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The Gregson house was a lot busier than it had been for the last couple of months. More cramped, too, or so it seemed. Kate's parents had finally come back a few days ago, and everyone was still settling back into everyday life. Or in some cases, getting ready to settle into everyday life somewhere else. Kate and Bod had secured themselves an apartment, see, a little further away in KCMO. They'd be able to move in a few days. So while they'd hauled their belonging out of the master bedroom and into Kate's, most of the stuff had already gotten packed away into boxes that they'd eventually load into Max's truck to be driven to their new digs. And Kate was still packing.

Except right now. Right now, she was laying down on her back in what had been her bedroom for fifteen years (and on and off again even after that), looking up at the ceiling. She needed a breather.

They were really going to do this. So, was this what being an adult felt like?

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In her own view, Kate had bounced back... okay-ish, from texting with Mitchell, earlier. Of course, her own view of things was often not the most objective view possible. But at least she hadn't had to spend any time throwing up like she'd been worried would happen for a while there?

Yeah, she was pretty glad to get back in the plane, and she basically even forgot to be awkward at Evan even though there had been a slight incident between them (pre-Mitchell) earlier in the day. Apparently she'd been too smiley at him or something on the flight into Tulsa, since he'd seen fit to inform her that while he was flattered, he wasn't looking to go out with her because he'd recently gotten divorced and had a kid and yadda yadda, and she'd had to point to her ring and remark that she was the sensible teenager's equivalent of married and dude, so not hitting on him.

So, awkward. But they seemed pretty fine now that she was stuffing his carry-on bag into the overhead locker. Which was good because she'd come to like bumping into him on his frequent flights over the past few weeks after the Burger Knight candy dispenser thing.

(Time was running weirdly – even weirdlier? – for her in relation to Fandom again. She didn't even know what day it was back there.)

TL;DR in which a flight is canceled and minibar drinks are had in a skeezy hotel room. )

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Inspecting the damage in the mirror, Kate poked at her nose and winced a little when that proved that yes, it still hurt. The slight swelling had gone down, though, and there was only slight bruising on either side of her nose, so it could've been a lot worse and Kate knew that. It'd fade before the interview with the Teach Abroad people next week.

But it was still enough for her to scrap any and all plans of hopping a portal to Fandom right now. Didn't feel like explaining her face to any randoms, and it was still too sore to the touch to cover up with makeup. So, she was going to be staying home, yes.

That didn't mean she wasn't going to communicate with the outside world. She'd ignored her phone for most of the previous night, too shellshocked and tired to deal with words and all that stuff. She was getting around to it now, though. Turning her phone back on, she noticed there were two texts that made her crack the faintest of smiles as she sent back a reply and shook her head a little at Bobby drinking appletinis.

And then, a message to Bod, who she hoped had just assumed she'd gotten distracted in the middle of their texting last night. She knew how he could worry.

sorry for vanishing last night, we had a situation happen. everything's fine now though.

More or less. With a sigh, she flopped down onto their bed, phone still in hand.

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The stupid thing about going to Kansas was that time was much slower. Kate was painfully aware that while she'd already been gone from Fandom over two days, it had barely been 18 hours for her. Still, after a night at home, she was just about starting to feel a little less raw. The general nausea had abated, at least, as had the panic.

The guilt, however irrational she knew it to be, would probably stay for a while.

Stretching out on her bed, Kate reached to get her phone from the nightstand, then turned it on. For a moment, she thought about making a call – to Bod, to Jack, to Mitchell, to Hannibal, to anyone – but she decided against it, unable to really decide what it was she wanted to say to any one of them. (Except maybe Hannibal. There was a certain amount of I get it now present.) She put the phone down on the bed next to her.

She'd be available now; that'd have to be enough.

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Friday had been pretty spectacularly bad, and the less said about it the better. Saturday, Kate had just laid low and recuperated. And today, today was just one of those days she had to get off the island. It was just a necessity, being outside in the normal world. Not getting yelled at by vampires, not singing things that were better kept silent.

So she'd come here, to this ice cream place. She'd been happy here once, months and months ago, flirting and drawing out some of the very first of those blushes she'd later come to love so much. This was a good, non-crazy place to be spending a Sunday afternoon in.

She had a big bowl of ice cream and her laptop in front of her, and was currently busying herself with following some of Knatasha Knightblade's advice from a few weeks ago by setting up an Amoozoo wishlist for Princess Valhalla Hawkwind.

Picking out things she wanted was like therapy. She'd be here a while.

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Nothing had happened since Tara had downed the first of her new meds on Sunday morning. And they'd all been waiting for something to happen ever since. It had been a weird two days.

Today, finally, Kate had escaped the house to go to the mall, where she promptly ran into her old gang of girlfriends, who were oh my God so excited to see her and who wanted to know everything that had been going on with her since she'd moved.

An hour later, Kate slipped away from their old usual table at the coffee shop, making idle promises of keeping in touch.

They were promises she had no intention of keeping. It had been an awkward hour of stilted conversation. She couldn't bring herself to care about any of their shit, and there wasn't a whole lot she could tell them about her life now.

They had probably never really been friends in the first place, Kate figured as she wandered around the mall. Alone again, and kind of really wanting to go back ho-- to where her potted plants were.

Somehow, this led to a slight voicemail spree, after she realized she hadn't actually replied to the two very amusing ones she'd received on Sunday. So, she replied to those, then left a couple others, too.

Then, just for the hell of it, she texted... most of Fandom, really:

Rejoice! Miss Overland Park is returning tomorrow. What should I expect from our (un)fair Fandom Island?

This was Kate Gregson showing her love. Fandom better appreciate it.

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It had felt so weird, getting home on Sunday afternoon. Kate hadn't been back in six months, and it hit her hard, how everything was the same as it had always been.

Yeah, actually, she had been back home once after starting at Fandom High, but that didn't count, not really; she realized that now. That time, she'd taken Leto home with her, which meant she'd effectively taken Fandom home with her, too. With him there, Overland Park wasn't the same Overland Park she'd known all her life. With him there, she was looking at everything from a stranger's point of view, trying to imagine how it all seemed to him. And she couldn't even pretend her life was the same as it had always been; one look at him and she remembered all the weirdness.

And she knew it was all real.

There was nothing to do that to her now, nothing concrete to remind her Fandom wasn't just a trick of her mind. She spent all of Sunday feeling unsteady, like she was standing between two worlds, kind of unsure about everything. It was similar to what she felt during Parents' Weekend, thrown off her balance by trying to keep Fandom and her home from crashing together and screwing everything up for her.

But the feeling was fading now. Nearly 16 years spent in her hometown ensured that it was ridiculously easy to slip into that old way of being. Being who she had always been, doing the same things she always did. It was exactly why Monday afternoon found her at the mall, visiting all her favorite stores and just generally hanging out.

She was just heading for the record store and had gone past an elaborate Christmas tree and some benches when she heard a voice call out her name.

She recognized the voice instantly, and spun around before she'd even had time to think about it.

Cut for meeting the Ghost of Boyfriend Past. ...Or y'know, just running into an ex. )

She got her phone out and sent a mass text to her friends in Fandom.

How's things in Fandom or wherever you are? Kansas is boring.

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Kate was just getting around to emailing photos of Fandom to her brother when her phone buzzed, signaling the arrival of a message.

haven’t seen you at school, where r u?

Kate blinked a few times after she read the message. Oh-kay. Not entirely unexpected, but still pretty surprising. She wasn’t going to reply to it, though. He didn’t deserve it. She couldn’t really bring herself to delete the message right away, but went back to picking sendable pictures on the computer.

About five minutes later the phone buzzed again.

i miss you katie-chan

...He was making it really hard not to reply. Kate sat on her bed, looking at her phone.

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