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It had been a very tense, hectic few hours in the Gregson household. There had been a few fights, though those had been had mostly away from Bod's immediate vicinity, even if sound carried well in this house.

First, there'd been a brief row between Tara and Max once she'd finally made it back. Thankfully, that hadn't lasted long, and then Tara had already been off to go get Kate.

Next, there'd been a slightly heated discussion between Max and Charmaine, who'd finally dragged herself out of bed and out into the house, though she wasn't helping much.

Then, once Marshall had gotten home, Courtney had turned up some time after, and they'd had... a discussion, outside. It was about as close to an argument Marshall tended to get, really.

And then finally, once they'd managed to break the vacuum cleaner and had had to call Max's friend Neil to bring his one over, Neil and Charmaine had ended having a major fight in the front yard.

So, it was no wonder that even though the house was starting to look like it could be lived in (the broken windows had been taped over with plastic, the garbage bags had been taken out, the yard had been mostly cleared) the people inside were extremely tense, right about now. It didn't help that Tara and Kate were still nowhere to be seen. It was less than an hour until the social worker was supposed to show up.

Max was vacuuming the floor, while Marshall and Bod had been tasked with putting the finishing touches to everything. Mostly, it meant making sure family pictures were upright and sofa cushions in order.

And Charmaine? She was in the kitchen, and she needed the wall socket for the appliances.

"Stop unplugging the vac!" Max yelled for what felt like the nth time.

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[ooc: NFB, NFI, TBC in the comments! Part three of three. Again, preplayed with the amazing [ profile] there_was_life, and taken and modified from United States of Tara S02E07 'Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services'.]
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Just like things weren't going too well back in Overland Park, they weren't going too well in kansas City, either.

Sure, Lynda and Kate had their fabulous table with the banner and the comics and the handmade PVH action figure and some of Lynda's sketchbooks and a Polaroid camera for the pictures they were selling. But none of that helped if no one was buying anything.

As Lynda had already explained to Kate, she figured it was probably because they'd had to reschedule this. If they'd have been here the previous day like they had planned, then they wouldn't have had to share the store with another, already established fake superhero. Knatasha Knightblade – a beautiful, tall, blonde woman, probably in her late forties, wearing a fantasy-inspired black leather outfit – had people lining up to take pictures with her all the time, whereas Kate and Lynda had not sold a single one. Kate thought it made no sense, and it wasn't fair.

And so, Kate was getting a little whiny.

I don't understand! Why doesn't anybody want a picture with me? I'm cute, I'm lovable. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay. Part two of three, still taken from USoT S01e07.]
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Wednesday night had been a quiet one. One they'd returned to the Gregson house, they'd found the downstairs in complete disarray. There were branches and leaves all over the place, not just the kitchen where the window had been smashed in by the wind. Someone had left the back door open. Kate had gotten yelled at about that for a while, but not too long. They'd all been too tired and confused and everything to really care. They'd left everything as it was, had some microwaved dinner and then retreated upstairs, each to their own rooms, with the exception of Kate and Bod who of course shared hers.

And now it was morning on post-apocalyptic Oak Avenue. Marshall had just taken off to meet up with some friends for breakfast, and Kate was nearly ready to leave for the rescheduled comic book thing. Kansas City hadn't been hit by the tornado, so there was nothing really stopping her.

She just really wanted to get out of the house. Go somewhere else and ignore the fact that her mother still hadn't come back.

"So, I'll be back in the afternoon, I guess," she said, pulling on a jacket over her princess getup.

But by then Bod will be wishing she hadn't left at all. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Part one of three. Again, preplayed with the amazing [ profile] there_was_life, and taken and modified from United States of Tara S02E07 'Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services'.]


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