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Kate hadn't gone back to the cabins after work. She hadn't even gone to Caritas to see whether Nathan was working his shift. No, she'd portalled out to their original flavor mainland and come here, to the spot with the trees and the lake. The weather wasn't the greatest it could have been but at least she wasn't caught in a storm.

And maybe she would've liked one. The day had been long, and she was feeling off-balance in a way that not even idle chatter over the phone with her aunt (in response to a voicemail Charmaine had left for her) had been able snap her out of. Her head just wasn't on straight, and that was why she was here. This had always been a happy place, and this was a good place to take a moment and breathe.

She wasn't sure what she was intending to do later. She figured she'd go back to the island, at least, but perhaps to crash at the dorms just for the night, instead of the cabins. She would've gone to Kansas for the night if she'd thought she'd get away with it. Maybe next week.

Rummaging around her bag, she found she had no more cigarettes, and wondered if this wouldn't just be the perfect time to quit.

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Kate was still recuperating. Her night, once she'd bothered to even try pretending she wanted to fall asleep, had been fitful and filled with nightmares, and hadn't left her feeling particularly refreshed.

Still, she'd tried to get back into some normal kind of feeling today. She'd eaten, and she'd showered, and she'd tried do positive, normal things. Having noticed there was a Strawberry Social today, and that the weather had finally cleared, she'd even gotten as far as slipping on a red dress before she'd realized that she had absolutely no inclination whatsoever for being social in a large crowd of people today. None. She was pretty sure she'd either end up hanging around the edges or leaving way early. Or maybe crying again. So, it was best just not to go at all. She wasn't feeling normal enough for that.

So, she'd picked up her laptop and flopped onto her bed, stomach down. She'd just be overdressed for some casual surfing. Pretty things, nothing dark or depressing.

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A day before taking off for Hawaii, what exactly was there to do but pack? That was what Kate was doing, anyway. Well, that, and occasionally sending off texts to Zach, lazy Saturday things about post Spring Break plans and promises of souvenirs. Nothing serious, she was refusing to do serious right now.

And with good reason. She remembered the day before Spring Break last year. She didn't want to, and sometimes she would have give anything not to, but she did: the phonecalls, the panic, the running, the pixie pretty murderess, blood, run little girl run, shock, ambulance, confusion, crying, hospital (before it came to be a theme with them), Lauren's a vampire, and so am I in case you hadn't worked it out yet. It was all there, and it was trying to surface again, and she wasn't about to let that happen. All she was allowing herself was the vague urge to call Jack and just... talk. But maybe later.

So, nothing serious today. None. Just pretty clothes and sunshine necessities, and if the amount of clothes strewn about her side of the room were any indication, she was doing rather well with that.

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Kate's mood was a seriously fickle thing. Generally speaking, she was probably doing better than she had last week; she was largely doing fine when she was with people (provided none of those people were Bod), mind comfortably occupied, but relapses into severe gloom were still far too easy when she was alone. Like right now.

It had started when she'd been cleaning up her half of the room since even Bobby had bothered to do it yesterday, and she had come across a certain notebook that had just brought all the stupid hurt back. Having shoved the notebook away again, she'd seen all her Princess Valhalla crap and one thing had led to another, and now she was sitting on her bed in full costume (with a matching pink scarf around her neck), with the laptop in her lap. She hadn't bothered with squirrelproofing the room, not this time. Doing this right now had been a snap decision, and she didn't have any rum at hand. And she couldn't quite bring herself to care anymore, about whether word got out or not. She didn't see any consequences worse than the ones she'd already suffered through.

Still, having made her presence known online, she declined all requests from the guys she knew for sure would skeeve her out, meaning anyone she'd already done things for. She didn't think she could even stomach seeing their faces, to be honest. But then, then there was someone whose nick was just a normal name, not a scifi reference she didn't get or a desperately suggestive piece of utter failure. So, she clicked on 'Accept', and watched her newest acquaintance show up on her screen. He looked to be in his late twenties, with shortish brown hair and a nice face. And she actually remembered meeting this guy: it was easy to remember him, seeing as he was the only conventionally attractive guy she'd seen her entire time at the comic book store. Not that she'd paid his looks all that much mind back then. She'd been in love, but that was over now, so she was letting herself pay more attention to the fact that this guy was actually kind of cute.

Once more with feeling: I'm your Princess Valhalla Hawkwind, and your wish is my ultimate command; Or, Meet Zach. )

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Kate had hoped getting home would make her feel better.

It didn't. Not when one of the very first questions she'd heard from her mother (after she'd come back from Lynda's, of course, because apparently she was there all the fucking time now) had been about Bod and how he was doing. Kate had sort of ducked that one, then excused herself and just avoided everyone.

It was easy, because they didn't bother coming to her in her room.

Until now, that was. Marshall appeared in the bathroom doorway while she was sitting on her bed with the latest issue of Cosmo she wasn't really reading. Too many relationship things, and she didn't have the focus necessary for the makeup tips. He got her attention by knocking on the doorframe, then stepped in, moving sort of carefully, like someone walking on thin ice.

And then his eyebrows bounced, and then dipped again. Surprise, confusion. "Is this... Are you listening to the Velvet Underground?"

"Yes," Kate replied flatly, eyes flicking back to the magazine in her lap. Her brother looked on, and she didn't need to even glance at him to know he looked worried. She would've liked to think it was just because the unlikely choice of music, because that would've been stupid and laughable and mockable, but this was Marshall, and she knew that.

He cleared his throat. "Did, um... Did something happen?"

She let a moment pass in silence, flicking past a few pages even though she had no idea what was on them, and she kept her voice calm and steady and bordering on impassive as she finally answered the question. "Bod found out about the webcam Princess Valhalla thing and dumped me. Don't tell Mom and Dad."

Marshall made a sound like he wanted to say something, and she could see him fidget from the corner of her eye, but then he seemed to think better of it. A little awkwardly, he reached to give her shoulder a little squeeze, before turning around on his heels and walking out again.

Only after he'd gone, she glanced towards the bathroom and his room beyond, then went back to not reading. Merry fucking Christmas, indeed.

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Friday had been pretty spectacularly bad, and the less said about it the better. Saturday, Kate had just laid low and recuperated. And today, today was just one of those days she had to get off the island. It was just a necessity, being outside in the normal world. Not getting yelled at by vampires, not singing things that were better kept silent.

So she'd come here, to this ice cream place. She'd been happy here once, months and months ago, flirting and drawing out some of the very first of those blushes she'd later come to love so much. This was a good, non-crazy place to be spending a Sunday afternoon in.

She had a big bowl of ice cream and her laptop in front of her, and was currently busying herself with following some of Knatasha Knightblade's advice from a few weeks ago by setting up an Amoozoo wishlist for Princess Valhalla Hawkwind.

Picking out things she wanted was like therapy. She'd be here a while.

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After everything that had happened over the last week, and what little had happened today, Kate was just so very glad to have a completely unrelated thing to focus on.

And right now, that thing was the thought of getting a new fake little sibling tomorrow. So, she'd been putting together a little welcome kit with some useful items. It felt a little dorky, but it was pretty fun, actually, doing that. And distracting, which was the important thing.

She'd even considered baking a batch of cookies, but then decided against it both because there'd be enough food at the welcome picnic, and she wasn't really feeling the idea of standing in the common room baking right now. She'd just offer to bake the kid something at a later date.

So now, Kate was just sprawled on her bed, making a refresher list of all the things a newbie to fair Fandom island should be told on their first day.

And she was eating chocolate. Chocolate was a good thing.

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It was a pretty tired Kate who made her way back to her room after the First Aid workshop, her head buzzing with everything she'd kept back while she worked the simulation triage horror situation.

All those cots blood blood blood Becka pain destruction death things that have happened things that could happen things that--

She turned the music up. Not loud enough to upset the neighbors, but just loud enough to drown out some of her thoughts.

And then she just flopped heavily onto her bed. She'd probably be here a while.

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The awesome mood Kate had been in at the Perk in the morning? Completely gone, thanks to religion class. It seemed like the island was adamant on dragging her back down when she was feeling good.

She had been happy, finally thinking of Fandom as home, finally realizing she was really staying here and not just visiting. Of course the world had to go and remind her of the worst time she had had in Fandom. The fact that her face was painted blue didn’t bother her; that could’ve been just karmic payback for laughing at Bobby so much when he was pranked. No. It was the sudden paralysis, and the panic that followed it.

Being paralyzed was too close to the nightmares she had had after the incident with the sleepers and the other Fandom. Too close to the nightmares, and worse than them, because it really happened. Screaming inside her head with no control over her body, and completely awake.

She had calmed herself down in class, and she had made it to her room – because there was no way she was going to town looking like this – before she realized how messed up she was. And now she was sitting on her bed with her back against the wall, looking at her shaking hands, just like she had been for... quite a while now.

It was another way of being paralyzed and stuck inside her own mind.

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Kate didn’t sleep well.

In her dream, she was three different people. She switched between them at random. All three had her face, but none of them were her, and they went around confusing and hurting everyone she knew. And she couldn’t do anything to stop them. She was in their head, but she couldn’t control them. She was locked behind their eyes, in their head, screaming.

It was almost a surprise that she wasn’t screaming when she woke up with an involuntary twitch.

She sat up and held her head in her hands. There was no way she was even going to try going back to sleep after that. Who’d want to go back to that?

There was going to be a lot of coffee consumed this morning.

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Really, it was no surprise that Kate had freaked out on Monday. She had been bottling up all the stress and shock all through the weekend because she just couldn’t let herself feel it. And then on Monday Dinah had made a crack in her bottle of emotions, and all too soon after, Leto came along and the whole thing shattered into tiny little pieces.

Kate hadn’t left her room much after taking the muffins to the common rooms and going to her classes on Tuesday. She hadn’t felt like being around too many people, so she had opted for reading, watching movies, and thinking, on her own.

She was almost over the alternative universe thing by now. Emphasis on almost. It had kept her awake a few nights, thinking about what the others had seen and wondering what the other her had been like. Slowly, she had moved on to another issue. She hadn’t been directly affected by the evil alternate universe: it was propable she wouldn’t be as lucky in the future. And that was what made her worried. It also made her question decisions she had thought she’d already made.

Still, it seemed like a good time to ease herself "back into society" now. She was sitting on her bed, watching I Was A Teenage Teenager on her laptop. She was also munching on a chocolate muffin. Yes, she still had a stash of those.

The door to room 324 wasn’t open all the way, but it was open enough to make it clear that it was okay to come in.

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