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It was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Okay, so maybe that a little overly dramatic, but Kate was pretty much feeling like that. It was still morning, but Tara and Max had more or less packed all their stuff in the truck already. Max was just fetching the last few of the bags now.

They were all gathered in the front yard: Charmaine with Wheels in her arms, Neil, Bod, Kate, and Marshall. And Tara, of course, fussing with some of her bags before the goodbyes.

Kate looked like she was going to cry, but then she'd been looking like that all morning.

And so Tara is sent on her way. )

All things, including emotional turmoil, calmed down eventually. By the afternoon, tears had dried, Charmaine and Neil had taken Wheels to the park, and Marshall had gone for a walk. Only Kate and Bod remained.

Standing in her parents' kitchen – her kitchen now? – Kate glanced around, sighed, and wondered when she should start moving her crap over from next door.

[ooc: NFB. Once more, preplayed with the utterly fabulous [ profile] nimeni, and taken and tweaked from the very end of USoT S03E12, also known as the series finale, woe. NO MORE CANON. Open for that guy, and calls and texts!]
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Time in Kansas was dragging on and things weren't getting any easier. Sure, Bryce had finally gone the fuck away (for the moment at least) but what he'd left behind was just more turmoil and disarray. It would probably have pleased him.

Tara reappears. Stuff happens. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay, [ profile] nimeni minorly modded with permission! Paraphrased with tweakage from USoT S03E11 and S03E12, 'The Good Parts'.]
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It had been a few days since Kate had been back home. It had been about a week where she'd been, mostly hanging out with Bod, waiting for the call that she knew would come. Her dad rallying the troops. Marshall was staying with their Grandma Sandy, and Kate was sure he was expecting the same.

The call had come today, so... Here Kate was, walking into the Gregson house again, bag over her shoulder and wearing a yellow sweater with the face of a polar bear on the front of it. She'd bought it while she'd been away. If you liked reading into things, there could have been symbolism there. Or maybe she just liked bright colors and bear motifs.

Art and other things. )

[ooc: NFB, preplayed with the incomparable [ profile] nimeni, to be continued in the comments! Lifted and tweaked from USoT S03E11 'Crunchy Ice'. Warning for Bryce being a creeper at everyone. Seriously, I lack proper labels for this.]
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It was a rough day.

What else is new? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Warning for, yes, you guessed it, assorted dark themes. Taken with less tweakage than the parts before from USoT S03E10.]
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Kate would've almost been glad to know her day was taking for-fucking-ever So, to recap: Last night, crab and Bryce. This morning: worrying methods of dealing, and being glad to go to work, even if that meant dropping Luke off at the Portalocity hub at the Airport. She really should've expected the day to continue on as not-good as possible. See, she was in Tulsa, yet again, when she got the call. It was Charmaine.

Oh come on, canon. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Still taken with maximum tweakage from USoT S03E10. Warning for off-screen NPC death and a brief mention of what is essentially misuse of prescription drugs. And to think this show was supposed to be a comedy, guys.]
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Man, was it ever fun to be one of the attendants on a flight where members of your family were among the passengers. Especially when it was your dad who was totally having super major flight anxiety and ranting to your brother a little too loudly and battling with his seatbelt.

Kate had to stride down to isle to where Marshall and Max were sitting. "Sir, calm down," she told her dad, in her best polite flight attendant voice, silently thankful she didn't need to watch over them on their connecting flight to New York for the film festival. Max looked a sweaty mess. "You're making the other passengers shit themselves."

Mon-- Monty! Monty! Monty. Monty. Monty. Monty. Monty. )

She pressed the call button and hoped Luke would save her from the boy monster for at least a moment.

[ooc: NFB, taken with major tweakage from USoT S03E08 'Chicken 'n' Corn'. Mainly for that guy she's calling, though other texts/calls are welcome too.]
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Yup, time was still playing tricks. Not that Kate had noticed yet, but it had been two days in Fandom while it had been just the one for her. Meaning, she was only getting home just now. Well, not home. Metcalf Bar & Grill, actually. The setting for her dad's birthday party. It was already evening by the time Kate and Evan got there. It had been a long ride. Fun, too, though. Evan was good company. Easy to talk to, not that they'd talked about anything of much worth. She was saving that for other people.

Once they pulled up to the bar, she picked up her various candy wrappers and empty cups from his car, her travel carnage. He called her a slob and they both laughed. "This was ridiculously fun," she said, which gained a nod from him. "Thank you for the ride, and thank you for stopping every 30 minutes for my microbladder." Evan smiled at her. "Yeah, of course, yeah, anytime. Thanks for the company. And I'll see you in two weeks. Eight AM to Springfield."

"Bright and early," Kate agreed, moving to get out of the car, wrangling her bag to follow along with her. Evan checked if she needed help but she was fine without any. "Okay, bye." With a little wave, she made her way to the bar. Inside, she ditched her bag by the door. The party was in full swing, with lots and lots of people and colored lights and her dad on the stage up front, with his guitar (Chastity Stargazer, it was called) and his band. And was he –– he was totally rocking some guyliner! Kate waved at him, excitedly.

"Katie-Kate, you made it!" he called back to her. Her mother was equally welcoming, giving her a big hug as soon as they came across one another. Charmaine did the same. Marshall and his boyfriend thing were all smiles too, when Kate ended up next to them.

"Hey, thanks for coming down, everybody," her dad called from the stage. "It's good to be back on stage with the Beaverlamp boys! I want to dedicate this first song to my beautiful and amazing wife, Tara."

It looked like it was actually going to be a good night.

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay. Still taken from USoT S03E07. This was totes supposed to happen yesterday, but a major headache prevented my brain from functioning adequately.]
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Kate had slept at the airport.

Correction: Kate had tried to sleep at the airport. It hadn't worked out all that well, so while staying there had allowed her a little more time alone with herself, the lack of proper sleep was still putting a dent to any mental clarity she could've been feeling. She'd come all the way down from her manic high of panic and pseudo-revelations, though. Now she just wanted to go home. Maybe sleep in an actual bed. Figure all this shit out.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Katie," her dad said, as he picked up her call. "How's Japan?"


Goddamn, that was a fast trip! )

First, there was someone else she needed to talk to. She grabbed her phone off the nightstand, and picked Bod's number.

[ooc: NFB, taken again from USoT S03E04. Primarily for the boy getting the call, but open for other texts/calls of the 'how's Japan?' variety as well.]
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After shuffling Bod off to the Portalocity terminal, Kate was left alone, waiting for her flight. The loudspeakers above droned on about smoking and solicitations in the terminal building being prohibited, but she wasn't listening. She could barely sit still in her seat. Staying quiet was impossible.

So she turned to the random guy next to her. "Where are you headed?"

"Business in Chicago," he said, barely glancing up from his laptop. "By way of St. Louis."

"St. Louis?" Kate repeated, her already wide smile getting wider. "Me too. Same flight. St. Louis to San Fransisco, San Fransisco to Osaka... Osaka, Japan."

The man nodded a few times, said a polite 'oh', then went back to whatever it was he'd been doing. Too bad Kate was really too hyper to take a hint right now. "You know, Osaka is a lot like Chicago," she said. "It's a real economic juggernaut. Two and a half million people live there, and in the morning, another million commute there for work. Melts the mind, don't it?" She grinned and took another sip of her iced coffee. "I'm going there to teach English."

"That's something."

Blah blah blah; disaster strikes. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, ooc-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S03E03.]
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It was the morning of Tara's (second) first day of college, which was part of the reason why Kate had crossed the lawn over to her parents' house this early. And when she walked into the kitchen, Marshall was... preparing to film a pile of books with a picture of their mother on top of it. "Moosh, what are you doing?"

"Making a video, so when Mom graduates, she can remember her first day." He took removed the lense cap and pointed the camera at the textbooks. "And so she began, climbing the staircase of Academia. Tara Gregson trembles at the learned gates of Kansas State Overlan--"

Under this cut: Tara Gregson goes back to school, Kate gets scarred for life, and the first bumps on the road to Japan make an appearance. )

[ooc: Taken from USoT S03E02, 'Crackerjack'. Mildly NWS in a one short instance, NFB, but open for all that call/text message/random-ass visit stuff.]
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It was the last day of July, and a sunny Sunday afternoon in Overland Park. Tara had wanted to throw a party in the Gregsons' backyard for the end of summer and the return of her daughter and every good thing she could think of, and so it had come to pass. There was food, and people (some neighbors, some friends from a little further off, and Bod who'd already shown up last night), and a karaoke machine set up under the arch that had been prettying up the back yard ever since Charmaine had failed to get married, earlier in the year.

Everything was pretty perfect. All that was missing was the hostess, though, because no one actually knew where Tara was, but... They were sadly used to that. So, Max was grilling, Charmaine and her belly were off to the side having a Diet Coke she shouldn't have been drinking, Ted was mingling with some people, and Lionel was filming Kate and Marshall.

And the aforementioned Gregson siblings? Were singing their hearts out, doing an enthusiastic karaoke version of Mmmbop. They looked to be enjoying themselves.

It was looking to be a good day on Oak Avenue.

[ooc: NFB, and for the boooy up there in the narrative, and myself in various guises. Bits and pieces taken from United States of Tara S03E01, '...youwillnotwin...'.]
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So, basically, Kate's general stance on weddings wasn't getting any better than it had been previously. The whole Zach deal had left her feeling a little confused, she couldn't have cared less about the guests (only two of whom were actually Nicks' relations; his parents, sitting near the front, looking stiff and uncomfortable), Tara had been seeming stressed about having to deal with her parents, the notorious Frank and Bev Craine, the former of which kept thinking Kate's name was Patricia and only remembered half the time that this was Charmaine's wedding, not her graduation.

Everything still looked beautiful, though. Their surroundings still looked like something far more grand than a lame backyard in a Kansas suburb, and Nick was still Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome, standing at the makeshift altar beside the priest as the ceremony was starting. Maybe Charmaine would actually get her fairytale.

And then it turns into your usual Gregson/Craine affair. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken from USoT S02E12, post two of two, warning for discussion of past child abuse. AND SO I AM DOOONE WITH SEASON TWO, WHOOO! Just in time for S3 premiering tomorrow night.]
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Kate was packing. Not everything, of course. Not even the stuff she wanted to take with her. For now, she was packing the things she didn't intend to take with her. Everything that looked childish was going in the cardboard box on her bed and she was happy to do it. They'd been around too long already. Just like she had.

Tomorrow, she and Zach were intending to go see an apartment Kate was already enamored with, and there was a good chance they'd get it on the spot. It seemed amazing, from the pictures and description online, and it had wiped out any and all doubts she may or may not have had about this whole thing. In her head it was already the next weekend, and she had a place of her very own, away from the Gregson house on Oak Avenue, away from Fandom.

And that called for some sacrifices.

"Bye bye, froggy alarm clock," Kate told the green object in her hands, pushing out her lower lip at it to show how utterly unfortunate it was that they had to part. "There is no lilypad for you at my new topfloor penthouse suite." And she couldn't help but grin at those three words as she shoved the clock in the box. "I love the way that sounds." She struck an effortless little pose, something she thought looked classy and suite-like, before picking up a pile of books and putting those in the box as well. "Topfloor penthouse suite, please."

Under this cut: everyone who's hated Zach go \o/ and Kate has a Crowning Moment of Awesome. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Taken from USoT S02E12, post one of two.]
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Wednesday night had been a quiet one. One they'd returned to the Gregson house, they'd found the downstairs in complete disarray. There were branches and leaves all over the place, not just the kitchen where the window had been smashed in by the wind. Someone had left the back door open. Kate had gotten yelled at about that for a while, but not too long. They'd all been too tired and confused and everything to really care. They'd left everything as it was, had some microwaved dinner and then retreated upstairs, each to their own rooms, with the exception of Kate and Bod who of course shared hers.

And now it was morning on post-apocalyptic Oak Avenue. Marshall had just taken off to meet up with some friends for breakfast, and Kate was nearly ready to leave for the rescheduled comic book thing. Kansas City hadn't been hit by the tornado, so there was nothing really stopping her.

She just really wanted to get out of the house. Go somewhere else and ignore the fact that her mother still hadn't come back.

"So, I'll be back in the afternoon, I guess," she said, pulling on a jacket over her princess getup.

But by then Bod will be wishing she hadn't left at all. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Part one of three. Again, preplayed with the amazing [ profile] there_was_life, and taken and modified from United States of Tara S02E07 'Dept. of Fucked Up Family Services'.]
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This wasn't quite what Kate had expected her family to do in preparation for the start of the big redecoration project.

It was late, and the Gregsons were gathered in front of a Planet Aid clothing donation bin. They were all looking at it, almost as if expecting something to happen. Like maybe Tara would start switching and the alters would all come rolling out and express their disdain for why Max was carrying a box filled with all their stuff.

Because they were here to dump them. The meds had been working for a while now. Tara hadn't transitioned in months. And she'd been thinking about doing this for a while already, and now that Kate had come home for a few days, and they were boxing up some of their stuff anyway... Tara thought it was time.

But scepticism was in the air. Kate, as usual, took it upon herself to voice it, asking the question no one else had asked earlier in the evening or on the drive over.

Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, are we sure they're all gone? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC loved like pie. Taken from United States of Tara S02E01, 'Yes'. Whoo season two!]
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So, this was actually happening. Kate had brought Leto home with her.

Sure, her family could have picked them up at the airport, but Kate had insisted on a cab instead. It was kind of expensive, but at least it gave her some more time to prep Leto on What Not To Talk About. As if she hadn't kind of been lecturing him through the whole flight over.

The only downside to this arrangement was that thanks to some stuff that had come up during the cab ride, the cab driver now probably thought Kate and Leto were pretty nice and coherent for obvious drug users.

And now they were out of the cab and standing on the sidewalk in front of Kate's home. "So, this is my neighborhood," Kate told Leto, gesturing around at the identical houses and cute frontyards. "Pretty unspectacular."

Leto Atreides from Arrakis meets the Gregsons from Kansas. )

And then late Saturday morning... )

[OOC: NFI & NFB due to distance, OOC welcome. Preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] future_sandworm and the equally wonderful [ profile] thegregsons aka [ profile] joan_notjane. Both bits posted now because of my (un)availability, about which there’ll be a separate post in just a moment.]
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“Are you sure you want to do this?” her mother asked as they hugged. Kate smiled and rolled her eyes. This wasn’t the first time Tara had asked her this. “Yes, I’m still sure. Really, I’m fine, Mom.” “She’s gonna be okay, Tara”, her dad chimed in, “she’s got the Gregson spirit, she can do anything. C’mere Katie.” Kate felt like a little kid as she passed straight from her mom’s arms into her dad’s. “Stay out of trouble”, he muttered into her ear, “otherwise I’m gonna look like a fool”. She answered with a little laugh, then pushed herself free. Her brother, who had been standing a bit further away as the parents staged their elaborate hugs, took a step forward and pulled something out of his bag. “It’s mostly Thelonious and Ella and Dizzy”, he said as he handed her the cd. “M.O.T.s and a mix cd? ...You’re so gonna miss me Moosh!” she grinned and pulled her brother in for a tight hug. Their mother took this as an opportunity to turn it into a family-sized group hug. Kate felt like they might never let go of her – and, just for a moment, she thought that it wouldn’t be so bad.

Kate did finally manage to disentangle herself, which was good, because that was the whole point of going to boarding school some states away. A little bit of distance between her and the Gregson family circus. She got on the plane and was on her way to Fandom Island and independence and exciting new things and people. And hopefully some sanity. Yes, after recent events, sanity and a sense of normalcy would be just what she needed. And how insane could a boarding school be?

[NFB due to distance, OOC mocking of Kate’s expectations of course very welcome.]


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