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Kate was packing. Not everything, of course. Not even the stuff she wanted to take with her. For now, she was packing the things she didn't intend to take with her. Everything that looked childish was going in the cardboard box on her bed and she was happy to do it. They'd been around too long already. Just like she had.

Tomorrow, she and Zach were intending to go see an apartment Kate was already enamored with, and there was a good chance they'd get it on the spot. It seemed amazing, from the pictures and description online, and it had wiped out any and all doubts she may or may not have had about this whole thing. In her head it was already the next weekend, and she had a place of her very own, away from the Gregson house on Oak Avenue, away from Fandom.

And that called for some sacrifices.

"Bye bye, froggy alarm clock," Kate told the green object in her hands, pushing out her lower lip at it to show how utterly unfortunate it was that they had to part. "There is no lilypad for you at my new topfloor penthouse suite." And she couldn't help but grin at those three words as she shoved the clock in the box. "I love the way that sounds." She struck an effortless little pose, something she thought looked classy and suite-like, before picking up a pile of books and putting those in the box as well. "Topfloor penthouse suite, please."

Under this cut: everyone who's hated Zach go \o/ and Kate has a Crowning Moment of Awesome. )

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Maybe making a hasty exit from the mixer at the community center hadn't been the greatest idea, but Kate had felt it had been the only choice. Yes, she could have gone and found Bod and gotten the truth about the situation, but under the circumstances, it had seemed like either way she would have lost.

If it would've turned out Silas had been lying, like she was so adamant to convince herself he had, her going over to embarrass herself in front of Bod would've only given the man the satisfaction of seeing he'd gotten to her with his cruel little stunt.

And if it would've turned out Silas had been telling the truth... Well.

It had taken Zach a good couple of hours just to get Kate to calm down. )

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After a week of dealing with a bunch of stuff, this weekend had been kind of exactly what Kate had needed. Well, the Zach parts of it, anyway: they'd been happily away on an extended date yesterday while her parents and her aunt had dealt with having an open house in the Hubbard house next door. Kate hadn't paid all that much attention once she'd made it back, but even she'd been able to gather it hadn't gone quite as well as they might have hoped. What with there being talk of Alice having shown up to creep everyone the fuck out and everything.

Kate was determined not to let her family's inherent fucked-up-ness get to her right now, though. Everyone else had disappeared off to somewhere, most likely desperate to just escape from each other for a while, and Kate had taken the opportunity to invite Zach over. The house was nice and quiet, and the sofa in the living room was kind of made for cuddling, so she sat with her bare legs across his lap, his hand smoothing her skirt against her thigh as they talked.

Of course, while Kate wasn't going to let family weird get to her today, it didn't mean she wasn't going to talk about it. Actually, she'd just been relaying parts of the story to Zach and laughing about it. He wasn't laughing quite as much, though. He needs to get her out of this house, apparently. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay. Mostly taken with miiild tweakage from USoT S02E11, with some of the early bits being from S02E10, 'cause mix-and-match is what I live for.]
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Kate had ended up packing a lot of clothing options for her fancy date. She hadn't been able to help it, she wanted it to go well and she wanted to look good and mature, and forget everything anyone may have said about anything yesterday. She'd spent the morning busying herself with outfit selection, even going so far as to go through her aunt's wardrobe just in case something there happened to catch her eye, though she'd highly doubted it.

What she'd eventually decided on was all her own: a Lunch at Cartier's inspired ensemble, with the little black dress from the dance, a nice belt that made it less of an evening wear look, and a black headband. And for the finishing touch, she'd borrowed a pearl necklace from her mother.

"Don't forget to be yourself," Tara had said, sincere and smiling just a touch, after Kate had told her about the date to get the piece of jewelry from her, and all Kate had been able to reply with was an amused "Ha, ha, and ha, Mom" before going off to do her makeup like a good little old school glamour girl.

But then she's dramatically overdressed. )

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This was starting to be a weekend routine, going to Kansas and meeting up with Zach. It was something that got Kate through the week in Fandom, at least. Whatever happened. This week hadn't even been that bad, but she was still glad to see him when he came to pick her up from the airport.

By now, they were at the Gregson house. They were the only two people there, but in her bedroom all the same. It was the first time she'd let him into her home, after making sure everyone else was gone and would be for a while. She wasn't hiding him from them – since by now they all knew she was dating someone called Zach though they hadn't met him – but... all in good time.

Stuffed animals, earrings, and the Joffrey Ballet. Plus a phonecall, and a sibling discussion about happiness. All this just with the price of a click on this cut! )

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Yesterday's lunch date had turned into going to an art museum, which had turned into having coffee, which had turned into aimlessly wandering around in the unusually warm for a January weather of KCMO way into the evening, talking. And kissing. Kate had made the first move on that, though only because she'd been able to tell he wanted her to. It didn't feel quite as good as she remembered it feeling, but she knew why that was (though she was determined not to think about it) and that was something she thought could be gotten over by practicing, and practice they did. Once you got the hang of it it was hard to stop, and she'd missed doing things like that more than she'd realized.

And today, all that had turned into Zach taking Kate out to play tennis. She couldn't believe that was something that was actually happening in her life, but she wasn't objecting. They needed to make the most of the time they had with each other all face to face, since she was heading back to Fandom tonight, and tennis just sounded like fun. And she happened to even own a white tennis outfit, as he found out when he came to pick her up, since she was just pulling a coat on when she opened the door. She'd had to hurry when she'd seen him pull up to their driveway; she didn't really feel like inviting him into her house yet. He should've just been glad she didn't exit her house even quicker or they may have been a collision.

Of tennis and money. )

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Kate hadn't been this happy to be in Kansas City for a long while. She hadn't even realized how much the whole of Fandom felt like it was caving in on her before she wasn't there anymore. Not that it was a going to be a long absence: she was just here for lunch, pretty much, and would be back in Fandom by the evening, largely because she didn't feel like going home either.

Zach had met up with her outside the Azure Café. In his neat suit, he looked even better in real life, and with a nice smile he'd told her she did too, and with a laugh she'd pointed out this was the first he'd seen of her as herself, to which he'd smiled again and said "Exactly". And so this whole thing felt more and more like a date with every passing moment.

Yogohut and other stuff under this cut! )

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Kate's mood was a seriously fickle thing. Generally speaking, she was probably doing better than she had last week; she was largely doing fine when she was with people (provided none of those people were Bod), mind comfortably occupied, but relapses into severe gloom were still far too easy when she was alone. Like right now.

It had started when she'd been cleaning up her half of the room since even Bobby had bothered to do it yesterday, and she had come across a certain notebook that had just brought all the stupid hurt back. Having shoved the notebook away again, she'd seen all her Princess Valhalla crap and one thing had led to another, and now she was sitting on her bed in full costume (with a matching pink scarf around her neck), with the laptop in her lap. She hadn't bothered with squirrelproofing the room, not this time. Doing this right now had been a snap decision, and she didn't have any rum at hand. And she couldn't quite bring herself to care anymore, about whether word got out or not. She didn't see any consequences worse than the ones she'd already suffered through.

Still, having made her presence known online, she declined all requests from the guys she knew for sure would skeeve her out, meaning anyone she'd already done things for. She didn't think she could even stomach seeing their faces, to be honest. But then, then there was someone whose nick was just a normal name, not a scifi reference she didn't get or a desperately suggestive piece of utter failure. So, she clicked on 'Accept', and watched her newest acquaintance show up on her screen. He looked to be in his late twenties, with shortish brown hair and a nice face. And she actually remembered meeting this guy: it was easy to remember him, seeing as he was the only conventionally attractive guy she'd seen her entire time at the comic book store. Not that she'd paid his looks all that much mind back then. She'd been in love, but that was over now, so she was letting herself pay more attention to the fact that this guy was actually kind of cute.

Once more with feeling: I'm your Princess Valhalla Hawkwind, and your wish is my ultimate command; Or, Meet Zach. )

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