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Kate had turned twenty two weeks ago. Bod would do the same in a couple of weeks, and so not only was today almost the midway point between their two birthdays, it also happened to be their two-and-a-half years anniversary. Yes, Kate was about as astonished by that fact as most other people might have been. (Her own fifteen-year-old Fandom newbie self from a little over four years ago would have been flabbergasted, for sure.) And it was a cause for celebration.

It had taken some saving and a bit of luck with regards to deals, but they had a suite for a couple of days at Hotel Pershing Hall in Paris (Kate's choice, they hadn't been since that time Fandom was next to Disneyland), near just about all the good stuff as far as Kate was concerned. And that was before she'd seen the inside of the hotel, because holy shit.

"Holy shit."

Way to look like an American tourist right after dragging your bags in the door, Kate.

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Far, far away from any and all dungeon drama, two people were about to celebrate having managed to stay together for two whole years. (Well, two years plus the one half they'd managed the first time around.) Naturally, it warranted portaling out of Kansas for a trip. Kate had planned this one, and since Kate loved to pick places with significance sometimes, she'd picked Romania, since it was where one of Bod's childhood pseudo-parents had come from. And because it was in Europe and the internet had made it seem like there was enough to see in Bucharest on a trip lasting a few days.

Assuming they'd actually come out of their superior double room at the Marshal Garden Hotel. Which they'd just walked into for the first time.

"... Oh my God, I love it."

There were bright colors and big flower motifs on the carpet. Of course she loved it.

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Today, at least in the multiversal timezone Fandom was in, was Valentine's Day. And not only that, it had also been ten months to the day since a boy from England and a girl from Kansas had woken up together and decided they really rather wanted to go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Their first attempt at that had only lasted six months and change, so ten months was kind of a huge deal. So they were celebrating.

In Kansas.

Hey, at least it was in Topeka and not KCMO! Kate had never been, and it was actually turning out to be pretty okay. Or maybe that was the company. They had the hot tub suite booked for later at Senate Luxury Suites, but right now they were still at Gage Park, in the Reinisch Rose Garden. It was fall in Kansas, as evidenced by the leather jacket Kate had on over her dress, but since the garden over six thousand bushes of more than four hundred varieties of roses, some of them were still in bloom, and it was pretty enough for her.

She was all smiles, carrying her bag in one hand and holding one of Bod's with the other as they strolled along. "This pretty gorgeous for Kansas, don't you think?"

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Six plus six was twelve, and twelve was the same as one, if you were talking about months first and then switched to years. The bottom line was, Kate and Bod had now been an item for a whole year in total. (There really was no need to talk about that four month gap between the first and second six month stretches. Because that was just a really fucking depressing topic all around.) And that was a huge fucking deal.

Enough of a huge fucking deal for it to be the first thing Kate become conscious of as she woke up this morning, all warm and tangled up with Bod, in their bed, in their room, just like they had been every night for the past week or so. That alone would've made her happy, but remembering the anniversary made her doubly so.

So, as much as it saddened her to do it, she tried slowly disentangling herself from her pale, pale boyfriend, so she'd be able to slip out of bed in her panda-print tunic. There was something she wanted to get from downstairs.

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