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It was a new day, and a new attempt at leaving Kansas behind. This attempt would not fail. Kate had decided to wear her adorable bear dress today, like maybe it'd bring her good luck. This attempt also came complete with actual goodbyes with the family. And a bet on whether Tara was going to make it, since she – or someone else in her body, actually – had taken off last night and still wasn't back when Kate was getting ready to leave at noon. She did show up right as the rest of the family was in the middle of a group hug. And Kate scored Buck's casino winnings too, in addition to getting to hug her mom goodbye, so all was well.

Until she got to the airport, at least. See, it turned out her flight was being delayed again over some technical malfunction with the plane or something. It was kind of a mood killer, if you asked her. She just wanted to be gone already, but the universe seemed to be conspiring against her. "You are going to die in Kansas," she told her reflection in the bathroom mirror, having dabbed her face with cool water over the sink.

Oh dear. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay, still taken with mild tweakage from USoT S03E03.]
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After shuffling Bod off to the Portalocity terminal, Kate was left alone, waiting for her flight. The loudspeakers above droned on about smoking and solicitations in the terminal building being prohibited, but she wasn't listening. She could barely sit still in her seat. Staying quiet was impossible.

So she turned to the random guy next to her. "Where are you headed?"

"Business in Chicago," he said, barely glancing up from his laptop. "By way of St. Louis."

"St. Louis?" Kate repeated, her already wide smile getting wider. "Me too. Same flight. St. Louis to San Fransisco, San Fransisco to Osaka... Osaka, Japan."

The man nodded a few times, said a polite 'oh', then went back to whatever it was he'd been doing. Too bad Kate was really too hyper to take a hint right now. "You know, Osaka is a lot like Chicago," she said. "It's a real economic juggernaut. Two and a half million people live there, and in the morning, another million commute there for work. Melts the mind, don't it?" She grinned and took another sip of her iced coffee. "I'm going there to teach English."

"That's something."

Blah blah blah; disaster strikes. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, ooc-okay! Taken and tweaked from USoT S03E03.]
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Last night, Kate had promised her family would get to say a proper goodbye to her this morning.

... Yeah, that wasn't happening. It probably made her a bit of a hypocrite, considering last weekend, but she didn't care because she was pretty sure she'd never make it off Oak Avenue is she let her family cry all over her. It'd be hard enough to say goodbye to Bod, and they'd at least be able to see each other a little more frequently, Portalocity willing. So, last night, she'd told him of her plan to leave the house while Char and Neil were still asleep, and this morning they'd shuffled around the house as quietly as they could while she packed the last of her things and wrote a letter that she left on the kitchen table for her aunt and her babydaddy to find.

Kate had been pretty good about keeping her voice down in the house, so it was only in the cab to the airport that she'd started letting her utter excitement show. She'd been bubbly and bordering on hyper the whole way, and even as they got to the airport, it showed no signs of abating. "Oh my God," she said, bouncing a little bit on the balls of her feet, once they were in the terminal. "It's happening. It's really happening!"

[ooc: NFB, for the (heartbroken, I'm sure) boyfriend and some epic SP. Certain elements borrowed from United States of Tara S03E03, 'The Full Fuck You Finger'.]


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