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It had been a very tense, hectic few hours in the Gregson household. There had been a few fights, though those had been had mostly away from Bod's immediate vicinity, even if sound carried well in this house.

First, there'd been a brief row between Tara and Max once she'd finally made it back. Thankfully, that hadn't lasted long, and then Tara had already been off to go get Kate.

Next, there'd been a slightly heated discussion between Max and Charmaine, who'd finally dragged herself out of bed and out into the house, though she wasn't helping much.

Then, once Marshall had gotten home, Courtney had turned up some time after, and they'd had... a discussion, outside. It was about as close to an argument Marshall tended to get, really.

And then finally, once they'd managed to break the vacuum cleaner and had had to call Max's friend Neil to bring his one over, Neil and Charmaine had ended having a major fight in the front yard.

So, it was no wonder that even though the house was starting to look like it could be lived in (the broken windows had been taped over with plastic, the garbage bags had been taken out, the yard had been mostly cleared) the people inside were extremely tense, right about now. It didn't help that Tara and Kate were still nowhere to be seen. It was less than an hour until the social worker was supposed to show up.

Max was vacuuming the floor, while Marshall and Bod had been tasked with putting the finishing touches to everything. Mostly, it meant making sure family pictures were upright and sofa cushions in order.

And Charmaine? She was in the kitchen, and she needed the wall socket for the appliances.

"Stop unplugging the vac!" Max yelled for what felt like the nth time.

Click for endless drama. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, TBC in the comments! Part three of three. Again, preplayed with the amazing [ profile] there_was_life, and taken and modified from United States of Tara S02E07 'Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services'.]
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Kate had had high hopes that they'd be out of the basement in thirty minutes, maybe a little over. But no such luck. Of course not. Nearly two hours later and they were still there, the storm raging outside and showing absolutely no signs of going away.

They were sitting in a circle, some on chairs, some on crates and whatever else seat-like they'd found. Kate had a crate with a blanket over it. How luxurious. She surveyed the room and the people in it, her gaze flicking from person to person. Her mother on her right-hand side, looking mildly uncomfortable; then her brother, awkward and with a permanent frown of worry on his face; Charmaine, looking ready to puke; her dad, munching on a bagel all stoic and calm, so obviously trying to be a leader; then Ted, spreading Nutella on a bagel of his own, with Hany beside him; and then finally Bod, on her left-hand side.

They'd all run out of things to say a while ago, and the mood was not the greatest, nor the most relaxed.

Kate looked down at her phone again.

Bod was in the middle of a group of people he didn't really know. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Part two of two, still preplayed with the awesome [ profile] there_was_life, and taken and tweaked from USoT S02E06 'Torando!'.]
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Last night, Kate had brought Bod to Kansas with her again. Considering the way things had gone the last time (both the last time he'd been here, and the last time she'd been here), it may have been considered a bold move, but Kate was convinced that if she came back this time alone, things would have been much worse.

And it wasn't like they'd be spending much time with her family, anyway. Kate was going to be leaving for her comic book store thing soon, and Bod was getting to do whatever the hell he wanted while that was going on.

There had been some mentions of a tornado watch, but those didn't bother Kate as she sat by the kitchen island, eating cereal, wearing a sheet over her princess costume. No point in dressing in regular clothes when she'd be leaving soon. And she and Bod were alone in the kitchen: Kate didn't even know where the rest of her family was, and she didn't particularly care. Although, she was pretty sure she'd seen her brother's faghag/girlfriend hanging around. Still. And that was weird.

But whatever. She adjusted her helmet and turned a little more towards Bod. "So, what do you think you're gonna do while I'm out earning money?"

And so the very, very, very long day begins. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Part one of two, preplayed with the fantabulous [ profile] there_was_life, taken and modified from United States of Tara S02E06 'Torando!'. I love this episode.]
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Kate had been grounded for two days now, and she didn't even know why she was going along with it. Could've just grabbed a portal to Fandom and faced the consequences once she had to come back. But maybe she was giving in to it just because she'd turn seventeen next Friday and after that she'd declare herself ungroundable for good.

Not that she was in any way okay with being grounded in the first place. Her parents were having a total emotional meltdown, so what did they do? They put her on lockdown so they could 'be in control'. It was supreme bullshit.

But at least it was the kind of supreme bullshit that gave her plenty of time to hang out with her little brother, when he wasn't too busy spending time with his new gay BFF. Or banging that random chick. Because that had apparently happened yesterday. Hadn't been too smooth, either, by the sound of it, and Kate wasn't surprised.

Just like she wasn't surprised he was being a little boring right now. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E05 'Doin' Time'. It's not even Sunday here anymore, and much less morning, but it's been a long day.]
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Yesterday? Had been a fucking catastrophe of epic proportions, and Kate really didn't want to even think about it, but of course thinking about it was unavoidable. Everything was completely fucked up, again.

And now there were ants in their fucking kitchen, again.

So, Kate wasn't exactly pleased when she was having to have breakfast with a deep-seated hatred of everything in her heart, and a flyswatter in her hand. Stupid ants. Stupid life.

Tara could've maybe picked a better time to walk into the kitchen.

Hey Kate. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E04 'You Becoming You'.

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It had been the best afternoon ever. In the history of all afternoons since the beginning of time.

Or maybe Kate was exaggerating, just a touch. Either way, after dressing up as a winged superheroine, she'd spent the rest of her afternoon posing for Lynda who'd been inspired to start a new Princess Valhalla painting. (Inspired! By Kate! How awesome was that?) Not exactly a hardship, even if the sword that completed the pose was fucking heavy.

Eventually, though, she'd had to come home. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay, and still nabbed and tweaked from USoT S02E03 'The Truth Hurts'. Yes, this is the part that name refers to. Also, that phrase you might want to Google after reading this? Don't.]
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Kate thought there were better things to wake up to than Aunt Charmaine calling to squeal "I got engaged, Katie, I'm engaged!" and to ask whether she could have Kate's room because she had to move out of Nick's place to revirginize herself before the wedding. Which was months and months away.

Charmaine was not getting the room, but her delirious glee was something Kate could exploit since a whim had struck her. She'd kind of been thinking of an excuse to go to Kansas since yesterday, and it didn't take much more than saying that she would've loved to come celebrate if only flying wasn't so expensive. Charmaine immediately promised to pay for her flights. It would probably come out of Nick's money, anyway.

So, Kate packed some stuff, handwavily notified people she wasn't just disappearing (a note for Bobby and a voicemail for Bod), and left on an unplanned trip home.

And because the plane took her to Kansas City, it was only natural to take a little detour for work matters, right?

Right. )

[ooc: NFI and NFB, OOC-okay. Taken and tweaked from USoT S02E02. Lynda! ♥]
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It was all good on Oak Avenue.

Kate's family kind of really liked Bod. Even Max had warmed up to him, even after Saturday's little incident (and the lecture Kate had subsequently received). It helped that he was consistently polite. Way better than that kid with the weird hair. And somehow more trustworthy than that Leto guy.

So, there hadn't been many problems, though that could have also been down to the fact that Kate and Bod hadn't been spending a huge amount of time actually in the house. Sunday had been mostly about walking around, getting Bod accustomed to the area and how it looked, but today Kate had managed to convince her mother to give them the Green Hornet so they could drive around and she could show Bod all the places she used to hang out at. Her old school, the mall, even the Barnabeez she used to work at, though she only pointed that one out while they were driving past it.

It had been an enjoyable day, but also pretty tiring. The sneaking around after bedtime so Bod could sleep with Kate when he was supposedly sleeping on a mattress on Marshall's floor was still working for them, so they were all cuddled up and quiet, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Yes, all good on Oak Avenue.

That is, until something happened. )

[ooc: NFB due to distance. Warning for off-screen character death and discussion of suicide. Parts taken and tweaked from United States of Tara S02E01 'Yes'. Preplayed with the splendid [ profile] there_was_life. To be continued in the comments.]
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Kate was nervous. And she thought she had every damn right to be. This was actually the first time ever she'd brought a boyfriend home to be introduced to her parents. (As always, Leto didn't count. They hadn't even kissed before he came home with her.) And that was just... Weird. It felt weird.

And anyway, in her mind, they were here more to get a break from Fandom. Not to make official introductions. But it was still a little terrifying, even if she wasn't really showing it.

They'd taken a bus from the airport and walked the rest of the way since it wasn't far from the bus stop, and Kate thought she could use the extra time to remind Bod of what he wasn't supposed to talk about. And to prepare herself for everything.

The first thing she noticed after they got to her house was that her dad's pick-up truck wasn't parked outside. Neither was The Green Hornet, her mom's car. But she was too nervous to think about what that might mean.

"So. That's my house," she said, nodding at the house and flashing a smile at Bod as she stopped to stand by the green mailbox, which had a few painted flowers on it and said 'The Gregsons' in Tara's handwriting. "Welcome to Oak Avenue."

[ooc: For that guy I modded a bit just now. NFB due to distance.]
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This wasn't quite what Kate had expected her family to do in preparation for the start of the big redecoration project.

It was late, and the Gregsons were gathered in front of a Planet Aid clothing donation bin. They were all looking at it, almost as if expecting something to happen. Like maybe Tara would start switching and the alters would all come rolling out and express their disdain for why Max was carrying a box filled with all their stuff.

Because they were here to dump them. The meds had been working for a while now. Tara hadn't transitioned in months. And she'd been thinking about doing this for a while already, and now that Kate had come home for a few days, and they were boxing up some of their stuff anyway... Tara thought it was time.

But scepticism was in the air. Kate, as usual, took it upon herself to voice it, asking the question no one else had asked earlier in the evening or on the drive over.

Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, are we sure they're all gone? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC loved like pie. Taken from United States of Tara S02E01, 'Yes'. Whoo season two!]
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"So, you think there's any point to this?"

Kate's question threw Marshall for a loop for a moment. She was sitting on her bed, while he sat on the floor, leaning his back against the bed; they'd just been going over the latest lamenesses of Butterworth Senior High when Kate had decided to change the subject.

"Huh?" he asked, intelligently, turning his head to look at her.

"The new meds?" Kate clarified, shifting. She ended up on her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows, her cellphone in her hands. "Like, I thought we were over this already."

Their parents had meant to tell them on Friday... )

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"-- So then what? ...Oh, oh, like in that movie? You know. ...What do you mean, you don't? We watched it like three times in a row last spring when I had the-- Yes. That one. With the guy with the hair and the--"

Back in Overland Park, T was out, for some reason or other.

It meant that here in Fandom, Kate was sprawled on her bed with her phone clamped to her ear, getting updated on the stupid things morning television had to offer, and the things T would've liked to do later in the day if she wouldn't have been likely to be too lazy and too high to leave the house.

Kate was snickering a lot. "... Eww, T, that's disgusting."

There were worse ways to spend a morning.

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"...Maybe yeah, but I’m not sure yet. I don't know if they have stuff here that I wanna be here for, but I'll get back to you as soon as I know, okay? ...What? Um, no, we haven't talked about that, I don't think Christmas is a- ...Okay, maybe. We'll see. You wouldn't mind? ... Okay. I might ask him. ... Yeah. Tell Dad I said hi. Okay, love you too, bye."

And that was Kate's Thanksgiving phonecall to her Mom over and done with. Sure, Thanksgiving was actually on Thursday, but she'd tried calling then and that... hadn't worked out. After two unanswered calls to her mother's cellphone, she'd called her brother instead, and confirmed her suspicions: it had been Alice-time. It hadn’t been much better on Friday, either, but today things were back to as normal as the Gregsons could manage, and Kate actually really enjoyed talking to her mother on the phone. Despite all the crazy, she missed her family.

Still, what was Kate thankful for? Not being in Overland Park.

After the call she flopped down on her bed. This weekend wasn’t as busy as the two before it, and she was completely fine with that. If she was going to be involved in any kind of action today, that action was going to have to come find her first, because she was just going to lay here and be lazy.

[ooc: Open door, open post.]
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The first day of Parents’ Weekend had gone pretty well, and the second seemed to have had a good start too.

After escorting her mother to Mitchell’s office, Kate had met up with her brother to come hang out in her room.

”So, what were you doing when I was with Mom?” she asked, sitting down on the edge of her bed.

[ooc: For the younger Gregson kid!]
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Kate was just getting around to emailing photos of Fandom to her brother when her phone buzzed, signaling the arrival of a message.

haven’t seen you at school, where r u?

Kate blinked a few times after she read the message. Oh-kay. Not entirely unexpected, but still pretty surprising. She wasn’t going to reply to it, though. He didn’t deserve it. She couldn’t really bring herself to delete the message right away, but went back to picking sendable pictures on the computer.

About five minutes later the phone buzzed again.

i miss you katie-chan

...He was making it really hard not to reply. Kate sat on her bed, looking at her phone.

[Open door, open post!]
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Saturday had seen a very weird trip to the mall, and as a consequence, Sunday had been pretty quiet. Tara had woken up as herself again, and everything was a little awkward. It wasn’t as if Tara’s condition was a big family secret, but it was out now, and it affected the mood in the house. Everyone tried to do their own thing, and conversations revolved around trivial stuff. Kate’s family, in an effort to make light conversation, asked questions about life in Fandom and where Leto was from. They didn’t know how much editing went into answering them.

And today the house was empty apart from Kate and Leto. Max had gone to work, Tara had gone somewhere with Charmaine, and Marshall had gone to visit his best friend. It seemed like they were all maybe slightly running away, glad to put the weekend behind them.

Kate was holed up in her room for the moment. She had taken a shower, and after getting dressed and blowdrying her hair, she rummaged around her desk drawer until she found a lighter and a near-empty packet of cigarettes. She took one, and after opening her door a little to signal it was okay to come in, she went to smoke the cigarette by the open window.

[For the boy. NFB due to distance.]
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So, this was actually happening. Kate had brought Leto home with her.

Sure, her family could have picked them up at the airport, but Kate had insisted on a cab instead. It was kind of expensive, but at least it gave her some more time to prep Leto on What Not To Talk About. As if she hadn't kind of been lecturing him through the whole flight over.

The only downside to this arrangement was that thanks to some stuff that had come up during the cab ride, the cab driver now probably thought Kate and Leto were pretty nice and coherent for obvious drug users.

And now they were out of the cab and standing on the sidewalk in front of Kate's home. "So, this is my neighborhood," Kate told Leto, gesturing around at the identical houses and cute frontyards. "Pretty unspectacular."

Leto Atreides from Arrakis meets the Gregsons from Kansas. )

And then late Saturday morning... )

[OOC: NFI & NFB due to distance, OOC welcome. Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] future_sandworm and the equally wonderful [ profile] thegregsons aka [ profile] joan_notjane. Both bits posted now because of my (un)availability, about which there’ll be a separate post in just a moment.]
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Kate had been putting this off for over a day now. She had bought herself some time by realizing she had to recharge her phone, but now it was charged and she couldn’t stall any longer. Sitting on her bed, she took a deep breath and selected her mother’s number on her cell. It was time to lie again.

An unexpectedly short call )

She hung up, and afterwards just stared at her phone for a while, a blank expression on her face. That had so not gone well at all. And she should have known that her mom would transition because of all the stressing and worrying. She should have known.

There was a distinct possibility of crying today.

[Establishy, but can be open if cabinmates want to poke their heads in. Contents of call NFB, saying she made a call is fine.]
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”I love you guys too. ...Okay, bye.”

Kate sighed as she ended the call. She had lied to her mom a lot more than she would have wanted to, even though she had tried to stay as vague as possible. Yes, she had been talking to people. Yes, everyone seemed friendly enough. Yes, the island was nice – or at least the little she had seen of it.

All of the above statements were, of course, true. The big lie had been this: ”Yes Mom, everything’s okay.” Because no, no it wasn’t. But it was easier to pretend that it was. Kate definitely didn’t want her mom stressing out over anything. Especially since everyone kept assuring her that despite its total weirdness, Fandom High was a good place to be, and she had decided not to talk to her family about any of the odd stuff, not at least while she was still coming to terms with it herself.

Kate shook her head in an effort to get the whole thing out of her head and started rummaging through her clothes. If she hadn’t been so damn tired on Saturday morning, she would not have unpacked all her stuff the day before the move to the cabins.

[For the roomie.]
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“Are you sure you want to do this?” her mother asked as they hugged. Kate smiled and rolled her eyes. This wasn’t the first time Tara had asked her this. “Yes, I’m still sure. Really, I’m fine, Mom.” “She’s gonna be okay, Tara”, her dad chimed in, “she’s got the Gregson spirit, she can do anything. C’mere Katie.” Kate felt like a little kid as she passed straight from her mom’s arms into her dad’s. “Stay out of trouble”, he muttered into her ear, “otherwise I’m gonna look like a fool”. She answered with a little laugh, then pushed herself free. Her brother, who had been standing a bit further away as the parents staged their elaborate hugs, took a step forward and pulled something out of his bag. “It’s mostly Thelonious and Ella and Dizzy”, he said as he handed her the cd. “M.O.T.s and a mix cd? ...You’re so gonna miss me Moosh!” she grinned and pulled her brother in for a tight hug. Their mother took this as an opportunity to turn it into a family-sized group hug. Kate felt like they might never let go of her – and, just for a moment, she thought that it wouldn’t be so bad.

Kate did finally manage to disentangle herself, which was good, because that was the whole point of going to boarding school some states away. A little bit of distance between her and the Gregson family circus. She got on the plane and was on her way to Fandom Island and independence and exciting new things and people. And hopefully some sanity. Yes, after recent events, sanity and a sense of normalcy would be just what she needed. And how insane could a boarding school be?

[NFB due to distance, OOC mocking of Kate’s expectations of course very welcome.]


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