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Kate was having a random day of wanting to do useful stuff for once.

... Well, useful by her standards, since she'd started out by painting her nails with dark blue polish. And then she'd had to spend a good long while waiting for it to dry while reading some trashy gossip site online. That was kind of like keeping up with current events, right? Totally useful.

But by now, she'd actually progressed to sorting her laundry while some music played in the background. The mix cd he'd made for Bod way back for his birthday last fall, in fact.

Maybe it was a day to be productive and a bit mushy. And humming along.

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Kate loved Halloween, and October in general. It was her favourite time of the year. Usually, at least: this time the month had been a little rough. But she was sure nothing could ruin Halloween for her.

She was wrong.

She'd handwavily acquired some Halloween decorations and was hanging them up on her side of the room, when she suddenly started to feel weird. And wrong. She had just enough time to recognize the feeling.

"Oh fu––mwror!"

It was going to be a bitch, decorating your room when you were suddenly a lot smaller and had paws instead of hands.

Kate the cat was not pleased.

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After drawing in film class and playing lasertag in writing class, Kate was back in her room, happy to spend the rest of the day reading and listening to music.

Bobby was there too, of course, waddling around as usual. Kate nudged the little red ball towards him before sitting down on her bed and grabbing a book – an old play – off the pile on the table.

[For one.]
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It was Kate’s 6th day as a cat, and by now she was used to it. She wasn’t loving it, but she was okay with it. At least she didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping or other stuff like that. And she could get used to the whole being carried around thing. That stuff was a lazy teenager’s dream.

Still. There was a lot to be said for opposable thumbs, so it wasn’t as though she wasn’t anxious to be human-shaped again.

Right now, though, things were going okay for Kate the cat. She was comfortably asleep on Bobby’s bed, all curled into a fluffy ball, quite possibly dreaming of cat-friendly marshmallows that didn’t get stuck in her fur.

[For he whose alcove this is.]
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”I love you guys too. ...Okay, bye.”

Kate sighed as she ended the call. She had lied to her mom a lot more than she would have wanted to, even though she had tried to stay as vague as possible. Yes, she had been talking to people. Yes, everyone seemed friendly enough. Yes, the island was nice – or at least the little she had seen of it.

All of the above statements were, of course, true. The big lie had been this: ”Yes Mom, everything’s okay.” Because no, no it wasn’t. But it was easier to pretend that it was. Kate definitely didn’t want her mom stressing out over anything. Especially since everyone kept assuring her that despite its total weirdness, Fandom High was a good place to be, and she had decided not to talk to her family about any of the odd stuff, not at least while she was still coming to terms with it herself.

Kate shook her head in an effort to get the whole thing out of her head and started rummaging through her clothes. If she hadn’t been so damn tired on Saturday morning, she would not have unpacked all her stuff the day before the move to the cabins.

[For the roomie.]


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