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Kate hadn't slept at the cabins last night. She'd hidden herself away at the dorms for the night, like a total coward, then killed some time doing some laundry, then caught a portal to the mainland to spend most of her day window shopping and eating ice cream and generally repressing the hell out of everything.

She'd only just now finally come to her alcove, and had already managed to make herself a blanket nest to half hide in and be miserable. She was telling herself she'd do something about... something, tomorrow. Right now she still didn't feel like she had the energy to try and be an adult or sensible or to take the high road or anything like that.

No, she was just going to keep wallowing in her self-pity for tonight.

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The stupid thing about going to Kansas was that time was much slower. Kate was painfully aware that while she'd already been gone from Fandom over two days, it had barely been 18 hours for her. Still, after a night at home, she was just about starting to feel a little less raw. The general nausea had abated, at least, as had the panic.

The guilt, however irrational she knew it to be, would probably stay for a while.

Stretching out on her bed, Kate reached to get her phone from the nightstand, then turned it on. For a moment, she thought about making a call – to Bod, to Jack, to Mitchell, to Hannibal, to anyone – but she decided against it, unable to really decide what it was she wanted to say to any one of them. (Except maybe Hannibal. There was a certain amount of I get it now present.) She put the phone down on the bed next to her.

She'd be available now; that'd have to be enough.

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Despite plans to the contrary, Kate had never made it to the slumber party. It was probably for the best, since after that one big bit of news and stupid hurt, all she really remembered of the evening was a whole lot of booze, and making big declarations on something about giraffes and how they would recognize Nathan as their king. She couldn't remember coming down to her room, though apparently she had.

So when she woke up to the cold with her head a little fuzzy and a lot in pain, at first she thought it was just Bobby's powers acting up. But no, soon enough she figured it was too cold for that, and it was too dark (though her aching head was actually grateful for that) and she could hear the blizzard outside, and all she could think was that this felt really familiar. Except for the hangover. That was new.

She got out of bed for for just long enough to slowly pull on some more clothes and then find a painkiller and down it with a glass of water, before crawling right back into bed and making herself a nest from all her blankets.

So not going to class, no way.

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Tuesday morning, Kate had finally convinced herself to grab a portal away from Bristol. It wasn't really by choice, though: she'd only managed to talk herself into doing it because she'd received a call on Monday that her Vespa was being delivered today.

Yes, she was keeping it. For now. She figured she'd paid a high enough price for it.

She'd spent a good chunk of the day in Baltimore sorting out a winter storage facility for the scooter, but she'd already made it back to Fandom a while ago. And she was regretting it. There was nothing to do, really, other than to pace and brood and wait for tomorrow and her early flight home so she could stop feeling indecisiveness twisting her up inside.

In the short time she'd been back, she'd already left to go upstairs twice. The second time she'd made it all the way to the fourth floor before talking herself out of it.

She'd left her door cracked on her way back, and turned her music up enough so that it'd be obvious already from the hallway which of the residents of 324 was in.

If it happened to convey some of her mood as well, that was just perfect.

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It had been a very tense, hectic few hours in the Gregson household. There had been a few fights, though those had been had mostly away from Bod's immediate vicinity, even if sound carried well in this house.

First, there'd been a brief row between Tara and Max once she'd finally made it back. Thankfully, that hadn't lasted long, and then Tara had already been off to go get Kate.

Next, there'd been a slightly heated discussion between Max and Charmaine, who'd finally dragged herself out of bed and out into the house, though she wasn't helping much.

Then, once Marshall had gotten home, Courtney had turned up some time after, and they'd had... a discussion, outside. It was about as close to an argument Marshall tended to get, really.

And then finally, once they'd managed to break the vacuum cleaner and had had to call Max's friend Neil to bring his one over, Neil and Charmaine had ended having a major fight in the front yard.

So, it was no wonder that even though the house was starting to look like it could be lived in (the broken windows had been taped over with plastic, the garbage bags had been taken out, the yard had been mostly cleared) the people inside were extremely tense, right about now. It didn't help that Tara and Kate were still nowhere to be seen. It was less than an hour until the social worker was supposed to show up.

Max was vacuuming the floor, while Marshall and Bod had been tasked with putting the finishing touches to everything. Mostly, it meant making sure family pictures were upright and sofa cushions in order.

And Charmaine? She was in the kitchen, and she needed the wall socket for the appliances.

"Stop unplugging the vac!" Max yelled for what felt like the nth time.

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Kate had been planning to go out today, to go into town. But then there was that fucking blizzard and she stayed in her room instead, fully dressed and curled up in a nest of blankets on her bed. Still not up to socializing.

The confusion was starting to fade. She'd admitted how close Jason had got, and how much she'd started to care. But getting this clear in her head didn't make the pain start to fade, too; no, in fact, it had just gotten that little bit sharper, and she knew it would remain for a long time.

Even so, there was a voice in some part of her mind, the voice of reason, and it was getting louder. And its message? Pretty much 'for crissake Kate, jest get on with your life'.

Some people would've seen it as ironic that the voice of reason sounded a lot like Jason. Kate wasn't one of those people. She knew he would’ve been the first to tell her to snap out of it, to stop closing herself off.

And any time now, she was going to take the voice's advice. But not quite yet.

She had her iPod on for company and distraction. Some sappy song was playing. She didn't even know how it had ended up in her player. It had probably been part of some fanmix she'd downloaded at some point and forgotten about.

She didn't want to listen to it. Didn't want to do what it was telling her to do. She fought against the feelings it was bringing up.

But she didn't change the song.

And then the iPod's battery died, and something inside her just cracked, and she was left in the cold silence with tears streaming down her face.

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Two weeks and a day ago, on New Year's Eve, around this time, Kate had been dancing with Jason, teasing him and smiling at him, having just apologized to him for being a bitch the day before.

Two weeks and a day ago, around this time, Kate had been feeling like maybe Jason was actually a pretty decent guy to be around.

Exactly a week ago, and now. )

She kept trying to tell herself that it made no sense, the amount of pain she was in. She didn't really even know all that much about Jason! And hadn't she gone on a date with Warren within the last two weeks, and didn't she still want to go out with him again? Wasn't all this pain and overpowering sadness overdoing it a little for a guy she'd only known for, like, five minutes?

But the thing was that she hadn't had a chance to process anything about what was going on with her and Jason until it was over. It had been somehow violent, the way he'd gotten so close so fast, and it was a lot to take in. She needed to figure out what it actually was that had ended so quickly, before she could let it go. She needed to close herself off. To deal. To hurt.

To stare off into space and pity herself.

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Kate had been putting this off for over a day now. She had bought herself some time by realizing she had to recharge her phone, but now it was charged and she couldn’t stall any longer. Sitting on her bed, she took a deep breath and selected her mother’s number on her cell. It was time to lie again.

An unexpectedly short call )

She hung up, and afterwards just stared at her phone for a while, a blank expression on her face. That had so not gone well at all. And she should have known that her mom would transition because of all the stressing and worrying. She should have known.

There was a distinct possibility of crying today.

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