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Date nights didn't happen too often these days. And Kate was pretty fine with that, since she got to live with her lovable boyfriend and their puppy baby, and staying in was pretty easy for her lazy ass.

But sometimes date inspiration struck, and her lazy ass put on a dress to head out. Like tonight. She'd gotten dressed up and dragged Bod out with her to just walk around and find a place to have a snack or a meal in.

A place like Blue Koi, which she was now excitedly pointing at, even as she swung Bod's hand with her other one. "Oooh! They're supposed to have really good bubble tea here!"

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Yesterday's lunch date had turned into going to an art museum, which had turned into having coffee, which had turned into aimlessly wandering around in the unusually warm for a January weather of KCMO way into the evening, talking. And kissing. Kate had made the first move on that, though only because she'd been able to tell he wanted her to. It didn't feel quite as good as she remembered it feeling, but she knew why that was (though she was determined not to think about it) and that was something she thought could be gotten over by practicing, and practice they did. Once you got the hang of it it was hard to stop, and she'd missed doing things like that more than she'd realized.

And today, all that had turned into Zach taking Kate out to play tennis. She couldn't believe that was something that was actually happening in her life, but she wasn't objecting. They needed to make the most of the time they had with each other all face to face, since she was heading back to Fandom tonight, and tennis just sounded like fun. And she happened to even own a white tennis outfit, as he found out when he came to pick her up, since she was just pulling a coat on when she opened the door. She'd had to hurry when she'd seen him pull up to their driveway; she didn't really feel like inviting him into her house yet. He should've just been glad she didn't exit her house even quicker or they may have been a collision.

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Kate hadn't been this happy to be in Kansas City for a long while. She hadn't even realized how much the whole of Fandom felt like it was caving in on her before she wasn't there anymore. Not that it was a going to be a long absence: she was just here for lunch, pretty much, and would be back in Fandom by the evening, largely because she didn't feel like going home either.

Zach had met up with her outside the Azure Café. In his neat suit, he looked even better in real life, and with a nice smile he'd told her she did too, and with a laugh she'd pointed out this was the first he'd seen of her as herself, to which he'd smiled again and said "Exactly". And so this whole thing felt more and more like a date with every passing moment.

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By now, things had pretty much gone back to normal. Bobby was back, Kate had got her sleeping pattern straightened out, she'd given away the rest of her muffins before they started being the main part of her diet, and she had a date tonight. Actually, things weren’t just normal; they were even pretty good.

Kate was listening to music as she finished putting on make-up. Extra care went into covering up the mark on her forehead. She couldn’t remember if she’d ever been as aware of her bangs as she had this week. Damn accident.

But that wasn’t going to put a damper on her mood. She had a cute outfit on, and she was going to have fun.

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Kate had survived – and enjoyed – newbie weekend, and now also the first classes of the term. And tonight she had a date. An actual date, the first in a long while. She was pretty happy about this. Sure, Eric might not have been exactly his type, but he was cute and he had asked her and it wasn't as if that happened every day, so she'd said yes.

It was nice to do normal things sometimes.

Some music was playing, and Kate danced to it a little while putting on make-up and trying to pick out an outfit to wear.

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