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This was it.

Kate had packed stuff in this room many, many times over the last two years, but this was it. The big one. The one time of packing where she'd already sent a few boxes of crap to be shipped off back to Kansas, because this wasn't just packing for a weekend at home, or a spring break, or a surprise trip off the island. This was packing to leave, to move away for good, and it felt more than a little surreal. She could remember many times she'd wanted nothing more than to leave the island and never look back, and now that she was actually doing it, she... She found she really, really didn't want to.

But she didn't really have a choice, and at the same time, she was looking forward to whatever was going to happen to her from now on. She just wished she could've maybe continued doing all of that from here.

She'd mostly packed all of her stuff already, and only a few open bags remained on her stripped bed. She was taking down the last of her possessions: everything on the wall beside her bed, the collection she'd started out on her very first day in order to make the room feel more like hers. Fliers and drawings and postcards, and photos of her family, and Bobby as a penguin, and herself as a boy, and all the other mementos that had been fit to be tacked into the wall.

She hadn't cried yet but it was still early.

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It was official: Kate absolutely hated dealing with interdimensional time differences. Hated, hated, hated. No, seriously. Yesterday, she'd set her brother to work on figuring out a schedule for his graduation visit, and he'd called her back today (a few hours later, his time), and they'd still had to spend the better part of an hour trying to finalize something of a plan. It was a frigging nightmare. She'd almost given up entirely, especially after she'd started getting a headache from trying to understand how their worlds could have been going at different speeds and they could still be having a normal phone conversation.

But somehow, they'd finally done it, and Kate had hung up and sighed and was now sorting through a pile of fresh laundry. She'd washed a bunch of clothes last week and never gotten around to actually putting them away. Might as well do it now.

It was helping her get a little less pissed off at stupid things like the multiverse.

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It was the day before the start of Parents' Weekend, and Kate was cleaning her side of the room.

Of course, she wasn't planning on letting Zach visit her room, not after what had happened the first time she'd let him in her room at home. And she didn't exactly give a damn about what condition her room would be in if Moosh and Lionel happened to come by there. So, if anyone asked, she'd say she was in fact doing a nice thing for Bobby and his visitors by cleaning up some of her mess. Yes.

She didn't even know whether Bobby had anyone coming to visit, or if he cared at all about what their room looked like, so maybe that excuse was not entirely true. Whatever, at least her side of the room would be kind of spotless for a while.

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Kate had been a little melancholy to lose the run of the dorms, yes. Somehow that had turned into confining herself in her room, where she was currently sprawled on her back on her bed in her favored combo of tank top and short skirt, just idly looking at the ceiling as some music played on in the background.

She'd considered going out yesterday when people were coming back, to maybe talk to some of the returnees, but then she'd decided against it. She'd say it was out of laziness, but at least some part of it was that she just didn't want to get confirmation of something she was already pretty sure was true.

Namely, that no one had noticed her little disappearance.

She hadn't told anyone when she left (apart from administration), and it wasn't like she was expecting anyone to notice when the resort was so big and she'd been spending so much time on her own, but it still wasn't a thought that made her particularly happy. So, it was better to just let people come to her, and maybe not even mention it unless they did first. And if no one did, well, whatever. Looking at the ceiling and listening to music while thinking about her next trip out of town was as fine a way to spend some time as any.

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Kate had... kind of intended to spend the night alone. That had been the original plan, at least, before a miniature freakout and being a fabulous fake and having to stand the sight of Caroline and ugh. Yet another plan of Kate's that had not gone quite as she'd originally thought it would.

She'd figure out how she felt about that later, maybe. Because right now she was still asleep, clinging to Nathan with an arm and a leg over him, pressed close against him despite the blankets spread over them. That was just her thing, minor neediness slipping out when she wasn't conscious enough to control it. It was a lot like another morning a month or so ago, probably, except they were presently decidedly more lacking in clothes and knew each other better in whole new ways.

And Fandom was being Fandom again, but that was not for them to know yet. They'd find out soon enough.

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Despite the progress she'd been making in a variety of things, walking around alone after sunset was still not something Kate was particularly fond of. She'd been pretty keen on spending time with Zach, though, so that meant it had already been dark when she'd made back east. And that... had quickly led to going through a mental list of options of what to do.

She'd picked calling Nathan before catching a cab back to the island. She had her reasons. And she also had a little brown bag of takeaway in hand when she stepped onto the causeway. Like she'd promised.

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Despite plans to the contrary, Kate had never made it to the slumber party. It was probably for the best, since after that one big bit of news and stupid hurt, all she really remembered of the evening was a whole lot of booze, and making big declarations on something about giraffes and how they would recognize Nathan as their king. She couldn't remember coming down to her room, though apparently she had.

So when she woke up to the cold with her head a little fuzzy and a lot in pain, at first she thought it was just Bobby's powers acting up. But no, soon enough she figured it was too cold for that, and it was too dark (though her aching head was actually grateful for that) and she could hear the blizzard outside, and all she could think was that this felt really familiar. Except for the hangover. That was new.

She got out of bed for for just long enough to slowly pull on some more clothes and then find a painkiller and down it with a glass of water, before crawling right back into bed and making herself a nest from all her blankets.

So not going to class, no way.

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Originally, Kate had been pretty thrilled to find herself alone in 324 for the weekend. She liked having a roommate, but she loved having the space to herself, with the freedom to hang out in as little clothes as she wanted to. What was there to not love about that?

And that was how it had worked for most of the evening. But then late night, after going to bed, she'd just become super aware of being alone in the room. Alone in the dark. She'd told herself it was just stupid and ridiculous and sad to be scared but the feeling didn't leave her alone. It was the first night she'd slept all alone (or at least without a territorial, protective vampire in the same house) since... all that traumatizing, life-threatening crap. She knew she'd get used to it with time, but knowing that didn't help with the fear at hand.

She'd done most of her sleeping in the morning, sleeping way in, and was now seriously considering luring someone into spending this next night with her. Right now, that mostly consisted of having her door open with music drifting out into the hallway. She wasn't feeling like going out to find people, though she did at times wander over to stand in the doorway, just... watching. It was that kind of a day.

Occasionally, she fiddled with her phone and wondered whether she should just call someone over, but she wasn't sure that the phonelines weren't still messed up, and anyway, how desperate would that have looked?

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