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In her own view, Kate had bounced back... okay-ish, from texting with Mitchell, earlier. Of course, her own view of things was often not the most objective view possible. But at least she hadn't had to spend any time throwing up like she'd been worried would happen for a while there?

Yeah, she was pretty glad to get back in the plane, and she basically even forgot to be awkward at Evan even though there had been a slight incident between them (pre-Mitchell) earlier in the day. Apparently she'd been too smiley at him or something on the flight into Tulsa, since he'd seen fit to inform her that while he was flattered, he wasn't looking to go out with her because he'd recently gotten divorced and had a kid and yadda yadda, and she'd had to point to her ring and remark that she was the sensible teenager's equivalent of married and dude, so not hitting on him.

So, awkward. But they seemed pretty fine now that she was stuffing his carry-on bag into the overhead locker. Which was good because she'd come to like bumping into him on his frequent flights over the past few weeks after the Burger Knight candy dispenser thing.

(Time was running weirdly – even weirdlier? – for her in relation to Fandom again. She didn't even know what day it was back there.)

TL;DR in which a flight is canceled and minibar drinks are had in a skeezy hotel room. )

[ooc: NFB! Taken with tweakage from USoT S03E07'The Electrifying & Magnanimous Return of Beaverlamp' (S3 episode titles ILU), can be open for texts/calls if you're willing to put up with SP.]
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Fire. There's someone on fire. But Kate can't see who it is until the figure turns around and it's her but not her but her and she's standing there and the flames lick up her arms and she's on fire but then it's Mitchell, wild-eyed with a fire inside, and it's Hannibal and the flames go from hot to cold from hot to cold in time with his eyes, and then it's Jack and Emma and Karla and Sebastien and David and Bod and Marshall and Max and Tara --

And then it's Annie, serene calm beautiful Annie like that time in the cellar, and everything stops for a single awful second as she smiles.

And then the flames swallow her up and there's nothing but the fire.


Kate had been very, very glad to not wake up screaming. She had been very glad to wake up, period. Her subconscious was not the place to be right now, her dreams had made that abundantly clear. She'd had no trouble getting out of bed since she'd craved a cold shower to fully wake her up and make sure nothing lingered on.

After the shower, she'd changed her clothes, put on some music, opened the door, made her bed and then flopped down on it with a notebook to make plans for a third floor welcome she wasn't sure she'd even organize.

Saturday wasn't shaping up to be a day to be bubbly and welcoming.

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After smoking outside and making some calls, Kate was back inside the hospital again. She didn't go straight back to Mitchell's room, though. She was feeling too... something, to do that yet, and Mitchell would still be there if she went in later. So she'd wait a bit.

So, she conquered an uncomfortable chair in the nearby waiting area, and dug out her tiny pink iPod that she'd found (along with the single cigarette) on the bottom of her bag. There was a certain song she'd remembered earlier, while she'd been outside. She wanted to listen to it.

Or so she thought. Too bad she'd only remembered the hook, not the main part of the lyrics.

Pull the blindfold down so your eyes can't see; now run as fast as you can, through this field of trees. I can't shake this feeling I've got; my dirty hands, have I been in the wars? The saddest thing that I'd ever seen were sm--

She shut the player off and stuck it back into her pocket with a heavy sigh. She hated this place and everything it chose to be.

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Friday had been pretty spectacularly bad, and the less said about it the better. Saturday, Kate had just laid low and recuperated. And today, today was just one of those days she had to get off the island. It was just a necessity, being outside in the normal world. Not getting yelled at by vampires, not singing things that were better kept silent.

So she'd come here, to this ice cream place. She'd been happy here once, months and months ago, flirting and drawing out some of the very first of those blushes she'd later come to love so much. This was a good, non-crazy place to be spending a Sunday afternoon in.

She had a big bowl of ice cream and her laptop in front of her, and was currently busying herself with following some of Knatasha Knightblade's advice from a few weeks ago by setting up an Amoozoo wishlist for Princess Valhalla Hawkwind.

Picking out things she wanted was like therapy. She'd be here a while.

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It hadn't been the best morning Kate had ever had. It hadn't been the worst either, though, and she knew that. Not that she'd admit it, but it had felt good to talk, if even just a little bit.

But it had still left her feeling distinctly uncomfortable.

There were two people she usually went to when she felt like this. The first one she'd tried to get a hold of straight after leaving Jack's room. It had taken her a while, but she'd found him.

... Which had then meant bitching to a desert mouse about stupid fucking transformations taking place at stupid fucking times before letting him go off on his merry way again.

And the other person she usually went to? Mitchell. Yeah.

So Kate had just taken a long, long walk through town. And now she was back in her room, sprawled on her bed with an issue of Cosmopolitan, with music on for company, a little louder than usual. So not thinking about next week, and especially not about any Monday classes.

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Barely half an hour later, they were sitting in a hospital waiting room. )

And by the time they got to George's apartment... )

[ooc: NFI & NFB, OOC-okay, follows this. Bits taken (and tweaked) from Being Human S01E01. Again, preplayed with the wonderful [ profile] chose_humanity and [ profile] bitten_notshy, and coded by [ profile] chose_humanity.

And we're done! And now I have the line "once again, we all will be so broken" from this one song stuck in my head because it fits so very well. Bring on the fallout.]
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Kate was packing for spring break. The Bahamas, seriously? How awesome was that?

She so needed the vacation.

She had been waiting for a call from her brother, so her phone was already close at hand when it started ringing. )

Kate stood frozen for a good while after the call ended. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe George was just prone to spazzing. Mitchell was a grown-up, as he was so fond of reminding her. He could take care of himself. Maybe she should just forget about it.

But she couldn't stop thinking about it. And the more she thought about it...

Okay, Kate was now officially Worried. )

She was already gathering her stuff as she ended the call. Boots, bag, jacket.

It was entirely possible she'd be at the causeway in less than ten minutes.

[ooc: NFI (as she's running out), and let's say the topic of the calls is NFB. Preplayed with the smashing [ profile] chose_humanity and the amazing [ profile] bitten_notshy. Fabulous coding by [ profile] chose_humanity. Follows this.]


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