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It had taken several hours of driving to get to the State Fair from KCMO. But that just meant this date time had included a road trip! And since it was Kate's 22nd birthday, she was cool with a road trip.

And, apparently, visiting a cheesy state fair with a motel night to follow.

Sometimes she liked simple pleasures.

Like pointin at signs advertising attractions around the fairgrounds. "Oh my God! Toto, we really are in Kansas right now."

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Kate had stayed the night in Fandom. Then she'd grabbed the earliest possible portal back home. Then she'd gone by a flower shop to get purple roses before actually going home. And she hadn't explained a whole lot to Bod, just dragged him along to the car because there was somewhere they needed to go today. A certain place back in Overland Park.

And they were on their way now. Almost there, in fact, because it wasn't that long a drive, even if Kate still kind of drove like a little old lady, sometimes.

"Wait, fuck, I always get confused around here. Is the next turn to the left? I think it is."

It would probably have been helpful if she'd actually told Bod where they were going.

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Ah, blissful days off. Perfect for doing pointless things! Okay, maybe not so pointless, they had some minor things to shop for. But mostly, Kate had gotten her mother's car and dragged Bod off to her old favorite mall just for the hell of it. Just to see if it was still the same and you could still get decent ice cream from the food court.

She stopped near the entrance after coming in, and looked around. It was your basic Midwestern mall. A little on the small side, and maybe it had seen better days. "Jesus, I haven't been here in years." A little over three years, to be exact. "And it's exactly the same! You'd think they'd have renovated a little."

She actually sounded a little gleeful.

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The Gregson house was a lot busier than it had been for the last couple of months. More cramped, too, or so it seemed. Kate's parents had finally come back a few days ago, and everyone was still settling back into everyday life. Or in some cases, getting ready to settle into everyday life somewhere else. Kate and Bod had secured themselves an apartment, see, a little further away in KCMO. They'd be able to move in a few days. So while they'd hauled their belonging out of the master bedroom and into Kate's, most of the stuff had already gotten packed away into boxes that they'd eventually load into Max's truck to be driven to their new digs. And Kate was still packing.

Except right now. Right now, she was laying down on her back in what had been her bedroom for fifteen years (and on and off again even after that), looking up at the ceiling. She needed a breather.

They were really going to do this. So, was this what being an adult felt like?

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Marshall was at school, Bod had been sent on errands, and Kate had the day off. She was using it productively – no, really! – by looking at ads for apartments for rent in the general Kansas City area. And kind of daydreaming about the swankier ones while she circled some of the cheaper places to show to Bod, later.

Also, she was eating candy. But mostly that apartment hunt thing!

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It was a morning in early January in Kansas, and Kate was awake but hadn't accomplished much past rolling onto her back to look at the ceiling of her parents' bedroom. (Or, as it had been for a couple of months, hers and Bod's.) Awake enough to have thoughts whirring in her head but not enough to actually bother getting out of bed. She'd get to that. She had work, later, and all. But she was thinking right now.

They had about a month to go before her parents would be coming back. The news from Boston seemed to be positive, most of the time. It was hard, too, of course it was, but her mom seemed to think she was making some sort of progress and while Kate was naturally wary of getting too optimistic, it was still pretty nice to hear.

But that wasn't really what she was thinking about. Her thoughts were more centred around what would happen once her parents got back. You know, with their general living situation. Even with how annoying paying the bills was, she'd kind of gotten used to just having the house for the three of them.


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It was Christmas Day, fucking finally. It even felt like it: there had been some pretty impressive snowfall earlier in the week, so it was a seriously white Christmas, and Kate had really done her best to get the house looking Christmassy (and less creepily than when Grandma Sandy had been around some months before). The living room looked postcard perfect, with the tree in the corner and other decorations all around.

There'd been some Skypeing with Boston, earlier, and even the parentals had been pretty impressed with how things looked, when Kate had insisted on carrying her laptop around for a webcam tour. They were alone again now, though. Moosh was in the kitchen, putting finishing touches on what he had deemed gift-giving snacks, while Kate, in her adorable/ridiculous bear dress, was sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, a camera in her hands. Because a lot of these things just called for being immortalized as pixels.

She looked pretty happy. And sort of bouncy, even though she was sitting down.

"Sorry if I'm all hyper or whatever. I kinda always eat too much sugar over the holidays."

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It was Sunday morning in Overland Park, even if many a person inside this particular house on Oak Avenue thought it was actually Monday morning. They could probably all agree that it was morning, though. And maybe that last night had been fun.

And as far as their darling hostess was concerned, it had been a success. Kate was thrilled that people had shown up, even if it hadn't stopped being weird to see them all actually in her house. In Kansas. It was trippy, and not just because she'd gotten a little tipsy over the course of the evening. But it had made her so damn happy, and she would have probably tried insisting on staying up all night if Bod hadn't half carried her to bed after she'd started nodding off on the couch.

Things had eventually quieted down, yes, and a comfortable place to sleep had been found for all those who'd stayed over, whether in beds or on mattresses hauled over from the house next door. And now it was morning. Kate was still completely out of it, upstairs in her and Bod's bedroom (formerly her parents' room), of course, but the smell of coffee and crisp bacon was already drifting through the house. And that could only mean one thing:

Marshall was a good person.

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Yesterday, Charmaine and Neil had gotten married in a tiny municipal wedding ceremony that had somehow been better for everyone than Charmaine's previous attempt at a marriage. And early today, the newly wedded couple, along with their infant daughter, had taken off for Houston to go househunting. And Kate was already feeling weird that it was really just her and Marshall and Bod around, now.

So it was a good thing this was the day she'd invited people to come visit. Some booze had been acquired, and Marshall had busied himself in the kitchen making snacks, and they were all set. It was going to be weird since Kate had invited a bunch of people who'd never been to Kansas before, but she was hoping it would be a fun kind of weird.

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Things had calmed down. Tara and Max had made it to Boston, but they were still getting acquainted with the place. The facility. That was such a weird word, facility. Kate was going to have to get used to it, though. Her mom was going to be at one for months, now.

Kate had just baked muffins just because she needed something to do. Nothing fancy – Moosh had fucked off somewhere, so she hadn't been able to ask for any help or recipes. They were done now, anyway. Cooling on a tray on the counter.

She sighed, sitting down on a chair by the counter and picking up her phone. There were a few people she thought she should get up to date about the recent Gregson goings-on, and she figured she should start now. She also figured she shoud start with the one who'd require the fewest explanations, having already been exposed to Bryce and all, so she picked Luke's number and raised the phone up to her ear.

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It was the first day of the rest of their lives.

Okay, so maybe that a little overly dramatic, but Kate was pretty much feeling like that. It was still morning, but Tara and Max had more or less packed all their stuff in the truck already. Max was just fetching the last few of the bags now.

They were all gathered in the front yard: Charmaine with Wheels in her arms, Neil, Bod, Kate, and Marshall. And Tara, of course, fussing with some of her bags before the goodbyes.

Kate looked like she was going to cry, but then she'd been looking like that all morning.

And so Tara is sent on her way. )

All things, including emotional turmoil, calmed down eventually. By the afternoon, tears had dried, Charmaine and Neil had taken Wheels to the park, and Marshall had gone for a walk. Only Kate and Bod remained.

Standing in her parents' kitchen – her kitchen now? – Kate glanced around, sighed, and wondered when she should start moving her crap over from next door.

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This week had been far too intense. Kate could tell by how long it took her to put the pieces of all of it together after waking up. Bryce had attacked her brother. Her aunt and uncle and cousin were moving away. Her mom was going away for three months.

It was a lot of new information.

But at least she and Bod were back in their own bed, and had already been the previous night. No Bryce meant no more barricades. Even Marshall had been sleeping in his room again, even if it still had Bryce's handiwork all over it. You couldn't really say things were back to normal.

With a sigh, Kate picked up her head off Bod's chest, sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Lots to do today, but she didn't feel particularly awake.

Wake up. )

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It was a rough day.

What else is new? )

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Behind a cut, just in case. This is such a happy canon, rly. )

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Over in Kate's universe, two days had passed since the trials of St. Louis. It pretty much felt like one seriously long day for Kate, though, since it had been a blur of flights and errands and then some more flights since she'd had to cover for someone else. She was getting free time now, though, and there was even supposed to be some kind of a dinner tonight at her parents' house, so she'd finally called Luke and told him to catch a portal to the KC international airport and meet her there after her shift so they could be on their way back to Overland Park. And lo, it had happened.

She'd been pretty surprised, to say the least, to find Eddie Izzard her mother's Psych professor hanging out at their house when she and Luke had arrived. But, they were working on a paper on DID together, and the guy seemed okay – dry, sarcastic, and English were not a bad combo in Kate's book – so she supposed it could've been worse. And at least now no one could nag at her for bringing a dude to what had apparently been envisioned as a women-only thing.

While Professor Hattaras was in the kitchen heating up stew prepared the night before, they'd sat in the Gregsons' backyard for a while, surrounded by twinkly lights in the cooling fall evening, with appetizers and wine because Mitchell apparently wasn't the only who'd stopped enforcing the American drinking age. It had been idle conversation for the most part, with a few half-joking allusions from Charmaine that her sister was having an affair with the professor and Tara vehemently protesting that she shouldn't say stuff like that in front of her daughter and her friend. Just your average Mooshless and Maxless Sunday evening on Oak Avenue, really.

It was too cold in the backyard by now, though, and since the good professor had announced that the stew was ready, they'd relocated into the kitchen (following Tara's lead, since she'd excused herself to go inside a few minutes earlier) and crammed themselves around the table. Well, everyone except for Wheels, who was dozing peacefully in her carry cot on the counter to the side, and Tara who was still going around the table, putting stew into everyone's bowls and making sure no one needed more bread before she'd settle down.

It's a dinner at the Gregson house. Of course it turns into a disaster. )

[ooc: NFB, based on USoT S03E09 'Bryce Will Play', preplayed with the magnificent [ profile] trickydemigod, and to be continued in the comments. Warning for allusions to past child abuse, and Bryce generally being a creeper.]
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The one bad thing about having your long distance boyfriend come over to stay with you during his Spring Break was that however wonderful it was, it somehow wasn't grounds enough to stay home from work. Kate had had to leave Bod at home, doing whatever it was you did when you were an unusual Englishman staying with your girlfriend's aunt and her wailing infant in Kansas. Watching over Wheels in fifteen minute increments, probably.

And Kate had a long day of visiting several Midwestern cities behind her. And since it was one of those days where she hadn't managed to cajole the Green Hornet away from her mom (something about needing it to get to school, blah), she was on a bus. And bored. Looking out the window, absently playing with her necklace while ignoring the drunken mumblings of a dude a few seats away from her kind of bored.

She just wanted to get home. Sigh.

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Today, at least in the multiversal timezone Fandom was in, was Valentine's Day. And not only that, it had also been ten months to the day since a boy from England and a girl from Kansas had woken up together and decided they really rather wanted to go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Their first attempt at that had only lasted six months and change, so ten months was kind of a huge deal. So they were celebrating.

In Kansas.

Hey, at least it was in Topeka and not KCMO! Kate had never been, and it was actually turning out to be pretty okay. Or maybe that was the company. They had the hot tub suite booked for later at Senate Luxury Suites, but right now they were still at Gage Park, in the Reinisch Rose Garden. It was fall in Kansas, as evidenced by the leather jacket Kate had on over her dress, but since the garden over six thousand bushes of more than four hundred varieties of roses, some of them were still in bloom, and it was pretty enough for her.

She was all smiles, carrying her bag in one hand and holding one of Bod's with the other as they strolled along. "This pretty gorgeous for Kansas, don't you think?"

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After texting with Mitchell, Kate considered going back to sleep.

For about two seconds. And then she was gently shaking Bod by his shoulder. "Bod, wake up! Rum drinks at the Honolulu Heights next week!"

Because that was going to make sense to him for sure.

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This week was turning out much less eventful than the previous one, and Kate was glad about that. The highpoint of her week so far had been asking a random passenger called Evan get her a Burger Knight candy dispenser from Tulsa because she was collecting them. She'd exchanged the plane's last tiny bottle of alcohol for it. Seriously, that was the most mention-worthy thing from the last few days.

Well, except for the realization that while she hadn't been paying attention, her brother had actually changed boyfriends. Apparently he was with that Noah kid from their film class team now.

Oh yeah, and Charmaine had properly given up on calling her baby Cassandra by now, since the weetiny person only responded to Wheels. And occasionaly Chinese cursewords. Thanks, Neil.

But those were small things. Insignificant. So Kate was just having a lazy day off, playing games on her phone and idly considering the possibility of a trip back to Fandom again. Or maybe she'd just stay here and do absolutely nothing. That was a fine choice too. Mm, time off.

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Kate had slept at the airport.

Correction: Kate had tried to sleep at the airport. It hadn't worked out all that well, so while staying there had allowed her a little more time alone with herself, the lack of proper sleep was still putting a dent to any mental clarity she could've been feeling. She'd come all the way down from her manic high of panic and pseudo-revelations, though. Now she just wanted to go home. Maybe sleep in an actual bed. Figure all this shit out.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Katie," her dad said, as he picked up her call. "How's Japan?"


Goddamn, that was a fast trip! )

First, there was someone else she needed to talk to. She grabbed her phone off the nightstand, and picked Bod's number.

[ooc: NFB, taken again from USoT S03E04. Primarily for the boy getting the call, but open for other texts/calls of the 'how's Japan?' variety as well.]


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