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Six plus six was twelve, and twelve was the same as one, if you were talking about months first and then switched to years. The bottom line was, Kate and Bod had now been an item for a whole year in total. (There really was no need to talk about that four month gap between the first and second six month stretches. Because that was just a really fucking depressing topic all around.) And that was a huge fucking deal.

Enough of a huge fucking deal for it to be the first thing Kate become conscious of as she woke up this morning, all warm and tangled up with Bod, in their bed, in their room, just like they had been every night for the past week or so. That alone would've made her happy, but remembering the anniversary made her doubly so.

So, as much as it saddened her to do it, she tried slowly disentangling herself from her pale, pale boyfriend, so she'd be able to slip out of bed in her panda-print tunic. There was something she wanted to get from downstairs.

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"Woah, what's with the bouncing, princess?" Charmaine asked, looking up from her work on some new tiaras, as Kate came down the stairs seemingly exuding far more energy than she'd exhibited going up them some time earlier.

"Oh, nothing," Kate replied, mock coyly. The grinning probably ruined the effect, but she cared not. "Hey, Mom's still coming to pick you up for that doctor thing?"

"Unless she's turned into someone else, yes," her aunt replied. "Why?"

Yeah, Kate was still grinning. "No reason." Again, it wasn't really believable. She bounced her way to the kitchen.

Charmaine shook her head and went back to her glue and sequins. "Whatever you say, Katie."

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One of the good things about living in Fandom was getting to use Portalocity. So, when an obnoxious dude happened to stumble upon incriminating videos of a dark part of your life you would have rather buried and never thought about again, and you ended up punching him in his stupid face, and then found yourself anxious to get off the island because it was making you feel pukey and bad... You could hit up Portalocity for a package deal on portals to a cottage in Hawaii.

Kate had portalled out ahead to set some stuff up in advance before Bod got there. Those things included mundane stuff like getting groceries, but also special things like a hammock fit for two between two trees in the yard. It was important to have one. Right now, it was.

And there were one or two other things as well. Since the portal was not too far from the cottage, Kate had just texted Bod the address and a picture of the building, and was waiting for him on the kitchen, wearing the dress she'd not gone to a party in not too much earlier. She was resting her elbows on the railing, and beside her there were an empty jar, and a quickly made sign that said 'KISSING BOOTH'. Because she was a dork.

A dork who really, really felt like she needed to be with her boyfriend right now.

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Kate no longer had a depressing pink Vespa in storage on the mainland. Instead, she had a nice sum of money on her bank account and plans on how to spend it on things the girly scooter and all it stood for had put on hold for so many months. Things like the little box that was safe inside her bag right now, so tiny but yet so important. The Vespa seemed to have been like that, too. Only in a seriously skeevy and bad way. It felt freeing to have gotten rid of it.

She was online again, sprawling on her narrow bed as she searched for more things to include in her plans. It made for a nice weekend afternoon activity, and it was definitely better than what she'd been doing a week ago.

So much could change in a week. She should have learned that by now.

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Uncharacteristically, Kate was awake first. Not that that meant much: it wasn't like she'd moved yet or anything. Why would she have, when she was all wrapped up in blankets with Bod and could just enjoy his body heat and his familiar smell and feel all right there, close to her?

... Well, actually, she could think of a reason. It just came to her, suddenly, something they'd talked about, something she'd put some thought into later. She was warm and happy and it seemed like as good a time as any, probably for those very reasons.

Trying to move as slowly and smoothly as she could, so as not to wake Bod up yet if she didn't have to, she reached to fumble the drawer of her bedside table open for a notebook she knew she had there.

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