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So, while there were minor parts of this week that had been mildly depressing, today Kate was pretty excited because her first post-high school job interview was finally here. In preparation, she'd finally had her hair trimmed a bit from the overgrown hippie mess that it had turned into over her time in Fandom (though not as much as to completely lose her pseudo-bohemian charm) and she'd put a lot of thought into her outfit. The job was for a fucking fashion magazine, after all! She had to dress to impress. And she was pretty pleased with the end result, too, thinking it a pretty neat ensemble in appropriate fall colors. Cute but professional. That was the aim.

And she was practically on fire at the interview proper. Bubbling with energy. "And this is what's refreshing about me," she declared. "I am the only person that you are gonna meet here today who isn't lying on her resumé. What's the point? Yeah, I didn't go to college. Yeah, my high school transcript reads a little weird. Yeah, I worked at Barnabeez on Shawnee Mission Parkway and had to sue for sexual harassment, but that was only because my boss was insane!"

She gave only half a second's thought to whether she'd grinned a little too widely during that last bit. No matter, she pressed straight on, leaning forwards toward the interviewer, a thirty-something guy who... really did not look cool enough for a fashion magazine, but she'd deal. "This is what you get with me," she said, and emphasized her points with her hands. "I am smart. I am dedicated. I could write about fashion." She leaned back again, as relaxed as she could pretend to be. "I could write the hell out of this magazine."

At least the guy was smiling, though he had a correction to make. "This isn't a writer's position," he said. "It's... administrative."

Oh. "But I could get there, is what I'm saying," Kate replied, recovering quickly. "This is who I am," she added, smiling. "I'm telling you everything. You can trust me to do a good job because this is me!"

Is this also you? )

"I'm gonna go out and get some air," Kate told the others. "Meet me out front, okay?" She didn't stay and listen to any comments or objections. She really did want some fresh air. This day was utterly, utterly fired, and she didn't want to spend another minute around the sights and smells that made her remember things she'd rather not. She'd had enough of that already.

Once outside, she turned her cellphone back on, then scrolled absently through her contact list. Was any of this something to report to the world? Maybe not.

[ooc: NFB, but can be open should you wish it to be. Adapted from USoT S03E01, still.]
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It was the last day of July, and a sunny Sunday afternoon in Overland Park. Tara had wanted to throw a party in the Gregsons' backyard for the end of summer and the return of her daughter and every good thing she could think of, and so it had come to pass. There was food, and people (some neighbors, some friends from a little further off, and Bod who'd already shown up last night), and a karaoke machine set up under the arch that had been prettying up the back yard ever since Charmaine had failed to get married, earlier in the year.

Everything was pretty perfect. All that was missing was the hostess, though, because no one actually knew where Tara was, but... They were sadly used to that. So, Max was grilling, Charmaine and her belly were off to the side having a Diet Coke she shouldn't have been drinking, Ted was mingling with some people, and Lionel was filming Kate and Marshall.

And the aforementioned Gregson siblings? Were singing their hearts out, doing an enthusiastic karaoke version of Mmmbop. They looked to be enjoying themselves.

It was looking to be a good day on Oak Avenue.

[ooc: NFB, and for the boooy up there in the narrative, and myself in various guises. Bits and pieces taken from United States of Tara S03E01, '...youwillnotwin...'.]


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