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This was it.

Kate had packed stuff in this room many, many times over the last two years, but this was it. The big one. The one time of packing where she'd already sent a few boxes of crap to be shipped off back to Kansas, because this wasn't just packing for a weekend at home, or a spring break, or a surprise trip off the island. This was packing to leave, to move away for good, and it felt more than a little surreal. She could remember many times she'd wanted nothing more than to leave the island and never look back, and now that she was actually doing it, she... She found she really, really didn't want to.

But she didn't really have a choice, and at the same time, she was looking forward to whatever was going to happen to her from now on. She just wished she could've maybe continued doing all of that from here.

She'd mostly packed all of her stuff already, and only a few open bags remained on her stripped bed. She was taking down the last of her possessions: everything on the wall beside her bed, the collection she'd started out on her very first day in order to make the room feel more like hers. Fliers and drawings and postcards, and photos of her family, and Bobby as a penguin, and herself as a boy, and all the other mementos that had been fit to be tacked into the wall.

She hadn't cried yet but it was still early.

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There had been some interesting voicemails on Kate's phone when she'd woken up today. It had made for a pretty amusing start to the day, she could tell you. Kinda adorable, too. Maybe a little bit melancholy-inducing as well, but she seemed to be impervious to that this week, for the most part. It was just a good week.

So, she danced around the room a bit as she folded some laundry, music drifting out into the hallway. It was one of her last times of doing that here, if not the last, but she wasn't thinking about that.

Sorting fresh shirts was much more important for the moment.

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So, after her randomly awkward visit to the library, it seemed there was to be no party for Kate today. Well, not unless you counted it a party that she was wearing her new dress while music played on in the background. Kate didn't. The dress was because for just a moment, she'd considered going into town after all, before she'd realized that would've either meant going to the Devil's Nest and not being able to drink, or going to Caritas and having to face Caroline.

The music was just because.

She was slumped on her bed, playing a game on her phone and wondering whether she should dig out the liquor bottle she knew she had stashed in the depths of her closet. It called for consideration.

Thinking hard on just how pathetic that would make her look, mostly.

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Kate was having a random day of wanting to do useful stuff for once.

... Well, useful by her standards, since she'd started out by painting her nails with dark blue polish. And then she'd had to spend a good long while waiting for it to dry while reading some trashy gossip site online. That was kind of like keeping up with current events, right? Totally useful.

But by now, she'd actually progressed to sorting her laundry while some music played in the background. The mix cd he'd made for Bod way back for his birthday last fall, in fact.

Maybe it was a day to be productive and a bit mushy. And humming along.

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Fire. There's someone on fire. But Kate can't see who it is until the figure turns around and it's her but not her but her and she's standing there and the flames lick up her arms and she's on fire but then it's Mitchell, wild-eyed with a fire inside, and it's Hannibal and the flames go from hot to cold from hot to cold in time with his eyes, and then it's Jack and Emma and Karla and Sebastien and David and Bod and Marshall and Max and Tara --

And then it's Annie, serene calm beautiful Annie like that time in the cellar, and everything stops for a single awful second as she smiles.

And then the flames swallow her up and there's nothing but the fire.


Kate had been very, very glad to not wake up screaming. She had been very glad to wake up, period. Her subconscious was not the place to be right now, her dreams had made that abundantly clear. She'd had no trouble getting out of bed since she'd craved a cold shower to fully wake her up and make sure nothing lingered on.

After the shower, she'd changed her clothes, put on some music, opened the door, made her bed and then flopped down on it with a notebook to make plans for a third floor welcome she wasn't sure she'd even organize.

Saturday wasn't shaping up to be a day to be bubbly and welcoming.

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Fandom really liked raising the bar in what Kate considered to be an awful Monday morning, didn't it? Right now, the absolute top of the list was waking up at the trooper station and feeling thankful for having been there for about a day and a half, because everything before the detainment was gut-wrenchingly horrible.

After she'd been handwavily released from the station, Kate had made her way back across town to the dorms, where the first thing she ended up doing was spending a good while in the bathroom, puking her guts out at the vivid memory of blood flowing down her throat, because the hallways were reminding her of that pretty painfully. Yeah, she -- she needed to get out, right now. She hurriedly threw some stuff in her bag and then she was off. Not even really noticing the island's new location, she left a few uncertain handwavy voicemails (for Bod, and for Jack, and after some hesitation, also for Nathan – just quick messages to say she was normal, sorry, going home, sorry sorry sorry, and would be in touch) on the walk over to the causeway, and then turned her phone off.

She needed to not be here and not deal with this, just for a while.

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Kate was still recuperating. Her night, once she'd bothered to even try pretending she wanted to fall asleep, had been fitful and filled with nightmares, and hadn't left her feeling particularly refreshed.

Still, she'd tried to get back into some normal kind of feeling today. She'd eaten, and she'd showered, and she'd tried do positive, normal things. Having noticed there was a Strawberry Social today, and that the weather had finally cleared, she'd even gotten as far as slipping on a red dress before she'd realized that she had absolutely no inclination whatsoever for being social in a large crowd of people today. None. She was pretty sure she'd either end up hanging around the edges or leaving way early. Or maybe crying again. So, it was best just not to go at all. She wasn't feeling normal enough for that.

So, she'd picked up her laptop and flopped onto her bed, stomach down. She'd just be overdressed for some casual surfing. Pretty things, nothing dark or depressing.

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Having left Nathan back in his room, Kate had meant for this to be yet another normal, boring evening, just like she'd meant tomorrow to be just another normal, boring day at work. But, of course, then the call from Jack had come through, and suddenly she had an invitation to go to London tomorrow.

At first, she hesitated with her phone for a moment, both wondering whether she should check in with Mitchell and see where in the multiverse he was, and fully knowing she needed to let Bod know she was going because the last thing he needed this week was her just disappearing. Both of those could wait, though. She put her phone down on her desk and got a bag out of her closet.

Sure, she wasn't leaving until tomorrow, but this was something that called for some thought: just what did you pack when you'd been called to come help solve a murder?

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The view out the window was still Tokyo. And it was still raining. It was starting to get a bit depressing.

This meant Kate was spending her day in bed, eating candy and reading some laughable YA romance novel for the sole entertainment value of mocking it in her head. And playing 'spot the cliche' while wondering whether she should just get her laptop and pull up TVTropes to make herself a bingo card for the next hundred pages or so, because she was sure she could see the major twists coming a mile away.

Ah, easy afternoons.

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Yes, Kate had gone a little overboard with her drinking last night. She had also spent a good portion of today being glad that Bobby had already taken off for the weekend and that Bod was working at the library, so that no one had been around to interfere with her intense desire to just die.

But at least the party had been a success. An by the time evening came, she was feeling a little more functional. Once the headache and nausea had abated, she'd finally called home, just to chat about inconsequential stuff with her mom. Just to hear her voice, and make promises of coming to visit soon. She'd even made up an entirely fictional problem with their dorm room shower just so she'd had a reason to ask her mom to put her dad on the phone.

And after that, without considering it long, she'd left a voicemail for Bod. She'd only been outside the room once the whole day, to get food once she'd felt like she could keep it in, and having seen there were... island things happening again, she'd pretty much decided to keep to her room, probably for the majority of the weekend.

And right now that translated to leafing through an old issue of Cosmopolitan, because this was not the day for anything even remotely intelligent.

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Kate had finally managed to get a good night's sleep, even if it was only because she'd been exhausted beyond all measure after returning from the funeral. She didn't remember much about last night, really, beyond Bod checking up on her via phonecalls through the evening until she'd announced she was going to bed. She must've been doing random crap, but couldn't remember what it had been, and didn't really care, either.

Her head was a little clearer today, though she wasn't sure if that was good or not. She didn't want to think about the funeral anymore, not about Nathan's coffin, or his mom, or how she was pretty sure Caroline hadn't cried at all, or how she herself had been crying all the fucking time. She just needed a mental break from it all.

So, she was focusing on the party tomorrow. She'd considered calling it off and having someone tear down all the posters, but she really needed something like that to concentrate her energy on instead of wallowing. So, halfway decently dressed in one of the less revealing pairs of shorts and a long hoodie, she sat on her bed and jotted down errands she needed to run today.

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Having put up her posters, Kate had returned to her room to continue her good day with further party planning. But that was sadly not to be: her phone had been charging while she'd been away and she'd finally gotten around to seeing she had a voicemail. So she listened to it.

Bad idea.

Her first thought was that it was a sick joke, that Nathan really was pushing things too far in an effort to be excused for his radio silence since leaving, but she couldn't hold onto that bit of disbelief for long. The woman – Nathan's mom – was far too shaken, the quivering of her voice far too real. It was all real. On the second listen Kate had to sit down on the edge of her bed because the room had started to spin, but it took about four times before it all started really sinking in.

Forcing herself to skip listening a fifth time, her brain instead switched on to practical matters, the first of which was leaving a voicemail of her own. And the second... Was staring dully into the middle distance.

She'd maybe get to something a little more useful later.

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Uncharacteristically, Kate was awake first. Not that that meant much: it wasn't like she'd moved yet or anything. Why would she have, when she was all wrapped up in blankets with Bod and could just enjoy his body heat and his familiar smell and feel all right there, close to her?

... Well, actually, she could think of a reason. It just came to her, suddenly, something they'd talked about, something she'd put some thought into later. She was warm and happy and it seemed like as good a time as any, probably for those very reasons.

Trying to move as slowly and smoothly as she could, so as not to wake Bod up yet if she didn't have to, she reached to fumble the drawer of her bedside table open for a notebook she knew she had there.

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It was official: Kate absolutely hated dealing with interdimensional time differences. Hated, hated, hated. No, seriously. Yesterday, she'd set her brother to work on figuring out a schedule for his graduation visit, and he'd called her back today (a few hours later, his time), and they'd still had to spend the better part of an hour trying to finalize something of a plan. It was a frigging nightmare. She'd almost given up entirely, especially after she'd started getting a headache from trying to understand how their worlds could have been going at different speeds and they could still be having a normal phone conversation.

But somehow, they'd finally done it, and Kate had hung up and sighed and was now sorting through a pile of fresh laundry. She'd washed a bunch of clothes last week and never gotten around to actually putting them away. Might as well do it now.

It was helping her get a little less pissed off at stupid things like the multiverse.

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Yeah, so, last night had been fun. If you were a masochist and thought messed up weather coupled with a stupid fire drill was fun, which Kate didn't. Bod had had to half carry her up to her room and help her out of her wet clothes before she'd fallen in bed and dozed off into deep sleep pretty damn fast.

And deep sleep was where she'd stayed until just now. She wasn't even sure why she was already waking up now, but she was. And maybe it wasn't so bad: she needed a shower, and breakfast, and she'd planned to actually get her ass down to the salle today, and there was other crap that she was supposed to do as well. Waking up would have actually been a good idea.

... Kate just shifted a bit and clung to Bod some more. Five more minutes. Just five more minutes.

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So. To sum up: Kate had spent the weekend being a divorced 37-year-old one-time indie movie starlet, taking a break from her studies at community college. She'd looked a whole lot like her mother. She'd used to teach at the school. Her last fake little sib had grown up hot. She'd hated Priestly's wife. She'd met Bod for the first time in twenty years. She'd had tattoos that commemmorated things she really did not want to think about this early in the morning, and those things were directly related to why certain people had been nowhere to be seen.

And oh, yeah, the vampire who ran the new club in town had hugged her.

Somehow, all this added up to Kate being currently sprawled flat on her back on the floor in the middle of her room. (Don't judge, it was a good place to think and recover.) Her phone was on the floor beside her, since she thought it would not be a bad idea to check up on some people after a weekend like that, but that could still wait a while.

She'd just stare at the ceiling and boggle at everything she remembered from the weekend, right now.

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It was the day before the start of Parents' Weekend, and Kate was cleaning her side of the room.

Of course, she wasn't planning on letting Zach visit her room, not after what had happened the first time she'd let him in her room at home. And she didn't exactly give a damn about what condition her room would be in if Moosh and Lionel happened to come by there. So, if anyone asked, she'd say she was in fact doing a nice thing for Bobby and his visitors by cleaning up some of her mess. Yes.

She didn't even know whether Bobby had anyone coming to visit, or if he cared at all about what their room looked like, so maybe that excuse was not entirely true. Whatever, at least her side of the room would be kind of spotless for a while.

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For once, Kate appeared studeous. She was sitting at her desk with her laptop open, some independent, half finished coursework on the screen. On one side of the computer, she had a big mug of coffee; on the other, her thermos, which was a cheap piece of junk she'd ended up having to buy to replace the nice one with the flowers on account of not having it anymore.

She wasn't really doing anything, though. Mostly, she was waiting, passing her time drinking coffee, staring at the screen, and occasionally glancing at her open door.

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Kate had been a little melancholy to lose the run of the dorms, yes. Somehow that had turned into confining herself in her room, where she was currently sprawled on her back on her bed in her favored combo of tank top and short skirt, just idly looking at the ceiling as some music played on in the background.

She'd considered going out yesterday when people were coming back, to maybe talk to some of the returnees, but then she'd decided against it. She'd say it was out of laziness, but at least some part of it was that she just didn't want to get confirmation of something she was already pretty sure was true.

Namely, that no one had noticed her little disappearance.

She hadn't told anyone when she left (apart from administration), and it wasn't like she was expecting anyone to notice when the resort was so big and she'd been spending so much time on her own, but it still wasn't a thought that made her particularly happy. So, it was better to just let people come to her, and maybe not even mention it unless they did first. And if no one did, well, whatever. Looking at the ceiling and listening to music while thinking about her next trip out of town was as fine a way to spend some time as any.

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A day before taking off for Hawaii, what exactly was there to do but pack? That was what Kate was doing, anyway. Well, that, and occasionally sending off texts to Zach, lazy Saturday things about post Spring Break plans and promises of souvenirs. Nothing serious, she was refusing to do serious right now.

And with good reason. She remembered the day before Spring Break last year. She didn't want to, and sometimes she would have give anything not to, but she did: the phonecalls, the panic, the running, the pixie pretty murderess, blood, run little girl run, shock, ambulance, confusion, crying, hospital (before it came to be a theme with them), Lauren's a vampire, and so am I in case you hadn't worked it out yet. It was all there, and it was trying to surface again, and she wasn't about to let that happen. All she was allowing herself was the vague urge to call Jack and just... talk. But maybe later.

So, nothing serious today. None. Just pretty clothes and sunshine necessities, and if the amount of clothes strewn about her side of the room were any indication, she was doing rather well with that.

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