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Kate and Bod's search for a hotel that was fancy but not way out of their league had led them to the Inn at Henderson's Wharf in Baltimore. The room appealed to Kate, and the view of the harbor was amazing, so she thought it had been a fine choice.

Not that that had been the point of this little trip. It was more to get away from everyone else and be a couple and relax. And to maybe talk about things that were bothering her, but she hadn't really gotten to that yet. She'd wanted to just have a fun night and ignore everything for a while, first. Save the heavy stuff.

The night was over now, though, and it was morning. Kate was awake, but lazy, still sprawling over Bod like she tended to. She sighed, and thought absently about getting up.

Maybe it could still wait.

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Friday had been pretty spectacularly bad, and the less said about it the better. Saturday, Kate had just laid low and recuperated. And today, today was just one of those days she had to get off the island. It was just a necessity, being outside in the normal world. Not getting yelled at by vampires, not singing things that were better kept silent.

So she'd come here, to this ice cream place. She'd been happy here once, months and months ago, flirting and drawing out some of the very first of those blushes she'd later come to love so much. This was a good, non-crazy place to be spending a Sunday afternoon in.

She had a big bowl of ice cream and her laptop in front of her, and was currently busying herself with following some of Knatasha Knightblade's advice from a few weeks ago by setting up an Amoozoo wishlist for Princess Valhalla Hawkwind.

Picking out things she wanted was like therapy. She'd be here a while.

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Kate had been a regular ray of sunshine at work yesterday. Really. )


And she was looking at the site again once she'd come back to Fandom and was just chilling in her room with her laptop on the desk in front of her.

It was just... intriguing.

[ooc: Open door, open post! Everything under the cut is NFB due to happening off island. Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E02 'Trouble Junction', catch-up and roompost smooshed together to conserve your flist.]
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It was job interview time! And Kate was ready. She felt she looked the part, and acted the part. Slinking around corners, all confidence and alertness and spy...ness.

Something. Whatever.

At least she looked good, striding into the Capital Surveillance and Retrieval offices. Which... didn't look all that spy-like, actually. But then, why would they have? It wasn't like spies were supposed to make a big deal of themselves. Didn't exactlly help with being a spy.

She decided that this was exactly what a spy office would look like. )

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Kate suspected that she was probably never going to stop hearing about how she’d brought her boyfriend to ballet class with her.

Her instructor was like that. The lady was fond of teasing.

But other than that, it had been a pretty normal class, and by now, Kate really didn’t care about any of that. She had an insane ice cream thing in front of her, a bowl with cherry and chocolate and vanilla ice cream, with sprinkles and some chocolate sauce on top.

And she had a spoon, and good company, and grin on her face. (And hardly any of that lurking fear remained.) Really, it had turned out to be a far better day than she'd expected.

"I think I'm gonna be feeling pretty sick after I finish this."

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Barely half an hour later, they were sitting in a hospital waiting room. )

And by the time they got to George's apartment... )

[ooc: NFI & NFB, OOC-okay, follows this. Bits taken (and tweaked) from Being Human S01E01. Again, preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] bitten_notshy, and coded by [ profile] chose_humanity.

And we're done! And now I have the line "once again, we all will be so broken" from this one song stuck in my head because it fits so very well. Bring on the fallout.]


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