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Kate had been on the phone and talking on webcam (completely as herself!) with Zach a lot, this past week. A lot. It was like the perfect remedy for everything Fandom, a little something that was completely removed from everything island related. Even last night, after she'd gotten home from the airport and done just the minimal amount of socializing with her family. There was some shit going on with them too, it seemed, but God, when wasn't there? She didn't care, she had enough of her own, and the only reason she'd even come back this weekend was a date with Zach.

Well, okay, it wasn't the only reason. It wasn't long until their meet-up time at that one restaurant, but there was something she needed to do first.

Do you know who you're mad at? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken with slight tweakage from USoT S02E09.]
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Kate's evening trip to the Crossroads District's First Fridays artwalk shindig wasn't going as well as last time. She didn't really feel at home, and she felt like everyone at Lynda's loft was silently judging her for the Santa hat she couldn't exactly take off. But then Lynda told her she looked cute with it, and so she beamed at her – for about as long as it took for the woman to tell her it was a shame Tara hadn't been able to make it.

"Mom?" Kate asked, trying to seem amused by the idea. It didn't come off convincing. "Why would she have come here?"

Lynda gave her that occasionally annoying tolerant smile. "Girl, she's been coming 'round here for a while now to work on some projects with me." And then she was pulled away by some artsy friend or other, to discuss artsy things Kate really didn't understand.

Just like she didn't particularly want to understand that her mom's acquaintance with Lynda hadn't stopped at a borrowed projector. Unbelievable.

She didn't stay for too long after that.

[ooc: NFI, NFB, OOC-okay. Thematically taken from USoT S02E08, I suppose.]
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Yesterday? Had been a fucking catastrophe of epic proportions, and Kate really didn't want to even think about it, but of course thinking about it was unavoidable. Everything was completely fucked up, again.

And now there were ants in their fucking kitchen, again.

So, Kate wasn't exactly pleased when she was having to have breakfast with a deep-seated hatred of everything in her heart, and a flyswatter in her hand. Stupid ants. Stupid life.

Tara could've maybe picked a better time to walk into the kitchen.

Hey Kate. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E04 'You Becoming You'.

In other news, I'm taking off to go to Helsinki for the weekend to marathon Firefly. I'll probably ping in to the HMD horror thingie tomorrow, but other than that, have a great weekend and I'll see you Sunday evening!]
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It was still kind of weird for Kate to see her parents all normal and happy. Not that they'd ever been disastrously unhappy, but... Her mom was way more energetic than what Kate was used to, and when the news had come through this morning that the Hubbard house was officially theirs, even her dad had turned into six feet, five inches of pure glee. It was almost disturbing.

And then he'd tried to grope Tara in Kate's presence. That definitely was disturbing, so Kate had fled the scene, but not before relaying the big news she'd heard the past evening that Marshall and Courtney were now officially an item. Might as well give the parents something to gossip about that weren't her shenanigans.

Things were weird on Oak Avenue. But not in a bad way, for once.

Not that Kate was on Oak Avenue right now. )

[ooc: NFB & NFI, OOC-okay!. Taken from USoT S02E03 'The Truth Hurts'. I love my canon.]
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Kate thought there were better things to wake up to than Aunt Charmaine calling to squeal "I got engaged, Katie, I'm engaged!" and to ask whether she could have Kate's room because she had to move out of Nick's place to revirginize herself before the wedding. Which was months and months away.

Charmaine was not getting the room, but her delirious glee was something Kate could exploit since a whim had struck her. She'd kind of been thinking of an excuse to go to Kansas since yesterday, and it didn't take much more than saying that she would've loved to come celebrate if only flying wasn't so expensive. Charmaine immediately promised to pay for her flights. It would probably come out of Nick's money, anyway.

So, Kate packed some stuff, handwavily notified people she wasn't just disappearing (a note for Bobby and a voicemail for Bod), and left on an unplanned trip home.

And because the plane took her to Kansas City, it was only natural to take a little detour for work matters, right?

Right. )

[ooc: NFI and NFB, OOC-okay. Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E02. Lynda! ♥]


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