general mood could plummet. Kate's cheeks were practically aching from the all the smiling she'd forced herself to do.

So when she made it home, she shed her uniform, pulled on a flannel shirt like it was a decent thing to wear, and flopped down on the couch in the living room.

"Nooot moving."

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After the grad brunch on Sunday, Kate had hopped a portal to a certain New York because Cinco de Mayo was just the perfect excuse to drag Hannibal out to have fun. So she'd done that. And then hung out with him yesterday, first nursing their hangovers, then out on the town where they'd made some great purchases and some even greater decisions involving permanent body art. Because you couldn't leave them together unsupervised. Not now that they were finally getting back into almost their pre-vampire days swing.

So Kate was pretty happy, coming home right now. Sure, she'd have to go to work in a couple of hours, but whatever. She was wearing some pretty spiffy new pants, and she had a bandage on the inside of one ankle. Things were pretty good.

Kicking off her shoes at the door because ugh, she just wanted them off, she called out into the apartment proper, "Honey, I'm hoooome."

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Days off for both Kate and Bod at the same time didn't come around every day. (Which made sense, because if they had, it would've probably meant they were both out of a job.) But once they did, sometimes you had to take advantage, by going out and doing something silly. Like going to see a local attraction! You know, like the Hallmark Visitors Center. Kate's choice, naturally.

She hadn't even realized the place was a thing before looking up possible attractions to visit, earlier today.

She was already heading for the gift shop about as soon as they were through the doors, though. Impatience would have been her middle name if her parents hadn't decided to go with Michelle instead. "I need to check out the cheesy card selection like right now."

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The winter storm that had snowed Kate and Bod in a couple of days ago was well and truly over. This meant Bod was at work again, while Kate was having a day off. Which was great for Seamus who didn't yet need to learn to stay home alone. Possibly less great for all of Kate's acquaintances who were getting moddable texts with puppy pictures. She was just excited, okay? And Seamus was amazing. Best dog ever.

And besides, at least she'd only invited just the one person to come see him in person. And while she waited for Mitchell to show up, she passed the time throwing a ball carefully across the living room area so the puppy with his stubby legs could run after it and bring it back.

"Aww, good boy!"

He was clearly also the greatest at playing fetch.

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Last weekend had been kind of rough, yeah. And so had this past week, because it was like there'd been something in the air, making every person flying SkyKans a total pain in the ass. But, Kate had the day off today. And yes, she was totally intending to do useful crap at some point. Like... groceries. Or cleaning. Or... Something. She hadn't decided yet.

Because slouching on the couch with her laptop and dicking around on the internet and watching a million YouTube videos was the best use of her time right now. You couldn't go wrong with cats doing funny things, or people falling down a lot. Or, apparently, stop-motion animation with foul-mouthed Barbies.


"... Oh my fucking God, these dolls totally live in Overland Park. Oh my God."

Well, she'd just become a fan.

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Christmas had come and gone. So had Marshall who'd joined the holiday festivities (and stayed at Kate and Bod's place) for a week or so, but was already back on the eastern coast. His friends wanted him for New Year's. Charmaine, Neil and Wheels where intending to spend the turn of the year with Tara and Max since they'd been in no rush to get back to Texas after Christmas. And Kate had no idea what her personal plans were.

So she was obviously devoting a lot of thought to that right now.

Or, you know. She was sitting in her pajamas on the couch, eating Twizzlers for breakfast while playing video games. In deep thought.

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Some days Kate just felt like an adult. This seemed to be one of them. Maybe it was the fact that she was actually having some vaguely healthy cereal for breakfast, or that she was reading the morning paper, or something seemingly inconsequential like that. It couldn't be work, because she had the day off, blissfully. There'd been screaming children and grouchy old men all over her flights yesterday.

Maybe she was just happy, and therefore willing to feel like she could be a responsible and productive member of society.

"Oh, man, there's a sale at this one furniture store," she said, mostly to herself, spotting the ad in the paper, "we should totally go."

That was an adult thing to say, wasn't it?

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A lot had happened since Kate had left Fandom and returned to Kansas City on Sunday evening. No, seriously, a lot.

The first odd thing she'd noticed had been that when she'd tried to arrange for a quick trip back to Fandom on the following night, to come and claim her promised drink from the club on the island, Portalocity had listed the connection as unavailable. Weird, but not unheard of, and she'd just given up on fake birthday drinks and gone about her business. And then they'd been busy, just settling into life in their new apartment (a separate bedroom, and a little bathroom with an actual bath, but everything else was one space), their new routines. And because Bod didn't really have too many people he kept in touch with anyway, and Kate didn't tend to talk to her Fandom friends daily or even weekly, it took them some weeks before Kate tried texting Mitchell and it didn't go through. She tried calling Jack. It didn't go through either. Luke, Emma, Hannibal, Bobby, Francine, Puck, Ramona, Leto, even Nathan. A dozen calls and texts, and none of them went through.

She tried her best to dismiss it as a random disturbance in the multiverse.

The weeks dragged on. Bod got a job in a graveyard. Kate got a teeny-tiny raise. Marshall graduated from high school. Charmaine kept sending pictures of the ever-growing Wheels. Kate and Bod had dinner with her parents and brother a lot, and avoided questions about their friends elsewhere. No word from any other universes. The few workers employed at the small Portalocity hub at Kate's airport (past the Kloudklimber Klub entrance, behind the fake palm tree) kept coming to work every day, but they couldn't get through to anywhere else. Kate visited them every day.

The weeks turned into months. The summer was nice enough, and Kate and Bod took to having breakfast on their little balcony. Tara got a part-time job illustrating article for a women's magazine she couldn't stop making fun of. Kate and Bod took Marshall on a Kansan road trip of shitty motels and even shittier tourist attractions. It was probably the best time they had all summer – though whether that was hard for a summer where Kate spent so much time fretting over whether they'd gotten cut off from the multiverse for good, it was hard to say. Eric's shirts were still hanging in their closet. The Portalocity workers kept shaking their heads at her.

Summer turned into fall. They saw Marshall off to a film school on the east coast. Tara and Max started talking about selling the house and moving somewhere better suited for two, but decided not to. (Like Tara said, it was never going to be just the two of them, was it? T and Buck and Alice popped up from time to time.) Kate repainted the kitchen area with her mother's help. There were sunflowers on the wall, now. And not a single sign of life from other parts of the multiverse.

And today, it was finally October first. Kate was turning nineteen. Six months since she'd last spoken to anyone in Fandom and she knew it, so her mood was maybe not the greatest, hard as she tried. She looked at her phone, and found a few texts. A birthday greeting from Marshall, a request for a shift change from a coworker – and a message from one of the airport Portalocity people.

She read the last message.

And then she screamed.

And then she found her words, if not too many of them: "Bod! Bod! Oh my God!"

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Kate was still utterly, utterly excited about having handed in her flight attendant's application. And why shouldn't she have been? It had only been like fifteen minutes! The only change was that she was on the bus on her way home now.

And as she checked her phone, she found a voicemail from Jack, and a handful of messages from Bod. The former made her raise an eyebrow because bwuh, when had she been ignoring Jack's calls, and hadn't they talked like three days ago? As for the latter, she wondered he'd managed so many texts in such short a time, but didn't even read more than the first. This was a thing that needed to be talked about so she could properly squee about it.

So, deciding to call Jack a little later, she picked Bod's number. She was pretty sure he was at work (and she was right, albeit off by two weeks reagarding the date) but whatever, she was calling him right now anyway. How busy could Luke's be?

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Time was relative. For instance, from a Fandom perspective, it had been five days since Kate had come home from her second failed attempt to leave for Japan. For her, it had only been two. Time was slowing down in one universe in relation to the other, and she was not aware of this.

She was, however, aware that Ray the SkyKans guy had called her this morning to inform her that her other bag had finally returned to Kansas, and she could come pick it up, so back at the airport she was. She made an excited little noise once she saw Ray approaching, pulling her wheeled bag behind himself.

Chicago, Boston, Frankfurt, Madrid, and back. Also, Bridgette. And applications. )

Then time, that relative bastard, slowed way down. Or continued on as it always had.

All a matter of perspective.

[ooc: NFB, NFI (unless the boy wants to respons to the text, not that Kate will get said response in a while), once more taken with tweakage from USoT S03E04. Kate's being saved from dealing with the Nothing by timey-wimey wackiness, yes. It might look like she's been Nothing'd to Fandom because no communication will go through until further notice, but she's really just stuck in the world's slowest 15 minutes for the duration of the BDE.]
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Kate had slept at the airport.

Correction: Kate had tried to sleep at the airport. It hadn't worked out all that well, so while staying there had allowed her a little more time alone with herself, the lack of proper sleep was still putting a dent to any mental clarity she could've been feeling. She'd come all the way down from her manic high of panic and pseudo-revelations, though. Now she just wanted to go home. Maybe sleep in an actual bed. Figure all this shit out.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Katie," her dad said, as he picked up her call. "How's Japan?"


Goddamn, that was a fast trip! )

First, there was someone else she needed to talk to. She grabbed her phone off the nightstand, and picked Bod's number.

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Kate was having a hard time shutting up today, it seemed. Maybe she was having a kind of a breakdown. Meltdown. Something like that. As you do, when you're just changing your plans in a major way. Whatever it was, it was big and Kate wasn't sure she was handling it all that well. It was weirdly liberating and yet totally terrifying all at the same time. And, having skipped out on her flight, she was now trying to reclaim her luggage, which meant that her current victim to babble at was a teenaged SkyKans employee called Ray. While they waited for her bags to hopefully appear on the luggage carousel thing, she paced back and forth and she talked. And talked. And talked.

She couldn't help it, the world was still sort of spinning and she was trying to make sense of this whole thing, whatever revelation she'd had that had made her drop her plans. "It was pretty intense," she said. "I mean, it's a lot going on... Very hard to explain, sort of really intense."

Yeah, you said intense. )

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It was a new day, and a new attempt at leaving Kansas behind. This attempt would not fail. Kate had decided to wear her adorable bear dress today, like maybe it'd bring her good luck. This attempt also came complete with actual goodbyes with the family. And a bet on whether Tara was going to make it, since she – or someone else in her body, actually – had taken off last night and still wasn't back when Kate was getting ready to leave at noon. She did show up right as the rest of the family was in the middle of a group hug. And Kate scored Buck's casino winnings too, in addition to getting to hug her mom goodbye, so all was well.

Until she got to the airport, at least. See, it turned out her flight was being delayed again over some technical malfunction with the plane or something. It was kind of a mood killer, if you asked her. She just wanted to be gone already, but the universe seemed to be conspiring against her. "You are going to die in Kansas," she told her reflection in the bathroom mirror, having dabbed her face with cool water over the sink.

Oh dear. )

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Last night, Kate had promised her family would get to say a proper goodbye to her this morning.

... Yeah, that wasn't happening. It probably made her a bit of a hypocrite, considering last weekend, but she didn't care because she was pretty sure she'd never make it off Oak Avenue is she let her family cry all over her. It'd be hard enough to say goodbye to Bod, and they'd at least be able to see each other a little more frequently, Portalocity willing. So, last night, she'd told him of her plan to leave the house while Char and Neil were still asleep, and this morning they'd shuffled around the house as quietly as they could while she packed the last of her things and wrote a letter that she left on the kitchen table for her aunt and her babydaddy to find.

Kate had been pretty good about keeping her voice down in the house, so it was only in the cab to the airport that she'd started letting her utter excitement show. She'd been bubbly and bordering on hyper the whole way, and even as they got to the airport, it showed no signs of abating. "Oh my God," she said, bouncing a little bit on the balls of her feet, once they were in the terminal. "It's happening. It's really happening!"

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