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It was job interview time! And Kate was ready. She felt she looked the part, and acted the part. Slinking around corners, all confidence and alertness and spy...ness.

Something. Whatever.

At least she looked good, striding into the Capital Surveillance and Retrieval offices. Which... didn't look all that spy-like, actually. But then, why would they have? It wasn't like spies were supposed to make a big deal of themselves. Didn't exactlly help with being a spy.

She decided that this was exactly what a spy office would look like. )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC-okay! Final actual (and my favorite) scene from USoT S02E01, whoot. Also I totally forgot this in an open tab unposted for like two hours, oops.]
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You knew you were in Fandom when a class where the room was full of bunnies was not the most insane class of the day. But that was all forgotten now, because Kate had to prepare for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, she had a job interview! And that trumped everything else.

She'd considered calling up Mitchell or Hannibal to gush, but what she really needed right now was someone to go over her outfit with her. Which meant that after a lot of persuading and general harassment, she'd managed to get her brother on webcam.

Her laptop was on her desk chair now, so Marshall got a full-body view when she finally emerged from the bathroom in her carefully picked job interview clothes: a black turtleneck shirt, black skirt, black leggins, and black boots. She thought black was a good color for the job. "So, is this serious enough?" she asked, stopping to pose with her hands on her hips.

What makes you think I know anything about fashion? )

Kate just made another face at him and muttered "no" as she started prying the boots off her feet. Stupid logical little brother, trying to bring her down.

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Music was wading into the hallway from room 324 (loud enough to be heard, but not loud enough to warrant complaints), and there was a sign on Kate's open door today!

Okay, so it wasn't much of a sign, just a bright orange post-it note. But it did say You already stopped to read this, so why not come in and claim a third floor chocolate coin? on it.

Kate had maybe bought too many of the things, this time around. And she thought she might end up eating them all, because she was currently jobhunting and that was way stressful. Also, they didn't go well with her Squishy and she was still eating them.

She scrolled through listings and they were depressing. Jobs were you needed your own car, babysitter gigs, Vita-Self (people were still selling that shit, really?), a family friendly restaurant that had to be a Barnabeez by the sound of it...

Wait. 'Capital Surveillance and Retrieval'? Kate just had to click on that link, and it got her a graphic:

Assist high-powered clients.
Make big Commissions.
Track offenders and investigate open cases!

... Well. Color Kate extremely intrigued.

[ooc: Open! Feel free to complain about the music anyway. Once again more or less taken from USoT S02E01 'Yes'.]
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It was kind of funny how weirdness never stopped being weird, no matter how much you were exposed to different types of it.

Kate had felt weird since the complete disaster that was Monday night. She'd felt weird through Tuesday's family breakfast, and the stuff they did during the day, and the dinner with the gay neighbors and Charmaine and Nick (which Kate and Marshall and Bod hadn't even attended), and through whatever random crap they'd done today. She could barely remember. It was all kind of hazy. But at least she was pretty sure she'd kept her inner confusion hidden pretty well, for the most part.

She hadn't spent all that much time actually alone with Bod, though. That could've led to talking and she didn't want to do that, so she didn't.

And tomorrow, they'd be back in Fandom. Some other kind of weirdness would take this weirdness' place and this would be forgotten. Hopefully.

Right now, though, they were still in Overland Park. Kate was lying on her stomach on her brother's bed with Bod sitting beside her, Marshall's latest yearbook from glamorous Butterworth Senior High open in front of her, and a black marker in her hand. Marshall himself was currently standing on his bed on Kate's other side, fixing a lamp he had hanging from his ceiling.

Kate drew horns on some random freshman's picture and blacked out his eyes. "I don't miss any of these people."

[For the boooy. NFB due to distance, contains stuff nabbed from USoT S02E01 'Yes'. ETA: Warning for discussion of suicide.]
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It was all good on Oak Avenue.

Kate's family kind of really liked Bod. Even Max had warmed up to him, even after Saturday's little incident (and the lecture Kate had subsequently received). It helped that he was consistently polite. Way better than that kid with the weird hair. And somehow more trustworthy than that Leto guy.

So, there hadn't been many problems, though that could have also been down to the fact that Kate and Bod hadn't been spending a huge amount of time actually in the house. Sunday had been mostly about walking around, getting Bod accustomed to the area and how it looked, but today Kate had managed to convince her mother to give them the Green Hornet so they could drive around and she could show Bod all the places she used to hang out at. Her old school, the mall, even the Barnabeez she used to work at, though she only pointed that one out while they were driving past it.

It had been an enjoyable day, but also pretty tiring. The sneaking around after bedtime so Bod could sleep with Kate when he was supposedly sleeping on a mattress on Marshall's floor was still working for them, so they were all cuddled up and quiet, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Yes, all good on Oak Avenue.

That is, until something happened. )

[ooc: NFB due to distance. Warning for off-screen character death and discussion of suicide. Parts taken and tweaked from United States of Tara S02E01 'Yes'. Preplayed with the splendid [ profile] there_was_life. To be continued in the comments.]
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This wasn't quite what Kate had expected her family to do in preparation for the start of the big redecoration project.

It was late, and the Gregsons were gathered in front of a Planet Aid clothing donation bin. They were all looking at it, almost as if expecting something to happen. Like maybe Tara would start switching and the alters would all come rolling out and express their disdain for why Max was carrying a box filled with all their stuff.

Because they were here to dump them. The meds had been working for a while now. Tara hadn't transitioned in months. And she'd been thinking about doing this for a while already, and now that Kate had come home for a few days, and they were boxing up some of their stuff anyway... Tara thought it was time.

But scepticism was in the air. Kate, as usual, took it upon herself to voice it, asking the question no one else had asked earlier in the evening or on the drive over.

Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, are we sure they're all gone? )

[ooc: NFB, NFI, OOC loved like pie. Taken from United States of Tara S02E01, 'Yes'. Whoo season two!]


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